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Awesome to get to on a mountain bike and do the various loops. Pipeline trail cuts through it like Main Street.

This is a great trail for walking, running, biking and strollers. The main path is pathed and easy to pass others. It’s a nice stroll and we even ran into 2 young deer on the path.

it is a amazing trail

Nice and easy stroll around the lake with good views of the Capitol and pretty close to downtown Olympia

road biking
2 days ago

Very short out to Puget on a bike. Not really good for a major cycling work out. Good trail for people who want an easy workout. Good running trail. Takes you out to Puget Sound. Has trails off of the pavement. You good take a mountain bike on the off shoot trails.

2 days ago

Still snow and ice in spots on 03/10/18. I liked that it was nicely paved and taken care of, but don’t think I’ll be back. Kinda one of those things where you do it once and then don’t feel the need to come back.

Nice trail! Plenty of water, lake, creeks & flowing stream with several waterfalls! The trail could be better marked, but even getting off it was through pleasant surroundings! The app was the only way we knew we were going the right way! Thanks All Trails!,

It has a variety of paths to take and go one. Great for a wooded walk, some standing water, paths we went on didn't have any running water. Would be a mosquito fest in a lot of areas come springtime but overall good hike. Lots of area where you felt like the only one in the woods!

Easy walk with a romantic aura to it, by the water. Often cloudy and rainy. You can see Canada across the water.

off road driving
4 days ago

My wife and I just went here last weekend with our stock 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk. According to the signs we saw the Overland Loop Trail is NOT for 4x4's. It is only passable with atv's, dirt bikes, etc. However the Elfendahl Pass, which is located off of NE Elfendahl Pass Rd has a fairly large off road area for 4x4's. There are two entrances to the area. The first entrance has some big hills that may look intimidating but very easy. The second entrance which is the next left turn(when coming from Belfair) down a service road, then on your left hand side. This entrance has a rock garden for about 30 ft or so. Once in the park there are several different trails. My wife and I did 84S and Riff Raff with no real trouble. Trail 55 has some SERIOUS obstacles! NOT FOR STOCK 4x4's. This was our very first time off roading and I would definitely recommend this place for first timers, beginners, or people with stock 4x4's. Just be cautious that they are starting to increase the difficulty of some of the trails so I would recommend walking them for a couple hundred yards or so to make sure you are comfortable with it before getting into it.

This trail is popular, so I would recommend hiking on weekdays. It’s the perfect amount of challenging climbs with gradual trails, throughout many different types of geography. Totally worth it for the view—though the best views are just before the summit (I would say). Wear proper hiking footwear!

4 days ago

Great trail. It was a little muddy but not bad. Good trail for dogs. Some up and downs, but over all not too difficult

awesome Monday hike, the meadow with a view was a surprise.

Hiked up the ledge and to east point yesterday, spikes would have been helpful however I did it without. You can get by without just a little slippery towards the end. Great views and met some cool people along the way.

Beautiful views of water, islands and mountains - what more can you ask for?

Had such a nice time. Pretty flat trail. A few spots made me nervous with young kids but we just picked them up. Such a cool place! We’ll definitely be back. Ohh and there’s a playground for after!

5 days ago

This is a great hike that I highly recommend with a partner. I don’t recommend single female hikers as some of the people on the trail seem a little shady and a few smoking pot. The trail is an average challenge which is great for beginners and a great trail to practice on. It is a quiet scenic trail, very few people on a weekends and even quieter during the week. I plan on using this trail as my training trail for a big backpack trip this summer. I think the average person will be surprised by all the beauty.

5 days ago

Definitely a nice walk with view of the capitol and the lake. Not far from downtown Olympia if anyone wants to grab a bite to eat afterwards.

Trail was still super icy and quiet dangerous. Made it to the cedars after attempting to climb the switch backs. I’ve always loved this hike, but I have always done it in the summer before. Definitely would recommend spiked shoes. Also, love I can bring my pup!

3/11/18 Muddy starting up the left side and icy coming down the right.

Loved this hike! The trail has so much character and the terrain is always changing. Thank goodness the snow was gone(mostly)and all the water we had to pass over was easy to do. Lots of fun obstacles and logs to cross, it was very fun! We went out 6 miles and turned back, so total of twelve miles. Would like to go farther next time, heard something about comfort camp or something, we were trying to reach that but ran out of time. We came across a mountain biker that said he saw a cougar just off the path, so use caution. Our dog growled for no reason, so believe it to be true.

This was our first time coming here and didn’t really know what to expect as a friend had been suggested it so we thought, why not? If you’re looking for a quiet hike, this is not it. We got an early start but it was a constant stream of people, bikes, horses, etc. Not a big deal to some but not my idea of a hike. It was also clear that many people don’t clean up after their dogs, which was disappointing as I carried my bags the easy 2.5 miles to the garbage. We came from the Hantwick TH and planned to take some trails past the bridge but there was zero signage which for a place like this, you’d think they would have some guide or map other than just elevation. we did the most obvious small loop and called it good as we were getting a little irritated trying to figure it out past that. Like others have said too, hard to see the falls in high water season so maybe a sign to let you know what you may be looking at would’ve been nice. The scenery and bridge were beautiful, it just wasn’t the right “hike” for us.

Fun for beginners like me, challenging hills but not too bad. Halfway through you get to the lake which is neat break

It was a gorgeous day to be up there. From Snowqualmie it’s about 10-11 miles round trip but it’s not too bad and the elevation gain is mostly gradual. Poles are extremely help and for the best view bring snowshoes because about a mile past the Grand viewpoint is a clear cut that you can explore, it has a view of Rainier as well.

Great trail be prepared for a hike. Uphill. The scenery is amazing when u get to the top!

Really beautiful! The bridge is amazing in itself! Gorgeous out there today.

Beautiful trail and is now one of my favorites! The trail is both covered with shade and has areas uncovered to feel the sun. Lots of trees and benches along the way, and spots to take in the views, have lunch and enjoy. Perfect for families and biking riding, running and for dogs. There’s a small waterfall, swimming areas, and perfect for kayaking. I’ll be back lots now that I found this spot!

Very icy. Very very icy. We ran into hikers on there way down and they informed us it was icy all the way up. We kept moving forward but we came to a point where it was just constant ice, we weren’t getting much traction and we weren’t getting very far... so we sadly turned back. We’ll try again in a couple of weeks. It has great potential but the ice was out of control.

Muddy right now but a nice, easy walk close to home. Maintenance is being done and new trail signs are up.

Beautiful day!!!

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