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Hard as hell for a beginner but worth it

7 months ago

First half of the trail (going from the far side of the parking lot, NOT going up the hill behind the lodge) was beautiful - lots of trees, beautiful views. Starting up the Burroughs was nice, the scenic overlook alone is worth the trip. Continuing up the Burroughs was a different story. The trail gets narrow in spots, usually where the ground is entirely loose rocks, and quite a few of the other hikers were not too polite about us having a 1 year old on our back. We were bumped and forced off the trail more than a few times by other hikers that were blissfully unaware there was another human. Getting to the top of the second Burrough was tough, it was bleak tundra with a biting wind, and the trail was icy in a few spots. Coming down the backside the ice was even worse. Thankfully we had poles and crampons, or we would have had to turn around. All in all, a beautiful hike, but none of our group would have rated it ‘easy’ given the ice and loose rock underfoot. But the view was definitely worth it

Did this loop with some friends in July. I want to do it again this month!!!

Totally worth the steep hike. The views were phenomenal, with a gorgeous field of wildflowers at summer-land and goats and snowy peaks at panhandle gap.

Crowded but worth the trip! Amazing views from Goat Lake.

Did a day hike to Snowgrass Flats and almost to Goat Lake before having to return. The road is in good shape except for some washboard areas. Trail in good condition, but a fair amount of traffic for a Wednesday. Wildflowers are in full bloom.

9 months ago

Amazing views of Mt Rainier on a fairly easy trail. Went on a clear day and could see for miles. July 29th, a tiny bit of snow, some bugs so you might want bug spray. Highly suggest this hike; one of my favorites.

this was a amazing hike, makes you feel on top of the world, nice & clean little camp spots. its a must backpacking trip.

This was a great hike!! Loved the views they where amazing!! Will definitely do this hike again!!

Good amount snow on the last bit on top, poles are extremely helpful. There were a few people on the trail, mostly at the camp however we started earlier and had an overall 'quiet' hike. The view from the very top is worth the entire hike up. We started at 8:30 and it took as about 3.5 hours to the top. It was one of the best hikes I've done so far.

While you must cross a few snow patches, they are not a problem if you walk where others have walked. This is a gorgeous hike. I camped at Goat Lake (still frozen), where there are 5-6 very nice flat campsites nearby that have no snow. I also hiked on the Lily Flats trail up to the ridge above Goat Lake. Spectacular view from there of Mount Rainier, as well as views of St. Helens, Adams, and even the tip of Hood. One nice thing is, that though there are mosquitos at the trailhead, once you get about 1000 feet higher, there are none!

Beautiful hike!!! We did there full goat lake loop + Old snowy. There are still many snow patches that was difficult to pass.

Prepare for decent amount of snow on this trail. Especially during the last part where all you see is snow. I hiked it without ski sticks which isn't something I'd recommend as there are a few dicey spots. Needless to say it's all worth it at the top with the majestic view of Mount Rainer.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Hiked on 5/20/17 Trail is no longer maintained. Usable, but covered with lots of growth

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

If you're on top of second Burroughs, I'd advise taking this way back to your car. Nice view of what I think is the carbon river as well as good views of cascades.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

I hiked the Snowgrass Flats loop in two days from 8-20-16 to 8-21-16.

I started from Snowgrass Flats Trailhead #96 and ended at Berry Patch trailhead #95, then took the connecting trail #96a back to the car. This is the typical hike and the first time I’ve done it as an overnight. It can be done in one day but it’d be along day.

As you’d expect, the parking at Snowgrass was about full for a Saturday morning at 9am. I like to count the number of people I see on the trail, and always loose track around 20. I was surprised by the number of people ending their hike on Saturday morning. Must have been around 10 or so before Snowgrass. That was encouraging since it meant the possibility of more sites.

Most campsites were taken even by Noon and it took a bit of searching to find one. I found one but it was very close to other sites. I didn’t want to camp in their backyard and opted to look elsewhere. After talking to a couple on Lily Basin Trail #86, I found on a site about half way to Goat Lake. That Saturday was 95 degrees and while there were trees, most were small providing minimal shading. The flies were out in force in the shade and made sitting annoying. Nothing some mosquito repellent couldn’t fix though. I was lucky enough to be close to a creek, so getting water was easy. The evening as warm and with no chance of rain didn’t use the rainfly.

The next morning was clear and cool (mid 70s), a nice change from the high 90’s we’ve had the days before. Luckily, the wild flowers were out and made an already stunningly gorgeous even better. Goat Lake had a quite a few tents setup and many people were leaving. That weekend was blue sky’s and clear and I was awestruck by the view from Goat Lake.

I was glad to see the most stunning field of wild flowers on Lily Basin Trail #86 between Goat Lake and the Junction of Goat Ridge Trail #95. Every color you could imagine. Blue, Red, Purple, Yellow, White. Jordan Basin was beautiful and there were no campers that I could see. Water is plentiful here as is most of Lily Basin Trial #86 from Snowgrass to Jordan Basin.

