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3 days ago

I'm not a hiker that has been hiking every weekend, and I have weak knees. This was a stretch, and I chose to go on to the 3rd falls. I'm so happy I did, because the falls were absolutely amazing!

Fantastic section of the PCT! Went the second weekend in July, 2018. No mosquitos from Chinook until the descent to Crag Lake. Then bam! ONCE YOU STOP, YOU ARE SWARMED BY THE TENS OF THOUSANDS. It was almost like a movie! Great ups and down. Strenuous but doable. We started on Friday night at 5:20 pm and camped at Anderson Lake. Then we took off at about 8:00 am and made it to just past the Twin Sisters (lakes) Trail by 7:00pm. Had to cross the Bumping River on a log that sits upstream by 50 meters. The following morning we hit the train at 8:00 am and made it to White Pass by Noon after a dip in Leechs Lake. A great trip with my son!

gorgeous! highly recommend

1 month ago

Saw a huge rattle snake and ran the other way! Did not finish the hike. No shame here.

1 month ago

Amazing trail! No snow, clear path and has a lot of beautiful views.

Id say the first and last quarter of this hike was pretty grueling. The middle of the hike was nice with all of the lookouts which gives you some time to rest. Took me 4 hrs to the top and 1 hr down with frequent photo stops on the way up.

Didn't see any goats until i got to the very top and saw about 10-15 on a rock in the distance. They all scattered when they saw me. When i got to the top i got to witness the fighter jets pass by while doing their training. About 4 of them went by 3 times.

1 month ago

This is a great out and back trail, that is not disappointing with views along the whole route. This trail should be rated difficult, as I can't see that most novice hikers would entertain the steep trails along the cliffs and switchbacks or ahem, lack there of. It was so quiet at the top, we didn't see any goats but we kept our eyes peeled. We would definitely do this one again. It took us about 3-1/2 hours but we were keeping a grueling pace up.

Love this hike...usually stay at Cramer lake but lots of options to camp further back along Dumbell lake or up towards the Pacific Crest trail is you really wanted. A bit of a steep hike up but worth. However Many many many people there once hunting season starts

1 month ago

Hiked Goat Peak today with a few friends. This is a leg burner for sure - but the views are worth it at the top. We had a pretty steady approach, took many short breaks to soak in the views. Took our group 3.5hrs up and about 2hrs back. However, there were a few German folks we met that made it up in 1.5 hours!

It’s pretty much all uphill, the first quarter mile and the last section are probably the most difficult. No snow, and we saw a goat in the distance at the top! Thankfully it was too far away to smell our urine.

Highly recommend!

Be aware that the sign that directs you to Spiral is missing. You'll need to keep a close eye for the Y that sends you left up to Spiral.
Also a section of the trail to Shellrock lake is under water so you'll need to find away around or be willing to get your feet soaked.

Really pretty waterfall! You can also hike to the top of .

2 months ago

Great up and back - light traffic and great views

We did this last week and the trail was 90% snow covered. We camped at dog lake on the only pad of dirt, and lake was still frozen. It was beautiful.

I went whit my little family last weekend and it was nice some hikers up there somewhat trafficked

great trip with my wife, daughter and nephew. 3 days, 2 night. trail in great condition. weather was a little wet the first night and second morning but got hot and dried us out. camped the first night at 2 lakes, second night at pipe lake. our ride showed up at white pass and treated us all to a great cheeseburger in Naches WA. wonderful memories.

I'd say the first two miles are Moderate as the trails are identifiable and in decent shape. After that it's a crap shoot of being able to even find the trail, let alone being able to scramble up it. Lots of loose rock and scree as the author notes, which could be fun if you're looking for an adventure. A HARD adventure.

7 months ago

Easy and close in. Nice views of Tieton River and big basalt cliffs. Fun swinging bridge.

