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To begin, this trail is actually around 11 miles, not 8.1 so plan on a longer hike. My friends and I hiked this trail 6/18/18 and there was a significant amount of snow at the peak and the last 1/4th of the trail. I would highly recommend bringing ice spikes or trekking poles if you have them. Additionally, towards the last portion of the hike, the trail becomes obscured due to excessive snow and fallen trees. The only way my friends and I made it to the top was due to trail blazing while using a recorded version of the hike from this app. It definitely makes for an adventure! We started the trail at 8:00 AM and made it back down to the parking lot by 3:00 PM (we did stop a few times to take pictures and eat at the top). This probably had to be the most beautiful hike I have been on though to say the least. The lake is amazing, but to me it looks quite similar to Lake 22 or Heather Lake, which are much easier and shorter hikes. Enjoy!

6 days ago

Love it! The grind is real.

Awesome experience! Very hard but worth it at the top. The view is stunning. My only thing I would say for first timers is be careful if you have a pup. Maybe my little guy wasn’t quite ready but we hike and run a lot and this one was too much for him. It’s a long way up and a long way down. The shuttle was great- plan on taking that and park at the high school. We made the mistake of driving to the trailhead and even at 8am the lots were full. We then had to drive all the way back. Shuttle driver was very nice both ways and no wait at all. Also bring more water than you even plan on. Happy trails! We had a great hike!!

Started from the upper trailhead. Turnoff for the main trail on the right is easy to miss from the old logging road-be watching for it as the logging road turns right.
Someone posted a helpful picture of it here on alltrails. The trail is short but excessively steep. You climb close to 2,100 feet in a mile. But we were rewarded with great views. Snow free but a little slippery coming down.

amazing flower display

okay to balcony peak was not so exciting but still a good hike to train on in the spring.

I feel like the other reviews downplay the river you have to cross!! At multiple points, you have to jump on and over wet rocks to cross a river that’s maybe 2 feet deep. Ok for fit adults, not so much for kids. The peak is really great, involves a scramble up via bushwhacking. Follow the trail signs made of rocks towards the end!

Last few miles are challenging and a real burner. Peak was clear and the views were great! Excellent training ground. I would recommend being in decent shape to complete the total loop with the peak. You really earn the last bit.

Teneriffe falls connector is unmarked and overgrown so we turned around there. But the rest of the trail was great!

14 days ago

This hike was HARD. It is a really nice hike with decent elevation and nicely groomed and marked trails 2.5 miles up to the falls. But from the falls to the summit, the trail was very difficult and poorly marked. It was a challenge to stay on the trail and very slow going. Mile 4 has 1463 ft elevation gain and mile 5 has another 1017 ft of elevation gain. We took the new trail down from the summit, which was longer but made for much easier navigation. It took us 4 hours to summit and 2 hours to decend. This was a huge accomplishment! Overall, the trail was beautiful and if you are looking for a challenge, this trail will not disappoint.

Hiked: 2jun2018. got to trailhead at 0930.
Conditions: none, perfectly clear.
LOTS of unleashed dogs

All parking lots were full when We arrived at 0930. We parked on the street along with probably 40 other cars. Hiked UP the Old Trail and DOWN the new trail. The hike up was pretty intense but we took a lot of short breaks to rest and one longer break to snack before the two trails converged. The boulder field was easy but the section after thr field was pretty straight up all the way to the top. The peak was super busy, waited in line to get a picture with the mailbox. I thought you were swap gifts with mailbox but everyone was just stuffing it, oh well. Overall I don't think it was bad at all. Our 12 year old boy made it with no issues and little complaining, lol. if you're looking for a tough lower body workout I highly recommend the Old Trail up and new trail down. The old trail is practically a vertical grade thr while way, 3400 feet in 3 miles. If you're looking for a more leisurely hike than I highly recommend you stay off Old Trail altogether, ESPECIALLY down. I couldn't imagine how rough it is on your knees. new trail was bad enough on the knees during thr descent. According to Strava, we hiked 3 miles up the old trail and 6 miles down the new trail due to all the long switchbacks. overall great hike. I'd love to do it with snow on thr ground.

