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North Bend, Washington Map
10 hours ago

My 13-year old son and I hiked to Lodge Lake for a day hike. We got to the parking lot around 3:30pm on a Sunday and there were maybe a dozen cars there. The trail starts out in forest, then climbs across the ski run meadows, then over the ridge down into more forest. The meadows had lots of orange, pink, yellow, and white wild flowers. Very pretty and the views of the mountains behind I-90 were awesome. In some parts of the meadows the trail is overgrown with bushes, sometimes to the point where you can't see the trail very well ahead of you. But the trail itself is clear of plants, so it's still easy enough to follow if you look down.

At one point in the meadows when you're approaching a little hill, a road will cross the trail. Don't get confused and take the road left or right. Across the road the trail continues, even if it's difficult to see due to bushes. There are no signs here, unfortunately.

About half way, shortly after going over the ski hill ridge, you pass Beaver Pond. Then you descend down through forest again. Once you can see the lake through the trees on the right, keep an eye out on the right for a sign about 7 feet up on a tree that says "Lodge Lake". Take the trail to the right to get to the lake in just a few minutes. You should pass a little waterfall and stream before that (assuming it doesn't dry up).

There were a few bugs here and there, but mostly little flies and not too many mosquitoes. I did get a little bite from one, but only because my attention was occupied by taking a bathroom break. Otherwise it was pretty easy to keep them away. I was surprised they weren't swarming given all the water nearby.

This trail is sometimes described as "easy", sometimes "moderate". I'd say it's somewhere in between. Note that AllTrails estimates the round-trip length as 3.9 miles while WTA's is 3.0 miles, and it did feel more like 3.9 miles to me, especially considering the amount of time it took us. But there were little kids on the trail, so it's easy enough.

We saw several people heading down when we went up and no one was there when we got to the lake. Then several more people and a couple dogs showed up. Also met a relatively senior woman (I'm 47) who was backpacking alone and staying the night there, which I thought was pretty impressive. There are a couple decent campsites there, one with a fire pit inside a stone ring.

Beautiful views! Challenging hike, the lake was a perfect reward.

Went on this hike today. Arrived around 8:15am and lot was already full so had to park down the road a bit. I think a lot of the cars in the lot were campers, as there were a ton of people camping at the top.
Great hike, now one of my favorites. Have views the whole way up and the lake at the end was beautiful. There were a lot of bugs so be sure to bring bug spray.

13 hours ago

Great hike but wow that was a challenge. I am neither in the great nor bad shape I would say average. It took me two hours and 20 minutes to summit with a lot of effort. Trekking poles are a must in my opinion. They were Lifesavers and help take some of the stress off your legs. If you have any kind of knee issues or back I would not recommend this hike at all. On your way up expect your calves and quads to suffer and on your way down your knees will be in pain. A lot of loose dirt and rocks on the trail so be careful. Definitely worth the trip up though the view is stunning. Bring lots of water you will need it if you tend to drink a lot. My camelback was enough for the rt. Probably top 10 360 view hikes in the pnw.

Hiked ~5 miles of the trail on 7/20 in the PM with a few coworkers. I found the hike to be nothing spectacular. The first 2/3 of the trail has a very mild incline (maybe a 2% grade) - keep your eyes out for berries in this section! The final 1/3 of the trail is a very rocky, narrow, path of switchbacks up to the falls. I found the rocks to be somewhat difficult to navigate and a little annoying. There are a few good overlooks, with decent views, as you near the base of the falls. As other hikers have commented below, the falls is nearly dry - but still neat to see (as it appears to be quite a unique waterfall).

15 hours ago

Annette Lake - a small, pretty lake, but it's a lot of work for what you get. Today's visit (7/23/17) was interesting, my only caveat being that I'd wished the skies more clear, and the bugs not to be as voracious as they were.

The information regarding distance of the trail is somewhat misleading, as the forest service indicated four miles one way, not 6.6 miles as stated above. But, it's quite an ascent for the distance, at 2,244 feet.

