Looking for a great trail near North Bonneville, Washington? AllTrails has 8 great hiking trails, views trails, wildlife trails and more, with hand-curated trail maps and driving directions as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers, campers, and nature lovers like you. If you're looking for the best trails in Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, we've got you covered. Gearing up for a challenge? There are 4 hard trails in North Bonneville ranging from 3.7 to 16.4 miles and from 49 to 3,418 feet above sea level. Start checking them out and you'll be out on the trail in no time!



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North Bonneville, Washington Map
3 days ago

Attempted this today, but the snow was fairly deep especially in certain spots and started going over my boots. Ended up turning around about a 1.5 miles in. Beautiful views along the hike as far as I went as everything is covered in snow. The parking lot is almost covered in snow and like only trucks or SUVs can actually use it. Will go back with better gear!

9 days ago

Walmart. kind of boring.

Great short but sweet hike! A little slippery but nothing too crazy. Great views and a nice waterfall.

This is a trail with good variety! Pretty easy hike up to the bridge that crosses Metlako Falls, before climbing up to the lower viewpoint and the summit. in my opinion, it wasn't worth the extra half hour hike to get to the summit, because the lower viewpoint has better views, and theres nothing at the summit that indicates you've arrived at the top. That being said, this is one of my FAVORITE hikes. Waterfalls, picturesque bridges, stairs, views, forest scenery. There's not much left to be desired!

Gorgeous forest cover. Slow grade up, slow grade back. Beautiful views. Waterfalls. Need I say more? We did this in Feb and it was gorgeous. Misty and wet so make sure you’ve got traction. Recommend crampons or poles if your knees don’t like going back down.

Easily one of my favorite waterfalls. If you are a waterfall lover, this is a must see!

21 days ago

Foggy day but needed to get outside. This trail is close to Vancouver and Portland. Not as crowded as others in the area, which is a big plus to me. Ran into some trail runners and PCT Angels. Definitely some clear cut areas and you can see power lines near the lake but don’t let that deter you. It’s a PNW hike near the Bonneville Dam, and it’s still beautiful to be on.

Uphill all the way in and completely worth it. I brought two dogs & active 6 & 7 y/o kiddos, and the falls & pool of the winds were a hit for everyone. Views of the gorge throughout & not crowded. Fantastic spot.

Trail was in great condition and clearly marked. Beautiful quick hike.

27 days ago

Hiked this trail with a Meetup group 3 days ago and almost had the trail to ourselves. Fellow trail runners or hikers were few and far between. Restrooms were open and garbage was nil even with shutdown in full force. Peaceful hike with beauty all around.

27 days ago

Great hike. The trail is moderate, with ascent and descent both ways. The lake is gorgeous, and although we passed a few people when hiking in, we had the lake to ourselves once we got there.
There are bathrooms at the trailhead, but they're closed, just FYI.

This trail was close to 13 miles from the Bonneville trailhead. Most of the trail is on the moderate side of hard, except the final maybe 1/2 mile push up the Butte, but the trail is road size width. My alltrails app has been malfunctioning past couple of hikes. You walk around and to the south. At the Carpenter lake/PCT/ Table Mountain/ Two chiefs trails you go onto the Carpenter lake Trail and follow it to the west side of the lake ( you can also get to table mountain and cedar creek mountain via Aldrich Butte, but I am unaware of the trail conditions at this time. On the table Mountain hike from this route you would have to cross cedar creek, which is pretty raging this time of year) where the trail veers and goes up hill. The last part up to the butte is long and steep. Great views of the gorge and hardy ridge from the top of Aldrich Butte. On the carpenter Lake trail there is a sketch bridge, the trail is overgrown and not very well kept. It looks like not many people hike this trail since the closure of the hot springs. Also lots of knew debris on the PCT since the recent wind storms. Wind gusts were reported at up to 80mph at crown point in the gorge on 1/14/19 and on the weather apps it said North Bonneville was 25mph. My moving time was 6hrs 30 mins and total time was close to 8 hours. I started at 5:30am in the dark and finished at 1:11pm. Saw no people the Entire hike until I was finishing and close to the Bonnevile/ PCT/ Bridge of the Gods trail junctions, a woman and her leashed pup. No cars in the parking lot when I started and 3 other cars in the lot when I finished. One bathroom stall was open this week. Trail parking area and trash were clean. You do need a NW forrest pass, national parks pass or $5/day parking pass to park here. If doing a day pass you can pay at the trailhead or pay and print online.

Hiked on Jan 1, 2019: no parking fee, no bathrooms at TH, well-marked trail, parking lot fills quickly on wknds, Trail closed/gated at Ponytail Falls. This was a quick beautiful hike (1.5 miles RT) to Ponytail Falls.