This is not moderate in my book. Lots of loose, sliding shale. Trail is definitely NOT moderately trafficked. You are on your own, unless rattlesnakes count. This is for dedicated backwoods hikers who like a little more challenging terrain. Discover pass required.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Full moon hike up goat peak to American Ridge. Trail was easy to follow with scenic views the whole way. No blow downs.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Bring Bug Spray in the early spring and a beer for the top to enjoy the view at the top of the cliff overlooking Dog Lake.

It is bit of a boring slog to get to the butte, and on the way back the last 3 miles seems to stretch much further than you recall.

A couple things to note: Stay left at the first Y in the trail, and the trail for the Butte after that is on your left and marked with a sign for the lake. We missed the turnoff and ended up ascending a nice scramble to intersect the trail.

As a trail runner, watch for horses. It would be easy to spook them and we saw plenty of them.

Overall, a nice training hike with a beautiful vista for you to enjoy a cold, well earned Varietal Beer!

~ Yakimaniak

Monday, July 10, 2017

I agree with the other reviewers. This hike should be rated as hard. It is fairly steep. On a clear day, the view from the top is wonderful. It took us 5.5 hrs round trip with a lunch break at the top.

the hike was beautiful, however in July come prepared for a ton of mosquitos they are horrible, layer ip and a net fir your face will be your saving grace. The trail is at least 5 miles one way not 6.7 there and back as indicated in above discription. FYI.

Friday, June 23, 2017

First mile or so will be creek. After that it get a whole lot harder and steeper. Trails are narrow and sketchy. Some areas you have to idk rock climb to continue. I had to stop and turn around cause i ran into snow and was wearing more running shoes than hiking shoes. Way down i slipped a lot so watch your footing and speed.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

A great trail, but more strenuous than anticipated. A few sketchy paths which made us say "this NEEDS to be rated difficult". Beautiful views though and well worth it. Just should be rated more difficult.

Monday, June 05, 2017

This trail has views throughout the hike! There is a few snow spots (I only have my hiking boots and I was able to get through it). The bugs were not bad until the top and I encountered a bug that we were unsure what it was (we thought it was ticks) so we left the top after about 30 minutes of enjoying the view. It is harder than "moderate" I believe. Being in shape and an avid hiker I also turned around due to fatigue.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

My wife and I loved this trail. We only went about 3 miles in but we loved it. 3 major waterfalls that are downright gorgeous. We went on a Monday and had the trail to ourselves. After crossing the stream at the beginning, the next mile or so is steep switch backs and quite a climb. Will give you a workout. The rest of the hike was a very comfortable slope. Beautiful stands of pine, spruce and cedars stand over creeping Oregon grape, moss, huckleberry under stories. Trail is well maintained. The person who gave it 3 stars unfairly needs to realize that the best parts of the trail came after the steep beginning where they gave up and turned back.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Loved this hike. Started off with some steeper switch backs and then leveled out a little bit more, amazing waterfall within the first 10 min of the hike. The next few miles are slight up and downs with amazing views, when you get about 3 miles in you hit another amazing private waterfall. Wish we could have kept going to the end but we only made it about 4 miles in. We don't hike very often and I didn't think it was that hard. The hardest part was the switch backs in the very beginning.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Great trail. It's all up with great views and all down till you get to the parking lot. Trail is in really good shape. It get's sketchy in a couple places but just take your time and you'll be fine. Their is no water at the top so keep that in mind. This trail is a good warm up for anything big you wanna do in the year.

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Nice weather, mid 60s with an occasional light breeze and scattered clouds. Good trail, all up going in, down coming back. Definitely was glad I brought my trekking poles.

Monday, August 01, 2016

Great workout, big climb and relentless up hill on the way in. Need to watch footing and speed on the way back down as it is quite steep in a few places as there is some loose rock and dirt. Only one issue, the day I went was a bit warmer ~85 and there were a lot of flying bugs at the top, I mean A LOT. So I couldn't stay and enjoy the amazing view as long as I wanted to.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

This is a great, strenuous hike with a very rewarding view of the surrounding mountains, Bumping Lake, and Mount Rainier. take plenty of water.

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