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Mukilteo, Washington Map

Great trail, however it is very easy to get lost so bring your phone! Will definitely do again.

Very fun Trail. Start at the left of the dog park to the railroad tracks and turn right to follow the tracks. The trail gradually rises the whole way for the first half. The stream is on your right; we saw a few little waterfalls. Once you get to the gate, go a little past it and the trail continues on the left, back on the other side of the rr tracks. A lot of side trails so it can be confusing. Best to keep monitoring it online.

Very confusing! This trail has a ton of potential but it's not there yet. We started at the dog park and found the sign that said Japanese Gulch Loop Trail, this was our first mistake. Not sure why the sign is there because we followed up the hills over broken bridges and while it was some beautiful views we got completely lost. There are many different options of trails once you get to the top. In the end we got really lost ended up having to cross the river without a safe way to cross it but needed to get to the other side. I recommend you use the tracker so you can see where you are going and how far off path you are. It would be so nice to hike up these hills but it needs some signage to direct you the correct route. Once we crossed the river we realized that this was the trail we needed to be on. From the dog park you want to go to the left side, not the right. If you go down the left past the dog park you can find the start of the trail and the river will be on your right side. Very beautiful hike but probably the most confusing I've been on.

It was pretty wet and the rain was coming down but overall the trail was easy to navigate and not too strenuous

Looks like it will be a nice hike. Unfortunately, the trail is “closed” at the 3rd boardwalk. It’s passable but the trail was muddy and we decided to find another trail

Amazing views and really pretty, I can't wait to see it in the summer months when the wild roses bloom. Very muddy when I went and not maintained, still fun though just at your own risk, steep, muddy slopes, narrow trails, broken bridges to climb over, and down trees over trails!

3 months ago

We had a blast! The trail is well maintained. Perfect for those who (like us) enjoy more of a nature walk and are light hikers.

4 months ago

Mid October Sunday mid morning. Walking with our 3 dogs. Sunny and bright, temp around 60 degrees.

Trail is easy, wide with no trip hazards. Very well maintained. Mud in only one very small, easy to traverse patch. Elevation easy but our 60 year old bodies felt it at the end.

The sewer smell others have mentioned was light and only really noticeable in one small, concentrated area. There were few others on the trail, we encountered around 12 to 15 other people along the entire trail.

The woods were spectacular to walk through.

We will be back again.

Trail splits off in 3 directions 3 times in the first half mile. Had no idea where to go.

I thought this would be a quick easy hike for me. I left my phone in the car since it was right in town. Big mistake. Once up in the trees I quickly realized how many different trails there were. I started to panic because I couldn't find my way back. My dog was getting anxious because he was feeding off of my anxiety. I heard cars, planes, etc. but I was lost. Eventually I found my way down. Lesson learned...be prepared no matter how easy you think a trail will be.

I agree that it would be helpful if the trail was better marked. Lots of places where the trail split and there was no clear indication of where to go. This wouldn't be a big deal except for we brought our young children along and 4 miles is already a stretch let alone going down a path that extends the hike further. However, we enjoyed that the trail was well maintained and it was pretty cool to reach one of the ridges and see a Boeing airplane fly right over our heads.

trail running
5 months ago

This is not a good trail running spot. The trail is not flat and has been carved out by water in a lot of places so the trail has a deep groove and no where flat to step. It would be fine for hiking just not running.

Poor trail and no markings. In several places the trail splits with no indication of where to go. We ended up turning around and leaving.

Didn't like this hike at all. Cool with the track, but that's pretty much it. (Went there about a week ago).

7 months ago

Very enjoyable trail. Indeed a small part smells of sewer but not enough to ruin experience.

very poorly marked.

Along a sewage line. Smells awful. Stink with bugs but a nice walk otherwise.

It was a great hike. Good for all skill levels. I only wish it was better marked.

A great and moderate difficulty hike. Great scenery and quiet even on a hot summer day. We went off course but easily found our way back on the trail. My only critique would be maybe some signs that could point us in the right direction. Otherwise great hike!

Well maintained, fairly easy to follow trail. It helped using Alpine Quest on my phone to follow the Gulch Loop trail and not accidentally go off on any of the side trails. A nice hike that wasn't took difficult.

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