Easy to find. Simple hike to cool waterfall.

Started at Bonnevile trailhead on 12/31/18 at 5:30am. Bathrooms were locked due to the government shutdown and you need to have a northwest forrest pass, national parks pass or there is a fee deposit box at this site to park here. my alltrails app was glitching this day so i took a wrong turn onto the bridge of the gods trail and had to backtrack to the trail junction for gillet lake (the right way). There is no info at this junction for table mountain. Beautiful forrest and as you near table mountain there are several trails that intersect with no information so its helpful to have a map or pre recorded track. I went up the westward trail, it is very steep on this side, (don't let the signs below fool you. Both acensions are equally hard.) Once you get out of the treeline you are hiking/climbing up rocky, steep and at times bushy terrain with sheer drop offs on one or both sides. There was also snow and ice there, but not bad enough at the time I went to need microspikes, but do carry them if you are going to make a go of this in the winter(westward trail is 1.7 miles,but feels so long in the moment!). Hiked around the west side of the butte and the forrest up top to get views from the top on all sides (there is about a couple feet of snow in non forrested areas and a foot of snow maybe in the forrest. Breathtaking views from the top. Descended down heartbreak equally difficult took me about 3 hours to get down 1 mile of pure nasty

Dog review: Took two of my dogs in December. It was a fun hike, with lots of PCT intersections near the loop part. We got a little off track, but glad I had my All Trails map (on phone), it was easy to right ourselves. Little frosty snow since we went early, the dogs loved it. Nice and easy on the knees since not a lot of elevation and only saw 2 other groups the whole hike. The lake is neat, but my favorite part was near where we got lost in the loop area. Definitely will be back to explore and off-shoot that connects to the PCT and has a little bridge that leads to some nice ridge views - sometimes getting lost is beneficial lol. Took the dogs and I just a couple hours. Pretty wide paths the whole time with minimal rock scramble, so nice on dog paws. Trail was so fast and there was so much water around we didn’t need to get into the dog pack for water at all.

Horsetail & Ponytail falls are beautiful this time of year, even though it was super cold. Be aware that this trail is a tad steep, but not too difficult. The trail to Triple Creek is closed still due to the fire, but the trail for Horsetail & Ponytail are open and clear.

We went on Christmas day and was surprised to see a good number of folks out there. It is part of the larger Hamilton Mountain Trail. Basically all uphill to the falls (and probably continues in that vain up to summit which we didn't do). The trail was mostly dry until you reach the creek and falls, then it's really squishy mud. The waterfalls (there 3 distinct ones) and Pool of Winds are really worth the trek. The Pool especially was interesting. It was really whirling around.

In my mind this was a perfect mediocre hike! Not too much of an incline although this is most definitely a good workout. Great views throughout the trail even on a foggy and overcast day.

3 months ago

Trails are well marked and easy to walk, but nothing special to see. The lake was disappointing.

fairly moderate hike with lots to see and enjoy

A must do in the Gorge. Definitely deserves the “hard” rating, but more than worth it.

If you are feeling good at the Table Mountain kiosk (about 6.5 miles in) I’d recommend taking Heartbreak Ridge up (right trail). It is extremely STEEP and unrelenting, but a very fun challenge. It includes very steep and short switchbacks and a large rock scramble. Poles definitely recommended for this section. Take the “easier” route on the way down from Table Mountain.

From parking lot to parking lot it took me 5hrs 4mins for 16 miles. I was on a tight time schedule and didn’t have any time for stops.

The waterfall is gorgeous.... very enjoyable hike. Light traffic. Just be aware of the $10 park fee.

Nice stroll by the river with my dog today

I did table mountain today. I parked under powerlines and took an access trail to carpenter lake which then hooked up to the PCT so it was only an 10 mile hike to the top of Table mountain and back. I didn't turn in the trail when i got to the view spot so i did a pretty intense scramble up the side of the ridge instead of the boulder field which I did on the way down. I started at 6.30am and was back to my car by noon

Some would say Mt. Defiance across the Gorge is a more difficult hike, but having done both of them multiple times I'm still not sure. The first 6ish miles of this trail on the PCT are easy, going past lakes, excellent views. But that last 2 miles will kick your everloving butt. Two options to make that final climb, both of which include STEEP inclines & sketchy talus slopes. Bring lots of water, and expect to take AT LEAST 9 hours to complete this fantastic hike.

I loved this hike. You’ll love it too if you seek to get away from city noise, all you hear for 7 miles is creaking trees and birds. I saw maybe two other people on a cool Saturday mid morning which says a lot about foot traffic. The lake is a nice resting place, clear and beautiful.

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