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Trail head starts off at N. Bonneville and after about .5 miles you can take either a right to go to the bridge of the gods or left to head to Gillette lake. We headed to the lake first and back to the trail seperation which totaled about 5 miles and went ahead and completed it by following the Trail of the Gods trail where I was picked up across the Bridge. All the trails were easy but offer nice views of the mountains. Bridge of the Gods trail was lacking in views and followed a power line so it was less than thrilling but the walk over the bridge was invigorating. Watch our of poison oak! It was everywhere. I totaled 7 miles exactly doing it this way.

Push through every step, the outcome is worth it! It can be a tough hike, but that's the gorge. Push through, and you see some of the most beautiful parts of Oregon.

Long walk up to heartbreak ridge. Heartbreak ridge is no joke. But a great hike for anyone with 6-9 hours to spare and a little crazy.

Did not find this to be a hard hike but it was long, so be sure to bring enough water and food. Well worth the views of Rainier, Hood, and the gorge at the top. We took Heartbreak Ridge, which was steep but more shaded than the other route. Fairly well shaded through most of the hike.

Hiked this on 9/13. Very wet and rainy day and lots of deep puddles on the trail. The route was pretty well marked and there were 4 foot bridges over the streams (which looked like raging rivers because it was raining so hard). We decided to take the Heartbreak Ridge to the top and ran into snow that covered the rocks on the scramble. We got almost to the “pole” on HB Ridge and scrambled back down...definitely steep and challenging! We clocked 17.75 Miles on my iwatch...

This is a nice trail.
Recently there has been some amateur back slope cutting that’s made the trend more uneven than needed.

This is a very easy trail that has a nice variation of scenery. Most of the hike is through clear-cut, which is kind of depressing. However the clear-cut makes for nice views and good exposure if the sun is out. My GPS clocked this hike as 7.7 miles if you follow the route marked on this listing. There is supposedly an overlook somewhere in the area, called Greenleaf, but we did not find it. It does not seem to be on the route mapped here. Trail was pretty muddy. Lakes are pretty. Nice views of the dam and mountains around. The lack of extreme vertical on this trail would make it good for trail running. Although it is kind of rocky. Totally worth the hike despite the clear-cut.

This is definitely more in the 16 mile range. Started about 8:30 AM and returned to the trailhead just after 5 PM. Moved pretty swiftly with a few stops for layering and about a half hour for lunch. Trail is in great condition. Don't underestimate the final 1.5 - 2 miles on the way up (and down for that matter). Steep and tricky footing, very time consuming. Absolutely worth the hike!!

We only visited the lower part of this trail because we were on our way to Multnomah falls and made a quick pit stop. The waterfall is strong and powerful and if it's windy you'll definitely get some mist on you. It's a very nice area to stop and look at scenery and to hike if you're aiming for this hike. There's a huge pond at the bottom of the waterfall that you can walk down to but don't expect to not get wet!

7 months ago

Great trail with beautiful views of the river, dam and beacon rock. Good hike for the dogs. Trails are well maintained.

Interesting scenery, surroundings change from damp forest to rocky meadows, then the beautiful lake.

I stumbled upon this trail connection after stopping at Bonneville to let the pups out to potty. What a nice little surprise, getting to run on the PCT and see the change in scenery from forest to desert type landscape. The lake at the end, added bonus! My total mileage was 5.4 vs the 7+ mentioned above so maybe I needed to circle the lake to get that mileage.

All in all a very well kept trail, with great sections for running free.

trail running
8 months ago

Wasn't planning on doing this, actually didn't even know it existed! Stopped in at the Bonneville Campground to use the restroom and saw a sign for a trail, figured what the heck! Ended up taking it to the PCT connector and then to Gillett Lake! What a nice little find! Beautiful fall colors, nice change in scenery (forest to desert) and nice little lake at the end. Decent elevation gain, I think my gps read 1100' over 5.3 miles. Will def come back with my kids and overnight it at the lake!

The beginning was intense for me. Steep uphill with lots of rocks. Once you get past that part the trail isn't bad at all. Some great views and dog friendly. Mostly shaded so nice on a hot summer day.

Nice trail with great views and awesome waterfalls. Start at Ponytail then hike up some good views. Then down to Horsetail falls, which you can walk underneath (great photos).

