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9 hours ago

Finished hike at 7:30pm tonight. Took 4 hours round trip. Agree with other reviewers this hike is 4 miles up and 4 miles down. At the top are rocks to climb and mosquitoes and biting flies. Feet and quads get punished going down. Poles really help on the hike.

19 hours ago

This is definitely a hard hike. My Garmin GPS tracked this hike at 8.5 miles roundtrip from the trailhead to the top with about 3250 feet of climb. (My thighs were burning at the end.) The trail itself is in good shape overall and is pretty wide by most WA hiking trails standards. There isn't much signage aside from the trailhead, but there are enough people going up and down that you just need to follow the crowds.

The parking lot of good sized but I'd recommend arriving early to ensure getting a parking spot. You will need a WA Discovery Pass and there are no day passes available at the trailhead (or in the parking lot).

It was overcast and drizzly the day we did this hike but it made for a comfortable hike up (ie, not too warm).

Well I wish I had picked a better day to hike this. While I enjoyed the hike to the top (mostly shaded and through a wonderful forest with steady elevation gain) unfortunately it was raining pretty much the entire way up and so we didn’t get too much of a view on the top. Also too many pebbles on the way down. But it’s a great hike if you want to get away from the crowd.

About died! Hahaha amazing hike hard switch back but didn’t prepare! Be prepared!! -great finishing view

Beautiful view from left to right. Not gonna lie the walk was challenging, but the view made it all worth it. Definitely would go back :)

5 days ago

I’ve done this trail twice now, once while I was in really good shape because of soccer and just yesterday (2 1/2 years later). This hike can be quite exhausting if you haven’t been regularly physically active. However, it will make for a great hike to kick you back into shape! The trail can seem never ending because there isn’t a scenery change until you have reached the top. The view is absolutely gorgeous and 100% worth your time and energy. There is also a “mini mountain” you can climb that you’ll see in the distance once you’ve reached the “top” of the Mount Si trail; it does involve rock climbing skills, so I would not recommend it to everyone, but it offers an amazing 360 degree view from the peak. Cheers!

6 days ago

Good little hike

There are some incredible views at the top that make the climb worth it. However, I’m not sure why this is rated as moderate. We went out thinking we would get some nice switchbacks, but this is pretty much straight uphill the entire way. It was a great hike but should be rated as hard.

Great Hike! No snow. Will kick your butt if inexperienced, but can still be done in about 4 hours with breaks. Awesome views tho, on a clear day.

Hiked it early May. Just traces of snow on top, none on the trail. Were able to climb to the very top of the rock for a 360 view but I’m not sure I’d recommend it to all - the way down was a bit challenging. You don’t have to do it though. Otherwise a very nice moderate to hard intensity trail. Would do it again.

great workout! an people are nice

For me and my friends, this trail/hike was intense! We are fairly new to the hiking world so to see it rated "Moderate" I feel is not true, LOL. It was hard work for sure. Beautiful views, not too much foot traffic, and a great workout. Loved it.

Loved this trail! The beginning of the trail and near the summit are the steepest portions of the trail. Otherwise really gradual in the middle. Most of the trail is shaded in a nice forest and the overlooking views are only at the top. Arrived to the trailhead Saturday at 7:30am and snagged the last parking spot. Seattle wakes up early for these beautiful hikes!

15 days ago

Great Hike! Beautiful view at the top!

Great trail! A bit intense for novice hikers or kids. There is still quite a bit of snow covering the last couple of miles. Water proof boots, and/or and extra pair of wool socks is definitely recommend. No need for snow shoes or crampons. I always have my microspikes in my pack, and used them on the descent. There are several view points nearing the summit. Be sure to stop and see them all! You’ll be glad you did.

16 days ago

Nice view at the top. Shaded most of the way up. Hike up isn't terribly difficult, but does get the blood pumping. I would go again.

26 days ago

Great hike with a challenging beginning. However, he cautioned.. it is a dangerous trail right now. About 3/4 up, the trail gets lost in the heavy snow. I tracked on and found myself amidst large snow slides. Wait to hike this!

29 days ago

Fantastic view on top. Except the last mile, the rest is moderate.

Was a beautiful and moderate to hard hike. Definitely a little more challenging but not that bad if you’re a usual hiker. Went with 2 people that don’t usually hike from Texas and they had a little bit of a hard time but did it with breaks in between. There’s absolutely no snow at the top, so don’t believe that. Micro spikes would be completely pointless. Beautiful view at the top, but really doesn’t open up until you’re at the top. Worth it.

29 days ago

Mt Si was a brutal beast yesterday 4/21. So much beauty at the top. My health tracker documented 10 miles. No snow on the ground. Great training hike for Mt St Helens. Will be back!

29 days ago

Great moderate hike. Went 2 months ago and brought my 7&9year old. Just watch them at the top! Beautiful scenery!

29 days ago

Was there yesterday, beautiful hike! No need for spikes, very light snow cover at the top but very manageable in sneakers or boots. Perfect day hike to celebrate earth day!

30 days ago

Hiked on Thursday. First of all BEAUTIFUL trail and everyone is so nice and there were so many dogs ON LEASHES TOO! It’s a toughy for me at least and my back started giving my trouble at 3.5miles but I knew I had to keep going. Brought my spikes but didn’t use them for the last bit, just took it nice and slow. I’ll be back

1 month ago

Did it back in December and the views were worth the climb up. Very moderate.

Way to many people but a decent hike

Sooooo much fun. still needed micro-spikes for the last mile in the snow and ice. Simply gorgeous. The old growth Douglas fir trees are beautiful neat the mid-way point.

I did this hike a year ago and it was a good one. Beautiful, challenging and well kept. There seems to be snow into spring so dress accordingly, I had to learn the hard way with this hike but it was well worth it! Make sure you are in good shape to finish this hike so you can finish it in a timely manner!

on Mount Si Trail

1 month ago

Beautiful! Lots of snow at the top today. Glad I brought my spikes.

Light rain the whole time. Well marked trail, friendly folks and close enough to the city to get an aggressive training hike.

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