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Saw a bald eagle close up. And the granite scattered about in the sand was the coolest thing. As well as the coyotes that began yelping at sun set. Delightful.

Awesome quick hike. Took my 3yr old daughter and she completed the hike no problem. Beautiful scenery and easy trail.

Absolutely beautiful hike if you can look past the power lines to the south. Good sized sand dunes, plenty of sagebrush, rabbitbrush and other hardy desert vegetation to enjoy.

Awesome hike!! The views are absolutely breathtaking and you only have to hike about a quarter of a mile before you find yourself on the ridge overlooking the river bend. The rest of the trail just mirrors the cliff edge and you’re treated to amazing views the entire time. I didn’t encounter any rattlesnakes but I was probably lucky, they’re definitely out there. I saw a couple lizards and a coyote! The sand dunes are amazing too. Pretty cool to see especially while constantly being surrounded by sagebrush. Bring plenty of water it can get really toasty up there!!

Road in and trail in great condition. Keep your eyes and ears open for rattlesnakes we saw one on the trail that we had to go around.

I took my 12 y/o daughter and she absolutely loved the sand dunes! Worth the 2 mile walk to get to the first one. There was some winds that would come and go blowing sand but overall it was a beautiful day. We took our socks and shoes off and enjoyed playing for awhile. We seen a bald eagle, 2 lizards and a huge buck. Will definitely be back!

7 months ago

This one was fun to walk with my kids, my sister and her kids and my parents. We love being out in the local area and finding new (to us) places to enjoy the Columbia Basin(:

A lovely inland pnw hike✨

Feel like we “stole” a January hike as we had a beautiful day with no wind. Found the trailhead from the parking lot and was a nice trail for about 2 miles but then turned to sand with no visible trail except just walking in the dunes parallel to river. The lower loop was hard to find but worth it as we kicked up some mule deer on the way back.

Beautiful walk along the Bluffs and sand dunes. Gorgeous views, especially in the late afternoon. Worth going to the second sand dune at mile 3, which was larger than the first sand dune area at about mile 2- fun hike!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

It was a great hike. I lost the trail at the sand dunes, but otherwise a nice place.

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

there's a lake for shallow swimming and beautiful views.

Gorgeous hike. Hidden gem. I would highly recommend. Fairly easy hike overall. Amazing views.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

The day was perfect weather wise. This hike was absolutely beautiful and it never ceases to amaze me how beautiful our area of the state is. Made this hike into a loop and walked near the river on our way back. It was just a bit muddy and slick in spots which made for an interesting hike. Lol
Took the dogs and they enjoyed it as well. Ran into a porcupine and also seen a big beaver doin its thing. Good times had by all;) btw my mileage is inaccurate on this post. I accidentally stop the recording at one point...

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

3 trails to pick from. All are extremely easy to do, marked very well and maintenance around the trail is well-kept. There is parking for these trails across the gravel road. Dogs are allowed there, as long as they have leashes. We didn't see any rattlesnakes (we went at noon, 93 degrees at the time). I do have to say those horse flies are a pain so please make sure you have proper pants on when hiking. i had leggings on and got bit by them quite a bit. My child on the other hand had on jeans and didn't get bit..

Friday, May 20, 2016

We did the Frog Lake trail and really enjoyed it. Check for ticks!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

This was an amazingly beautiful trail. In the first half mile or so there was a steady incline. But, once on top it all leveled out and you walk along the ridge. You can see all along the Hanford site and view many of the cocooned reactors. The trail ends at sand dunes where we sat, staring at the river and a number of elk feeding on its grass. Once we were finished, we walked down to the boat dock and put our feet in the river to cool off. Perfect.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

There are three trails available from where you park your car. We took the three mile option that took us on the ridge and we were able to see all around for miles. It was a well marked trail with informative signs. It was very enjoyable and quiet. Definitely recommend. Only word of warning is the written description of directions is correct while the map and GPS link sends you about 15 miles away.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

This hike is definitely different than a typical winter mountain trail. Instead of snowshoeing this trail is "sandshoeing" through the desert and no trees. I got to White Bluffs at sunrise and opted for the North Slope trail which was very moderate and suitable for any age. The trail can be a tad difficult to follow once you get up near the dunes but you can see for miles and you are hiking along a river bluff so it is impossible to get lost. The barren landscape was interesting and I had a lot of fun running around on the gorgeous white sand dunes. The colors along the Columbia River bluff combined with the ripples in the sand provides a great backdrop for taking photos of nature. I'm guessing that because it was in the middle of winter that there was no one else out there. I drove down to the South Slope trailhead on the way out and I saw one car parked there. Overall I liked the trail and enjoyed the contrast in scenery.

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