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Orting, Washington Map

One of the best backpacking trips I've done! Hiked this Labor Day weekend with a small group of friends. Absolutely wonderful trail with a wide sample of what Rainier has to offer. We camped at Eagle Crest 1st night and Ipsut Pass the 2nd. You get views of the mountain ahead of you this way rather than behind.
Hard enough that my legs were sore the next few days but still very manageable! Would have loved to spend a 3rd night on this trail to linger around Spray Park more!

Love this trail for jogging with my kids who bike while I run. My daughter doesn't like pedaling up hills - she's fine with this trail as it is flat plus I get my Mojo seeing the Mountain. You'll be able to see and hear the rushing water of Carbon River along a portion of the trail.

Ran the trail CCW. Started in the trees and worked up to a gradual ascent towards spray park. Beautiful alpine meadows and views of Mt. Rainier. The trail takes a steeper decent down to carbon river where it flattens out for a bit. The last 5 miles on the way back to Mowich were tough and steep.

Easy and flat, great for my young kids. we parked further away than necessary, lesson learned as it was still quite a hike to the first river access. Fun watching all the fly fisherman and their catches. Our kids loved the cold river and so did our Lab.

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1 month ago

Lots of bikes- good amount of shade. If you start at trail head given here in Orting, you can go left towards the Safeway which is 7.5 miles to the Puyallup trail head with lots of farms and runs along 162. If you go right, it's 12 miles to Buckley with lots of shots of the river and pastures. Both ways offer good views of the mountain. Smooth, easy ride with more stop signs and road crossings than I like. Still a nice ride or walk regardless.

Secluded evening hike, only 2 other hikers on the trail. It took about 45min to get to the waterfall. Beyond that the trail didn’t seem well traveled and was a bit narrow at some spot due to washouts. My group turned around before we could get to the saddle so that we would t be hiking in the dark so I don’t know what the rest of the trail is like.


Take the right fork of Rain Forest Loop out of the parking lot as the left has a washed out bridge. Starts easy until you get off the loop. Backside of the loop is the beginning of the Boundary trail and it gets uphill in a hurry and doesn't relent. Little over halfway is a waterfall. Good resting spot. Not much a view from there though. Keep going to the top of the ridge for spectacular views. Good heart rate elevator. Doing it again for sure.

Was very pretty very good work out but the end isn’t really worth the trek back up! The bridge across the river is washed out.

It was a fun trail to climb

It is paved and good for a smooth, no elevation ride

4 months ago

We were aiming to do Spray Park but the last few miles to the trailhead were closed down so this was an alternative. There is not a lot to see on this trail -- uninspiring is definitely a good way to put it -- though it's quiet and clean, and through the trees you can catch a glimpse of Ranier peak once in a while. There are a few switchbacks, but you're essentially hiking downhill initially. There was also still some snow when you crossed the creek.

At the trail junction (or turnaround point) there's an option to head back up to Mowich Lake via the Wonderland trail. The last 1-1.5 miles of the Wonderland Trail was still under snow, and there are no trail markers anywhere except at the trail junction between Paul Peak & Wonderland, so I wouldn't advise pushing through.

My fave trail! Well maintained with good views of nature! River, horses, cows and emu! We will try biking here next time!

Gate to mowich lake is still closed to vehicles.

Great trail for families. Watch out for the bicycles though.

Fairly difficult trail that is vertical almost the entire way. Best part about the hike is the waterfall, other than that it’s so so.

Definitely recommended if you want an overnight trip. Go in the late summer when most of the wildflowers are still in bloom & the huckleberries are terrific to eat. Huge bonus! The natural beauty in the Spray Park area is absolutely gorgeous.

The lake itself is amazing! There are several trails going everywhere. There are also a few tent camping spaces with some rest rooms. Make sure the ice is melted for some amazing pictures.

11 months ago

Seems like most people on here came for Tolmie Peak, but did this one instead because the road was closed. A little disappointed given I've seen better views of Mt. Rainer, but I got a good workout in. If you are looking for great views make sure you do research on whether or not trails like Tolmie Peak aren't closed off because of the snow. I still got great pictures though! Just wish Tolmie Peak was open!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

One of my favorite trails for a nice scenic NW ride. Beautiful Rainier views and love the farms it rolls through.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Amazing trail. Lots of switch backs and vertical . Beautifully scenery . If any one dose happen to climb in soon I may have lost a blue dry sac up near the summit , stopped at a fallen down tree a mile or so past the water fall. Had some importantly stuff in it . Would appreciate if anyone could let me know. Happy hiking .

Enjoyed it, beautiful scenery, great workout!

Great hike !!! Go early tne parking lot gets filled. Very fast !!!! The hike to Eunice lake is amazing - and in to tne fire lookout !!

My family and I had gotten to other hiking places around 10 in the morning and there was plenty of parking but here the parking on the road was a mile long when he had gotten there a little before 10 also it was Saturday morning so that could have been it too

There is no trail that is called mowich lake trail. There are multiple other ones that you can do. There is one called Tolmie peak and it looks out over mowich lake it is about 4 mile hike in and back. Also NO PETS ALLOWED and. Discover pass does not get you in for free you will have to pay $25. There is a tent campground with bathrooms. If you go down another trail there are another 4 or 5 trails you can pick from but the shortest one it 6 miles in and back. Other than that there is not a trail for mowich lake you can't go all the way around it. You can go fishing and kayaking in the lake. It was very beautiful. My friend and I did go for a swimming after all of our hiking and it felt amazing.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

A lot of switch backs. Bottom was kind of uninspiring. Don't think I'd recommend this one.

9 miles of gravel road to get to the trailhead and way too many flies/mosquitos (at least in July), but otherwise absolutely phenomenal! Lots of diversity in spectacular scenery/views/trails and a few places you can camp for the night. You'll have to get a special permit for wilderness hiking but the camp sites are great. Would highly recommend, just bring bug spray

Saturday, July 15, 2017

The trees are fully leaved and the trail is cool on a hot summer day.

Friday, June 23, 2017

very nice trail, really peaceful, being next to the river kind of gives you a feeling that you're in the mountains.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Decent trail with pretty good views of the mountains. Switchbacks kicked my butt but not terrible. Didn't see any wildlife though

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