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Great hike up to a spectacular view of rattlesnake lake. This was a little heart pumper going up, however completely manageable. We got there on a Monday around 10:30am and there was plenty of parking.

If your a beginner, don't do this. Not to mention it's already over crowded. This is not a starter. Do some easier hikes then do this one. It will be worth it!

Great hike with amazing views! There were some patches of overgrowth but it’s not too bad. Pretty easy hike with 2 dogs and we didn’t see anyone else on the trail, which is hard to find around here.

3 days ago

it was an easy trail to the top. you will see the sign of a teen who passed away by falling from the cliff. so one thing to be noted: please be aware and conscious. the view from the top was blocked as it was cloudy. but worth a try for its nearness to the city of redmond

Great hike. Gorgeous views. My grandkids loved playing in the lake. We will definitely do it again.

We arrived at the trailhead at 8:40am today. We find a parking spot in the parking lot. The trail was not very busy when we hike. The view at the top was stunning! It’s a relatively easy trail in my opinion, not so much as moderate. When we hike down, the amount of people gets larger and we feel fortunate to start early.

Started the trail at 830 am to avoid a lot of the crowd but it was still pretty packed at that time of day (probably because it’s a weekend). Moderate hike to Rattlesnake ledge and the view was definitely worth it! We continued on to Eastridge (I think that’s what it was called) which is 2.4 miles up from Rattlesnake ledge. There is a great view if Mt Si from the top with a bench to enjoy the view.

I went a couple months ago on a Monday afternoon and it was still crazy busy! The view is beautiful and the hike up was very scenic.

such a great experience!! This place was my first mountain hike ever. Seeing those kinds of beautiful view made me so much interested doing mountain hiking. It inspired me alot and that I won’t never forget this place. After I went here last 2 months ago, I started to do more hiking trails and discover myself that i love hiking.

Gets steep at the top but the overall hike itself is easy and doable. For the hike, the views at the top are breathtaking. Recommend hike for all Seattlelites and visitors to the area

this was my very first hike. I made some mistakes. if you are going with more experienced hikers distribute the weight of bags thoughtfully. I had a backpack and it was way too heavy it made the experience way more hard than it needed to be. Learned a lesson! Also might wanna go with someone patient and helpful if you are a beginner. I had to stop a lot. Also remember to stretch! The view tho. so beautiful

Hiked this trail a couple days ago, on Friday afternoon. New trail to me, and a bit out of shape, but felt like this hike was a good workout with a reward at the top!
Be prepared for a steady incline that gets your heart rate up, and know that this is a popular trail...lots of people and traffic... do your best to follow hiker etiquette!
It's a long way to the top, but you'll definitely be rewarded for your hard work when you see the views! Love that the lake is there, too...great spot for a family day with multiple things to do and see. Will be visiting again, for sure!

Use the directions through this app to get there because I’ve had friends directed to a different place when they looked up the location. Parking is free! The lake at the bottom of the trail is so beautiful. It looks even better once you’ve reached the top. This hike is as busy as everyone says it is. Sadly, people leave their trash around, like pistachio shells, gum, etc.

Not a bad hike but a lot of people at the top. I’d recommend going before 8am if you want to avoid the crowds.

The trail itself is kind of boring. It's a nice forest and all, but it's a bit monotonous, not to mention, very busy and you may have to park quite a ways away. there's also no views until literally the very, very end of the trail.. not even a glimpse. the view at the end though IS stunning, but gd it people, don't play music on trails and stay to the right when you can.

It was beautiful at the top but get there before 7. Very busy and most people there have zero trail etiquette

This was my second hike. Hard, but rewarding when you got to the top.

enjoyed the hike, the view from the ledge is beautiful, although crowded. we chose to hike the extra half mile to the east ledge which we had to our selves for a peaceful snack break.

Hike #3 ✓

The lake view from the ledge is very rewarding.

This trail was a good work out! Getting to the top and over looking the cliff is breath taking!

Enjoy the hike Spring2017

Hiked it this morning. Disappointing change to the trail over the last year. Park walking path over-groomed type of trail now. Heavy heavy traffic, with zero trail edicate; stay to the right and uphill has right of way!! More like a crowded mall or tour bus was dump on a walking path. Will not do this one again.

steep and challenging hike but worth it once you get to the waterfall

Super awesome hike, but very very heavily trafficked. When you reach the first lookout it can be hard to find somewhere to settle down for a minute and enjoy the view with all the people. However we continued up a tiny bit further and the higher lookout is equally as beautiful and we had it to ourselves.

Did this hike for the first time today, and it was gorgeous♥️♥️the view was simply amazing!!! I did mailbox peak for my first hike, and this being my second hike it was way way way easier. It’s rated as moderate and I feel it was more on the easier side. There was some good incline for a tiny bit, but also lots of flat ground as well. The cliff is really steep so be careful and wear good shoes. It was pretty busy when we went to, but I would for sure do it again. Gorgeous water!!!

well groomed, great view, but lots of people

I hiked this trail on Sunday, 07/01/2018. There was ample parking available at 8:00 when I arrived which is rare according to many accounts I have read, though it was cloudy and raining lightly.

This hike is absolutely beautiful and fairly easy. Only about 5 miles round-trip which I completed in a couple of hours.

Another plus is that it doesn't require a permit!

Great for first time hikers! A little challenge with great pay off.

Love, love, love this trail for a super quick jot in nature. It is not very steep; just a steady incline. The view is breathtaking. It’s a great reminder of how small we are.

To repeat the other commenters, it gets extremely crowded. So much so it can take away the joy of the hike. I never have problems going around 5am on weekday mornings. Usually have the place all to myself.

However, if you must go during peak hours, I recommend you bring some ear phones so you can listen to an audio book or enjoyable music and spare yourself the frustration of having fellow hikers’ music invade your consciousness.

Highly recommend! Have fun!

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