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Packwood, Washington Map

Hiked on 5/20/17 Trail is no longer maintained. Usable, but covered with lots of growth

Beautiful mountain views with some nice, large trees. The falls are gorgeous too.

Yesterday, 5-13-17, I hiked Packwood Lake for a day hike with lunch at the lake. There is still some snow on the upper trail near the lake about ¼ mile from the decent to the lake. The snow was firm, well-traveled and did not impede travel. It’s about 1.5-2 ft deep with no slipping or postholling.

It was snowing when I made it to the trailhead and I saw a group of 3 heading out an overnighter. They took the lower trail, and I took the upper trail. Once in the forest, the snow turned to rain and after an hour, stopped altogether but still wet and cloudy. As I stopped to remove warmer layers, a family of 5 passed me. After I started, I passed that family and later passed a couple with overnight gear. I was surprised to find so many people camping for the weekend. 5 in all. I made it to the lake in 1.5 hrs and talked to a young couple at the lake for a few minutes before finding a spot for lunch. As you’d expect, all campsites that I could see were available. I found a campsite with a fire ring and a log to sit on. I found a dropped One Serving Packet of Folgers coffee in the dirt/mug by the fire ring. Someone dropped it and I thought it was garbage. But it seemed good and was dry on the inside. I was only going to have a sandwich, but after finding this I got out the stove and had a nice cup of hot coffee. On a cloudy, wet and rainy day it was perfect. Many thanks to the person who dropped it. I appreciate it!

Going to back was just as quick and I took the upper trail. The snow was softer in some places but for the most part, still firm. The sun came out at time’s which was nice. I was surprised to find so many groups of people hiking to the lake without gear. Some didn’t have day packs or water. The largest family I saw was about 10-12 people who were having a good time.

It was a great hike even with the changing weather. The lake is beautiful even on a cloudy day. You can’t go wrong.

10 days ago

Fun trail. Enjoyed the waterfalls, but not the snow so much. The lake was fun to camp by, but I don't understand what is so hard to understand about pack it in, pack it out. We had the lake pretty much to ourselves, so that was also nice. Note: if you have AT&T you will not have cell reception anywhere near the trail so know how to get to the trail and get home ahead of time.

11 days ago

Great bike with 2 medium sized dogs . About one mile short of the lake we hit solid snow 1' plus which caused us to turn back. Several small waterfall splashes on the way up/back.

20 days ago

Road was perfectly fine all the way to parking lot, not a drop of snow or road damage, no clue where the washout comment from earlier comes from. Last half of trail ranged between 1-3 feet of snow making hike more difficult than usual.

This trail was a great hike. First couple miles were not difficult at all. After mile 3 the snow is really thick with lots of powder. Note to self: Bring snow shoes next time! Carter Falls was cool, but Narada Falls was amazing! If you can't make the 4 mile hike up from below, you can hike to see Narada falls from the turn off where there is parking and even a comfort station if you need to warm your toes. Going around to a great viewpoint only takes about a 1/10 of a mile hike from the parking area going down hill. If you attempt this hike now (April) be prepared to have a difficult trek to Narada. There were multiple bridges with more than 10 feet of snow on them. Also, past mile 3, the trail is easily lost. Bring a GPS with you. If I didn't have mine, I would have had to turn back and never made it. Overall this was an amazing hike I will definitely do again.. in the summer.

One of my all time favorite hikes. Be sure to go to # 2 and #3, not included in this map.

In mid July there were still some snowfields to cross, so I'd recommend having crampons and poles handy just in case

The road leading to this trailhead is washed away. We made it about 7ish miles off of hwy 12 on forest road 46 dodging fallen trees, rocks, and deep cracks in the road only to find the road is washed out. Very disappointing. Be sure to check with the forest service before headed out because no-where online did we find this information.

2 months ago

Bring an inflatable if you're wanting to catch fish. Make sure to read the game laws, no real bait, and I believe single barbless hooks.
Beautiful hike,crystal clear mountain lake. One of my favorite places to spend the day.

If you're on top of second Burroughs, I'd advise taking this way back to your car. Nice view of what I think is the carbon river as well as good views of cascades.

Beautiful hike and amazing view of Rainier. Saw 40-50 mountain goats from the top of the mountain. Used to be grandmas favorite hike

4 months ago

Great hike. Sat up listening to a boy scout troop sing camp fire songs.....laughed my ass off. Lake was crystal clear. Found some trash and decided to pack it out. Guess they cant afford maintenance at the park.

Beautiful views!

Beautiful! Only downside was that it was extremely foggy and we could not see the mountain at all, but Carter Falls is awesome!