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I loved this trail! It had some elevation gain, but was fairly easy. The views were amazing and there was hardly anyone on the trail.

amazing hike, not too difficult, beautiful trail!

Nice, easy hike. The gain wasn't too bad (but steady in the beginning). Enough to get my heart rate up a little. The walk along the ridge was really nice (even though we went on a cloudy day). A lot of rocks/loose rocks so if you have weak ankles, wear good shoes. Parts of the trail were over grown but it wasn't hard to get through. Walking up and down were both pretty boring but I definitely enjoyed the leisure walk along the top.

Decent view, nice hike

Nice views but the flies are terrible right now and several parts are loose rock. Even though rated easy, should have brought hiking shoes!

Fun hike with our dogs. Were able to have them off leash as the trail isn’t that populated. ran into maybe 6 people total the time we were there. The trail is overgrown in quite a few spots. Beautiful wildflowers. Careful with bugs, definitely need some bug spray. GPS said barely 5 miles.

Attempted to hike Change Creek trail (up to what looks like Olallie Knob and J's Landing), marking post 108 on the John Wayne trail. There was a downed bee hive in the trail. 1 hiker coming down was stung 6+ times.

The quick portion we hiked was forested, steep, and tranquil.

This was a beautiful trail. Easy for this 65year old. Didn't meet anyone. Great view of My Rainier...a complete surprise.

Great hike with amazing views! There were some patches of overgrowth but it’s not too bad. Pretty easy hike with 2 dogs and we didn’t see anyone else on the trail, which is hard to find around here.

steep and challenging hike but worth it once you get to the waterfall

Teneriffe falls connector is unmarked and overgrown so we turned around there. But the rest of the trail was great!

Volume of water in the falls is bit low now. But still hiking in the woods is really cool

trail running
5 months ago

Nice flat trail. It runs along the river for a bit. So beautiful you can connect up w other trails to get in more miles, but it’s a pretty good distance.

Originally we planned to hike Humpback Mountain but we missed the trailhead and ended up making our way to the Hansen Ridge Trail (Little Saint Helen). The trailhead is easy to find. Follow NF5510 to a dead end parking area with a gate. From the gate, follow the straight path on the gravel road for about a mile or less to the fork in the road: if you go straight, it's towards the Watershed; to the right is towards Hansen Ridge Trailhead. The Hansen trailhead is easy to spot, it's on the right side of the road right before a big gate. The entire walk was a nice easy stroll. There was snow on the ground but easy to walk on. The views were gorgeous and there were plenty of areas to stop, sit, and enjoy. There were a few other people on the trail with dogs. We didn't walk the entire route due to time restraints but a few people told us it's 8 miles RT back to the parking area. We had no problems with bugs. Also, there is no restroom at this hike.

Very very beautiful hike/walk. Definitely easy. If you’re like my dad and wanting to go on a good easier hike and trying to get back in shape I definitely recommend this. River is beautiful and cold which feels amazing on a hot day like today.

5 months ago

Road to Trail head still holding snow 1/4 mile from lot. Trail passable but covered in places to 5' but snowshoes not required. Made it from the watershed trail access to the northern (I-90) turn to the west but the snow was getting soft so turned there. Great views as usual, the main trailhead gate was shot up and open. If you see or hear shooting at the trailhead, call the King County Sheriff, this continues to be a problem along FS road 5510 despite a number of signs indicating this is a "Safety Corridor" and no shooting.....apparently some people don't care or can't read.

Nice cool hike for sunny day

it starts getting quite enjoyable the further you travel as it’s more silent- not bad at all.

the best running views and waterfalls if your going for miles

Started on Mount Si Trail, turned to Talus Loop Trail (there is a fallen tree across the trail, smaller guys may go below the tree, I had to go over) and get to Teneriffe Logging Road, all covered with snow. Then I missed the turn to Teneriffe Falls Connector, had to go back, difficult to find without GPS. There is NO TRAIL, wrong season probably, everything covered with snow, very difficult to find the way. But I finally made it to Teneriffe Falls Trail. Had to jump over the creek though to get to the trail, pretty slippery. Definitely NOT recommending using this Teneriffe Falls Connector this time - go through Lower Teneriffe Connector to Teneriffe Logging Road and Teneriffe Falls Trail. I used this route back from Teneriffe Falls, trail is fine everywhere except one big fallen tree on Lower Teneriffe Connector, possible to pass.

Closer to Teneriffe Falls the trail is very steep and slippery. I made it in regular hiking boots but I wish I had micro spikes or something like that, that would help a lot. Be careful near the Falls, ice fall down! It almost hit me while I was taking pictures right next to the Falls.

Overall good hike, longer than promised, I recorded 8+ miles, would be more if you go 2-way through Lower Teneriffe Connector.

Very wet hike!! Water proof everything is a necessity. Did not complete the full loop to Mt. Teneriffe, winds were pretty bad towards to top and we were not prepared for the drop in temperature. Still a solid day!! Great for dogs; my pup loved everything except the conditions at the top. Planning on returning to do the full loop when we get a clear day.

so many different trail

The waterfall was definitely a rewarding site to see. Through a little sleet, rain and dry spells, we enjoyed this hike. Most of it was well marked until we missed a new (?) section that was hardly a trail. The GPS on the AllTrails app put us back on the trail when we missed it. It was also confusing how to complete the loop and get on the Tenerife Falls Trail, so we came back the way we went up on Talus Loop Trail. It was still a long, beautiful hike.

Amazing hike in December hard up hard down, But worth the challenge

Amazing hike took five hours up-and-down to kamikaze snow at the top also snowing just as hard to get down

Lovely hike! Pretty easy. No snow and no mud on trail.

This is great for running and getting in those beautiful Washington views when you get the miles in.

This hike is so pretty to see the falls with water. Of course spring would be the best time. The trail is clear of snow.

I would say that this hike would have been amazing had there been no snow but since there was snow that was about 2 ft deep in a lot of places, it made it extremely hard to complete. Should have turned back around towards the beginning but boyfriend and I thought it would be fine for us with just simple hiking boots and some layers on. We were wrong.

Just did this one yesterday, 11/24. It was nice that there were not many other people on this trail, maybe passed about 3 or 4. However, it was not marked well at all, I had to keep pulling out my phone to compare it to the map alltrails has posted. Once we got to the waterfall, we couldn't cross over and had to go back the way we started, which was a huge downer. I am sure this would be a nice hike if you could A) cross over the waterball and B) It had better trail markers.
Also worth noting-no snow

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