When you come to the bride over Oneonta Creek, I HIGHLY recommend you hike up the creek to Upper Oneonta Falls. That hike has many, many little falls and swimming holes, and you'll have much more privacy on this hike (as most people either don't know or don't hike this one). Afterwards, hike back down to the bridge and head to Triple Falls.

AND AllTrails doesn't seem to have a trail for the Lower Oneonta Gorge, but make sure you don't miss that one. It'll have more people, but you can jump in the COLD water and take a swim in the waterfall at the end. Great photos and tons of fun.

Great hike and workout, especially in the summertime. I agree with the 'hard' rating being as a majority of this hike is pretty steep up the mountainside. It's well worth the journey up!

This was an amazing hike so much to see and take in! The waterfalls were beautiful, if I did it again I would start earlier I started really late and felt rushed and wasn't really able to enjoy the scenery as much as I had hoped to. A little precarious when you start off but it gets better for sure.

Hiked up Heartbreak Ridge and returned on West Table Mountain Loop via PCT on 08/24/17.

What a great hike! I love this hike. the hard part is the very beginning with the steep incline for roughly 3/4's of a mile. Soon after is the first beautiful waterfall. There's a lot to see with it having beautiful views of the Gorge and the falls. There are also spots up the creek of the second waterfall that is beautiful.

Multiple cool waterfalls wrapped up in one nice hike, culminating in Triple Falls for the grand finale! I look forward to going back earlier in the season when the water is flowing even better.

Decided to start at Bridge of the Gods just to log a few extra miles. That's probably the only reason to add this segment because the hike is not too attractive as you're pretty much walking under power lines, through black berries, and along HWY14...

Anyway - the hike to Table Mountain is pretty much as others have described - steep last mile or so and take lots of water!! Went up the hard (Heartbreak Ridge) and down the 'not-as-hard'. I'd say they are both steep and footing is challenging at times on both trails.

Passed some dudes near the top wearing tennis shoes, made my feet and toes hurt just looking at them - please pack and outfit yourself properly and be safe.

As for the view once on top? Amazing, and had it all to myself.

went to ponytail from Ainsworth campground. at least half of the path is rock. the bottom of my feet didn't enjoy that. otherwise I'd give it 5 stars. The upper horsetail falls are very cool, tons of fun going under the falls. Lower horsetail is busier being near the parking lot but enjoyable and a good picnic spot.

Loved this hike very much! I don't like crowds but everyone was so friendly and helped each other over the log jam, it was great. We walked below the falls then above the falls. And around to Horsetail. I forgot to record the hike below the falls. Definitely want to do this again and hike out to triple falls.

This is actually 8.1 miles one way if you are using a three dimensional GPS which counts elevation gains as distance traveled. I decided to go and do this hike on the record heat day, probably not one of my best decisions but it felt great afterwards.

My personal preference is to take the hard route up and down. The easier route is hard to get footing on the way down. I would rather scramble on big rocks than risk slipping and get hurt on the descend on the easier route.

I ran into couple people at the summit who brought 4L of water but only had about 1/2L left at the summit. Please don't do that. If you are unsure about your hydration rate you need to bring extra water. There are lots of water sources on the way up if you don't want to carry water from your car. Bring filter and fill up. Bring extra to the summit and dump excess once you summit. I don't usually consume much water but on this hike I ended up using 2L up and 1L down with temperatures 100 degrees outside at the parking lot. 90% or more of the hike is covered, some exposures at the bottom and at top.

Hike is very flat or gradual besides the last mile and a half or so.

The last 1.5 miles is brutal. The "easy" side of the final loop is almost as bad as the "scramble ". Bring lunch and plenty of water. Gillette lake feels soooo good on the way back. Plan on 6-7 hrs total if you are a fast hiker. Worth it.... but I'm going to pay for this tomorrow.

A lot of the trail is rocky and steep, but the waterfalls, creeks, and greenery is worth the effort! The area at the top of triple falls is a great place to take a break to snack, cool off in the shade, play in the creek, etc.

kick butt trail with lots of uphill grinds. many parts are eroded so be careful. Be prepared to enjoy the water when at the top. .8mi in you can cut off to ponytail and horsetail falls too.

Would recommend on packing plenty of water, it's a long hike. Took me right about 3 hours to get to the top.

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