I was surprised to see a few campsites on Goat Ridge Trail #95 near Jordan Basin. I’ve never noticed them before. Goat Ridge Trail was different and nicer trail than I remember. Very nice with elevation gain, or decent in this case not too bad. I opted not to hike Goat Ridge Lookout trail and take to group who was considering it.

I made it back to the car about 2pm and talked to a family almost ready to start their 3 day hike. All and all, you can’t go wrong with this hike. Expect people and good views, even it if’s cloudy.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Unbelievable hike up to Panhandle! One of the best day hikes I've ever done. So many different terrains.

Not 8 miles though. About 12.5mi round trip.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Such an amazing hike to breathtaking views! It's a must-do hike! Checking from other sources and my tracking, this is about 12 miles out-and-back, not 8 miles! Regardless, it's so amazing out there that you forget how far you've hiked! Going up to Panhandle Gap, there was a lot of snow so be prepared for an adventure. I went in late July and apparently it was too early for wildflowers at this elevation...

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Moderate to strenuous. Great trail, great views!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Easy hike, not much elevation but incredible views. Get there early on the weekend.

Saturday, 7-16-16, I hiked to Goat Lake on Snowgrass Flats trail #96 and Lily Basin Trail #86. I have never hiked this so early in the year and was concerned about the snow level. Previous reviews indicated a snow free trail so I decided to go.

As you’d expect, there were about 40 cars parked at the trailhead with room for more. The weather was partly sunny and warm, in the mid 70s and perfect for hiking. I only packed my day pack because I wasn’t able to get my backpack and gear ready in time. 30 minutes into the hike, I was sorry I didn’t have it.

I’d arrived at the trailhead late and most people were already on the trail. I talked with a small group at the TH and we leapfrogged a few times on the way up. Some people were coming down from overnights on Friday. Having such a light pack, about 20 lbs, I managed to pass a couple more groups with much heavier packs.

As the reviews stated, Snowgrass trail #96 was snow free and easy to travel. There were 5 blowdowns to cross over or around but easy to navigate. Despite all the cars, there really wasn’t that many people on the trail. I stopped at Snowgrass Flats for a small break before heading to Goat Lake. All the people I passed on the trail came up shortly after me and started scouting places for their tent. Most of the closer spots were taken and they spent a good long time finding somewhere. After the break, I headed up Lily Basin Trail #86 and noticed there were a lot of tents in Alpine camp and wondered where I would go if I had my tent. Wildflowers were out. Not as many as next month, but still a lot and pretty colors.

That’s about where I saw the first random snow crossing on the trail. A small creek with packed snow on it. Nothing to cross, just a few steps plus it was pretty well tracked out. However, these snow crossings became closer together and longer the closer you go to Goat Lake. Some of the creeks were fairly big with lots of packed snow. I found myself walking on snow bridges as water was melting the snow below. Care should be used on the snow bridges as they were getting softer with each crossing and soon will melt altogether.

Goat Lake area was covered in snow. More snow than not. About a 1/8th of a mile before the lake, the trail was on tracked out snow and easy to follow. Places were slippery as you’d expect. Goat Lake itself is frozen over but starting to melt on the south edges near it’s outlet. The trail from the outlet up to and towards Jordan Basin is covered with snow also. However, some people said it’s not that bad.

I had lunch at Goat Lake and could only spend about 45 minutes there before I had to go back. Despite the snow and the cars at the trailhead, it was a great hike!!! I would do it again and I’m sure I will before the summer is out.

Monday, July 04, 2016

The trail was great, except the northern end of the trail (4.5 miles - 6.5 miles up the trail, starting from the Goat Ridge Trail head at Berry Patch) was covered in snow. The lake was completely iced over, too.

Views were spectacular! Snowy as trail ascends, but well worth it!

I just wanna know is that safe for me to go by myself in that trail? I never been there and I have no idea how it will be .

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

We started this trail at Narada Falls, walked a few tenths of a mile to the sign that gave directions to the lake (The arrows on the sign were pretty ambiguous and we were unsure if were chose the right path - we ended up being lucky). We followed the wonderland trail for 1.5 miles to reflection lake through about 6 inches of fresh snowfall and more hardened snow underneath. It was a beautiful trail with a lot of switchbacks for the first 1/2 mile that take you up the mountain. The trail levels out after that. .3 miles from the lake you cross a road and follow signs to the lake. The lake was beautiful with all the snow. The trail was tough considering it was the first trail I did with snow and was not prepared clothing or shoe-wise. The toughest part of the hike was climbing back up the steps at the falls to the parking lot on the way back.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Loved it! Breathtaking views of the mountains!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Outstanding, easy hike, especially on a clear day. Ours was the opposite of clear, but we still had a great time and the clouds made Rainier extra mysterious. Without the clouds, you'd have Rainier filling the sky most of the way. You get a little forests and a good amount of alpine meadows along the trail.

There are a couple route options, all of which are around 5 miles with about 1000 ft elevation change.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

easy trail with amazing views

Monday, September 07, 2015

Life changing. Especially camping at night.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Did the 1.5 extension to Panhandle Gap. The smoke was cleared enough to get a good look at Mt. Adams and spy Mt. Hood through the clouds. 12 miles round trip from trail head to top of Panhandle, with approximately 3,000 feet elevation gain.

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