Loved the trail to the lake and it was all good until hitting the snow just 20 mins after leaving the lakeside. Continued from there on spikes, but jít a steep slope of snow, which in the warm.weather didn't seem too stable. Had to turn around cca 300m (elevation) shy of the peak. Went back and did Bandera instead. Would want to come back and attempt again, looks beautiful.

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17 days ago

This is a beautiful sight at the end. It's definitely difficult towards the end. It's really rocky terrain and i tripped quite a few times. I made it though and it's definitely doable! I will do it again for sure :)

An awesome trail with scenery which will be captured from the beginning to the end no matter which direction you go. Remember and or keep in mind either you challenge yourself or it will challenge you ;) . Grand hike...

Theres a new trail with alot of switch backs. Be aware alot of people have been going off trail to cut down time/distance. I got of the trail at some point and realized it led me to no where. I wouldn't take a dog. 50% of the way is very sharp and lose rocks. I saw a lot of pups being carried. The water fall was great I really enjoyed it. There are bathrooms at the parking lot now with more parking.

Volume of water in the falls is bit low now. But still hiking in the woods is really cool

Went up old . . Came down new: 2:45 up - 2:05 down. The new trail is sooo nice . . I sure appreciate the massive effort that it took to create the new trail. The old trial is a tester . . Very few switchbacks . . Sincerely, it goes up like a ladder. The last 1,000 ft is exposed . . the last 500 feet in 1/4 mile . . Tad bit steep :) Awesome view of Rainier!

21 days ago

loved this hike.... beautiful! Trail is in good condition.

Super beautiful but hard hike! I was wondering if people were overreacting about how hard it is (and people do), but it is hard. Nothing you can’t handle and it’s beautiful. We did the old trail up which was an hour faster but def hard, and the new trail down which was easier, longer and more scenic. The last bit of the hike to the mailbox is def the hardest bit, but if you take small breaks it’s not bad at all. It’s a scenic and well worth it hike.

Ok. This is a great trail. Steep. Great exposure. Once u get to the boulders, your work is just beginning! On a cloudy day, bring layers, cause it’s chilly.

gorgeous pnw icon. probably easiest 9 mile hike as not huge elevation gain. amazing otter falls await a quick scramble up at end. so worth it.

Got to experience Defiance on a perfect day. Slow-going to the top due to snow on the trails but the views were unreal. Mount Rainier was out in all her glory.

Lovely hike up to the nice Tenerife falls. The second part of the hike after the falls is very steep. Arriving at the top is an exciting challenge but the view on the valley and the noise from the highway are disappointing

Originally we planned to hike Humpback Mountain but we missed the trailhead and ended up making our way to the Hansen Ridge Trail (Little Saint Helen). The trailhead is easy to find. Follow NF5510 to a dead end parking area with a gate. From the gate, follow the straight path on the gravel road for about a mile or less to the fork in the road: if you go straight, it's towards the Watershed; to the right is towards Hansen Ridge Trailhead. The Hansen trailhead is easy to spot, it's on the right side of the road right before a big gate. The entire walk was a nice easy stroll. There was snow on the ground but easy to walk on. The views were gorgeous and there were plenty of areas to stop, sit, and enjoy. There were a few other people on the trail with dogs. We didn't walk the entire route due to time restraints but a few people told us it's 8 miles RT back to the parking area. We had no problems with bugs. Also, there is no restroom at this hike.

Started at 6am on Sunday. Took the old trail up and new down. Up took me about 1hrs55min and down about 2hrs.
Had the mailbox to myself for some time, to enjoy the beautiful sunny morning.
Take lots of water and do leave a snack in the mailbox behind :)
Will admit that yes its a knee killer one way or another, but it feels good anyways...

27 days ago

Amazing hike.

Such a brutal trail but so rewarding once arriving at the summit and taking it all in! Was really impressed with how supportive and motivational everyone on the trail was. Can’t wait to get my butt kicked by this trail again!

Amazing views on a clear day!

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