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not too bad for a metropolitan area trail... there are a few moderate areas, not too many though and they're not too long - there is a long paved trail around the lake, and dirt trails that veer off from the main paved trail

lovely hike. no snow yet. lots of little waterfalls. the most gorgeous section is right after the Notch Pass junction. the path comes down beside the river.

Woody trail is beautiful, leading to spectacular views of 3 falls, lower, middle (wow!) and upper. There are also panoramic views of the Olympics and Seattle to be enjoyed on a clear day, should you choose to add a huge loop to your falls hikes, and head toward Wallace Lake. Record high, clear day in winter and the parking lot was packed, trail busy, but still lots of quiet spots. Dogs had a great time and other owners were conscientious. Really well maintained and signed trails and great facilities at the parking area.

It's an easy hike that follows the river. I don't think we ever found Moulton Falls but we continued and saw Lucia Falls. There are zero signs on the trail. I took the advice of previous people and took a picture of the map, though that didn't help us. I'll give it 3 stars for being easy, having pretty enough views of the river the whole time. However, it's crowded and the falls remain a mystery to me.

Stunning falls. beautiful clear blue water. pretty easy hike. We had a perfect winter day, not too busy, but I can see where it would be in the summer. Seriously gorgeous though

It was a nice hike except for the motorcycles. The views were amazing.

beautiful hike. Has a good steep climb and gives you a good workout. The trail passes through the lake front and it's very beautiful and scenic. the lake front also has picnic tables.

Arrived at 8am on a Sunday to only a few cars in the parking lot. Did the full loop with my dog and was back at my car by 10:45am. Passed a few people on my way up but otherwise only came across one other person the entire hike, until I got back to the junction and went the last mile ish back down the main trail, at which point there were lots more people and a full parking lot.

Towards the top parts of the trail were quite wet, some patches of snow all over the top but not much. It was extremely windy - actually quite dangerous considering some of the ridges. My 30lb dog was blown about five feet sideways and I thankfully had her on the leash. The guts would’ve knocked me over if I weren’t braced against them. I recommend avoiding this hike if the Gorge is windy on arrival.

The upper half of the hike has a lot of rocky / semi-scrambling parts. Hard on the knees but nothing like Munra Point or some other areas of the Gorge. I imagine these areas would be tricky if the ground were at all icy.

Overall great hike, good views at the top. Just get there early to avoid crowds.

Such a beautiful hike! The parking lot was full but there was plenty of parking on the side of the road. Lots of mud so I would definitely bring good hiking boots and you will be fine!

Hiked this on a beautiful January 13, about as good as you could ask for. Got on the trail right as the sun was rising, and enjoyed the peeks between the trees of Baker and Lake Samish. A few trees were blown down here and there, but nothing that prevents you from advancing up the trail. Once you're near the top and on the forest access road, the views are gorgeous. Baker to the east, and Lake Samish with the Olympics to the west. It was even clear enough to get a glimpse of Rainier way to the south. You're about the same height as the Oyster Dome on this hike, but since you can look both east and west, I'd say this hike is more rewarding (and not very well known). Trailhead is not very well marked, but be sure to keep left at the beginning fork, follow the pink tape.

3 days ago

Fantastic. One of my favorites we’ve done so far. It is a harder hike but not impossible. My husband dog and I made it up in less than an hour. Ran into people along the way but not too much. The drive in is rural so download everything beforehand. There’s snow up at the top there still which was great. Beyond amazing views. Fabulous all around.

The full loop is a TOUGH 8 mile hike with elevation of 2200 incline and decline. Amazing views and worth every minute. Dog friendly.

great trail

Great trails for every level.

We like this hike but it’s easy to get lost!

Best to do this time of year when Motorized vehicles aren’t allowed. It’s definitely a grunt, but pretty at the top!

Follow the written directions to the trailhead. The directions using coordinates on app take you to the wrong place. Great hike, fairly easy. It’d be a great hike on a hot day since most of trail was in shade. The drive up wasn’t too bad, some potholes with partial paved road.

horse poop and ZERO TRAIL MARKERS. Nice enough walk but frustrating to stop every 100 yards to consult with gps. Never got a good pace going. Won't bother doing it again.

on Snow Lake Trail

3 days ago

I hiked on Friday. This was my first time doing a snow hiking so it’s little bit difficult for me. Just made 2/3 of the trail because the snow was deeper in the last 1/3 and the trail was so narrow. I def. hike again with a better preparation to complete the trail. The scenery was very beautiful tho.

3 days ago

Hiked as far as we could today- a recent avvy slide completely demolished the rest of the trail right before reaching the lake. Multiple hikers that got there before us said they tried going around it right, then left, and ultimately couldn’t make it to the lake. Some of them had GPS and still didn’t make it to the lake.
Otherwise a beautiful hike! There was a decent amount of snow, although we didn’t need snowshoes. We just had microspikes and we were absolutely fine. The snow on the trail was decently padded down when we went and it was warm enough that there was no ice- the microspikes just gave us good grip on compact snow.
Didn’t see any extreme signs of imminent avvy danger, besides the recent slide that ended up stopping our hike early. There is water running through the trail area and one stream was noticeably running underneath a small snowfield, but it wasn’t too steep of a grade and didn’t concern me.

A great place for an easy hike. Just don't go in the summer if you don't like crowds.

4 days ago

Super easy hike. Nice waterfall

An amazing hike. Easy parking access. Great views and multiple trails to explore!

mountain biking
4 days ago

I did my first mountain bike here this afternoon. And it was awesome. Fairly easy trail but lots of fun. I went up to the falls day picnic area and turned around which is under 5 miles. Need to yield with peds and horseback riders but everyone has food etiquette and friendly. I plan to do the trail again and go even further.

4 days ago

A good day hike, clear skies.

Several large trees cover the trail, some are tricky to get by.

As you go up the valley towards the glacier, there is snow on the ground, not enough to need spikes or snowshoes. Poles are needed as you get closer to the glacier.

This is a pleasant walk in the woods. Gets a little muddy/slippery but it mostly well maintained. Watch out for bikes and horses. Lots of options to make this longer. Though I haven't used them, there are bathrooms at the parking lot.

4 days ago

Went up today! Beautiful hike. With snow plows, needed to jump up to trail head. Hiked with spikes for 1.75 miles then lost trail. You could see the divots but didn’t bring snowshoes so decided to turn back. Saw a few hikers, snowshoers & cross country skiers. Maybe they good blaze the trail. A few slides in open fields. Fun streams to cross

It is a nice spot! But be aware that this is a privately owned land and there are lot of non-marked trails. It can get confusing if you weren’t careful. I tried to follow the trail traced by AllTrails but it got confusing sometimes when there are two or more trails split off and none were shown on the map. Somebody mentioned in the comments that they followed power lines when they got lost, I did that too.

Hiked on 1/11: bathrooms closed (govt shutdown), no fee to park, well-marked trail with steady inclines and declines. A little muddy but no poles needed. Saw a few tiny patches of snow. Beautiful Gorge views, even on a cloudy day- nice creek runs next to trail occasionally and a small waterfall is flowing about 2 miles in. Nice change from heavy forested areas.

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