The trail? Unexceptional, in regards to photo opportunities, but full of rocks, roots, fallen trees, and steep switchbacks. The trail starts with a nice bridge overlooking a pretty waterfall, then onto a reasonable, slight climb through heavy canopy and twists/turns, and across a "well flowered" power line path, before you reach a gravel service road (probably about a mile in). Once past the road, there is a superb path feature: a fallen tree that has been carefully hewn into steps (with a guardrail) that carries the traveler.

Then, the challenge begins. Some of the ascents are both short and steep, and the switchbacks come on full bore; be prepared. The trail has a handful of valley/mountain views, a nice small waterfall, and small, dry channels (that funnel snow melt in season) to cross.

There is a short (3/4 mile?) reprieve prior to the lake, where the trail finally flattens out, and even goes downhill. At the lake itself, you can traverse a number of trails along the shore, to access a variety of vantage points, but there are no real "places" to park yourself - though I found a stump and "bench" to stop at and rest, and eat lunch.

The lake? Crisp and clear, cold water, with patches of turquoise and green, mingled with near shore brown areas. The view of the surrounding range(s) are adequate, but not as stunning as others, like Lake 22 or Snow Lake. An interesting point - alongside the lake was a grove of tall trees which had many campfire pits, so I imagine that an overnight visit might be a pleasant one, as there is a lot of room for camping.

The journey today started at 8:40 AM, with the temperature (roughly) in the 50's, and cloudy; the sun broke through at 10:15. I wore a long sleeve t-shirt over another t-shirt, and this was adequate. It took me three hours to reach the lake, but as a novice, and the elevation climb, I was happy to succeed in arriving. The area around the lake was partially cloudy, and still. Here's a quick summary of my own solo trip:

Traffic: moderate; several small groups, lots of dogs

Trail condition: wet in a very few areas, predominantly dry, sometimes dusty.

Trail comments: at least 70% rocky, and littered with twisted roots in the wooded areas. Path was obvious with no real diversions. Plenty of room in all sections to move off and allow uphill traffic. Few sunlit/open areas. Very few narrow passages or areas of caution.

Weather: Excellent, temperate. Afternoon brought more sun, but clouds remained over the lake.

Photo opps: fair on trail; best at the lake itself.

Bugs: bad; circling flies on the trail, and excessive at the lake. I had repellent which I wiped on; it was only partially helpful.

Wildlife: None seen.

Water consumed: Three liters

Total time spent: 8:40AM TO 2:20PM, 5.6 hours

Final comments: this trail is called "moderate" for a reason, and as a novice hiker, I found it reasonably challenging; it's a high ascent, and the steep parts were taxing. Not recommended for small children, or those who would struggle on an easy trail. Hiking poles are recommended, as well as adequate water and food, sunscreen, and sunglasses (if the day is bright). Unfortunately, because the bugs were a real bother, and the lake was less than spectacular for the hike, I can only give it three stars. Great for the exercise, but not for the scenery.

18 hours ago

Did this one in May. Avoid it in rainy season if you want to climb the haystack. Amazing view from the haystack. It can be a little difficult to climb it if you are not comfortable with heights and steep ascent. But even completing the hike up to the haystack foot is worth it given it's a day hike

19 hours ago

20 hours ago

Great hike! Super steep and rocky for the first 1/4 mile and the last 1/4 mile on the way up. We made our way up and then on the way back added the Boulder Garden loop for an extra challenge for the end of our hike. We were up exploring and taking pictures for a solid 3.5 hours.

20 hours ago

Tough but great hike- took me longer than usual on the steep uphill because I was getting over a cold and it kicked my butt a little. Only 4 stars because the bugs were pretty intense- bring bug spray!- and parts of the trail were pretty overgrown. Only encountered 3 others on the hike, made it to the truck and a bit beyond where it gets a little too steep for my taste and the trail peters out- no connection to other trails that we saw. Great wildflowers in July at least. We jumped in the brook at the base on the return, definitely enjoyed our hike! We followed zig zag rather than veering to the right at the marked fork.

20 hours ago

An old favorite, short but interesting and with a nice view at the end.

23 hours ago

Great hike semi difficult at first hard in the middle great reward at the end. Got to the top at 7:30 AM major bugs there no joke. Second time I've done this hike and will do it again for sure.