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gorgeous! highly recommend

Love this hike...usually stay at Cramer lake but lots of options to camp further back along Dumbell lake or up towards the Pacific Crest trail is you really wanted. A bit of a steep hike up but worth. However Many many many people there once hunting season starts

Great trail. Didn’t make it to the lake because of snow, but went to a nice snow field about 3 miles in and enjoyed blue sky views of rainier through the trees.

We did this last week and the trail was 90% snow covered. We camped at dog lake on the only pad of dirt, and lake was still frozen. It was beautiful.

great trip with my wife, daughter and nephew. 3 days, 2 night. trail in great condition. weather was a little wet the first night and second morning but got hot and dried us out. camped the first night at 2 lakes, second night at pipe lake. our ride showed up at white pass and treated us all to a great cheeseburger in Naches WA. wonderful memories.

Getting to the top was the difficult part but, the views and stillness of the forest make up for the struggle to get away from every day life. You pass a quiet and peaceful pond at your first scenery. Next is a clearing with meadows and flowers. Next time we go, we're going to hike the whole trail. We went 4-5 miles in and back. Getting back was so much easier!

Great trail. Long way to get to the lake.

trail running
11 months ago

12 Aug 2017: clear trails, no mud, snow-free.
Follow the PCT south from US12 and skirt the edge of White Pass ski area on your way up. Once out of the forest those views hit you smack in the face and it is beautiful. I was giggling to myself after gaining the ridge above Hogback Mtn. Totally worth the effort, mosquitos will find you so keep on truckin'!

11 months ago

Trail is in good shape with short sections of rock, sand and blown down trees. Amazing lake and worth the effort. Starts out on sandridge trail which is a good climb. Trail levels out and is easier after the first 2.5 miles. Awesome day!

the hike was beautiful, however in July come prepared for a ton of mosquitos they are horrible, layer ip and a net fir your face will be your saving grace. The trail is at least 5 miles one way not 6.7 there and back as indicated in above discription. FYI.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

This trail was great! It pored rain on us but we went 6.5 miles up and back. Would recommend this trail.

It was a nice hike. The majority of it was uphill, with a lot of rocks and roots. Great views and smells. One downer were the mosquitoes. When ever we stopped moving they would swarm.

Friday, July 08, 2016

Shellrock Lake is beautiful. But getting there today was made more difficult by 89 downed trees on the trail! No joke.

Most were easy to step over, go under, or go around, but it was a constant problem.

This trail is mostly in the trees until it opens up for the last three miles to the lake, then it is classic William O Douglas Wilderness -- open forest, small trees, small lakelets.

I had the parking lot and the trail to myself. it was a solitary, great day on the trail.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

My wife and I went up the end of the 2nd weekend of October. Temperature was excellent, and once you make the rock falls, you can begin to see out over the terrain. Hike is only moderate, but it does climb most of the way in. The bridge is washed out and seems like it has been all summer and maybe longer. There is a trail developing to a fallen tree about 75 yards upstream from the bridge footings. Parking was no problem in October as the campsite had just one occupant. The William O. Douglas Wilderness boundary is just a half mile in or so, so we filed a permit at the trail head.

trail running
Thursday, November 05, 2015

Solid trail. Climbs plenty the first two miles. Just miss running to the lake as snow and deep ice blocked me. Spooked a huge bull elk! Trail smooths out after the first 3 miles as it's a little beat up from horse traffic.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Wow what a gem! This trail is about 14 miles like the others say. The trailhead is off 12 just East of White Pass; the trailhead aka Columbia Canyon/White Pass/PCT #2000.
It's a well-made trail, great for running, with a consistent but mild incline. It's a long hike but filled with many different panoramas, you won't get bored. A few forks in the trail, there are signs of you look closely. This is a breath-taking hike I am amazed it's not crowded. Not a lot of parking and no outhouses.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

The trailhead is at a campsite, so parking is pretty limited. Well labeled trails throughout. This is a really soft dirt trail, no rocks, from lake to lake. Lots of options to take other trails also. It should definitely be classed as 'easy' it's really minimal incline. The lake is nice and quiet, great camping spot at the end of the lake. I didn't see any weirdos, just some young campers. The trees were rocking and talking -- super nice hike.

Monday, August 10, 2015

We hiked Crow Lake Trail intending to pass by Fifes Peak (5800 ft) and stop at Sheepherder Lake (4 miles or so before Crow Creek Lake.) The trail has been washed out pretty bad for the first 1/4 mile. It requires some careful walking next to the almost 13 foot trenches where the trail used to be. The trail continues on the left when the trenches stop and only a few blown over trees remain. The hike was pretty steep but gradual. This being a horse trail, it was well carved out and marked. Had such a great time staying the night at Sheepherder (4800 ft), I'll definitely be going back and making it to Crow Lake. All in all, we got some awesome pictures of the scenery that made for some great memories. Be safe, take your time and happy hiking y'all.

Friday, August 01, 2014

We had our girl’s weekend at Indian Creek Campground and made Shoe Lake our hike for Saturday. And what a gorgeous hike! It took 6,5 hours to complete this 21km (13 miles - not sure where 8.5miles came from in the description) hike! Love! The trails were a bit muddy before you got to the ridge and once on the ridge you had to really carefully cross 5 patches of snow. This was terrifying but exhilarating as well! There were so many wildflowers that I loved taking photos of: magenta indian paintbrush, indian paintbrush, alpine lilies, tiny alpine lupin, etc.

The only bad thing about this trip was the mosquitoes. Now, being from Wisconsin/Finland you sort of get use to mosquitoes.. let me tell you, I was moving 100% of the time whether we were stopped or not. Swarms by the thousands descend upon you and only the minute breeze at the top of the ridge let us eat lunch in peace for about 10 minutes before we turned around and hiked back. We went through nearly a whole can of bug spray and we still ended the hike looking like we had contracted chicken pox. A mosquito net and 100% DEET bug spray will be my new addition to my hiking backpack.

The views are stunning, the snow was not a problem ("slow and steady wins the race") and the hike is great. I would highly recommend this hike to anyone.. so long as you bring proper bug repellent.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What can I say about Shoe Lake? It's beautiful! It's also buggy this time of year. Bring a head net and wear something loose with long sleeves if stopping for any length of time.

There were few wildflowers and the trail is moderate with a slight elevation gain the whole way. The trail is easily traveled but there were many blowdowns within the first 2 miles to Ginnette Lake. Made for some good yoga moves going under or around. After that the trail levels out traveling next to a few beautiful meadows. After you pass the Chairlift trail 1112 junction you'll start traveling along a ridge with stunning views and many viewpoints! Soon you'll see the chairlift. An interesting surprise but it soon disappears. In about a mile the first views of your destination appear. A saddle to access Shoe Lake. We ran in to more and more snow patches along this ridge but those were easily traveled, until you skirt Hogback Mountain. Viewpoints show you this section of trail. Along this section, the trail skirts the ridge-line on its steep slope and there were 3 large patches of snow that are dicey to travel at best. Poles made it easier. Be careful crossing the snow. If you slip, it's a long slide down the slope with rocks here and there. This is were we turned around, making it half way across the first snow field. It was too late in the day to continue, and moving on wouldn't be safe. We were about 1/2 mile from Shoe Lake. So we try again next month when there is less snow and mosquitoes.

All and all, this is a great hike. Beautiful in all it's glory and a must see! Go later in the year if snow is an issue.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hiked this trail with my hiking buddy Jason Tollefson two years ago. It was an awesome hike and was pretty easy compared to Round Mountain. Saw a couple wierdos up there but we always carry our peace makers (open carry) Go check out the pics he posted. I recommend this trail to a group of school kids or if you're trying to earn a scout's badge.

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