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Mount Vernon, Washington Map

This was an alright trail to hike. It was actually super easy. There was a hill at the beginning that gave me a little workout, but the rest was super easy. Parking sucks. There is room for only 3 cars. Also it is easy to get on the wrong trail while hiking. This is a great place for photography though. Overall it was a beautiful hike.

Beautiful day for a hike at this gem of a park! You would have no idea you were so close to a city if it wasn't for the traffic noise. Lots of birds, a few squirrels, big trees and the wildflowers are just starting to bloom. I came on a warm spring Saturday afternoon. There were quite a few cars, but there are enough miles of trails that I only passed a few other hikers here and there. There is a labyrinth of trails, so definitely keep a map handy!

3 days ago

*nice stroll along the water.

* lots choices to make little hike short or long. *no water for dogs. *not overly crowded. *forested and nice

10 days ago

pros: *well maintained trails *trail to water * not a lot of people * little kiddo friendly cons: was vary cold bring coat visit April 2019

21 days ago

There were no private property or no trespassing signs. We pulled off highway 9 and took the trailhead from there. We scouted our the climbing area too and didn’t climb this time around, but will definitely be back to try it in the future. The approach to the climbing is pretty overgrown, but the hikers trail was well maintained. Just beware of broken glass. Clearly this is an area that folks drinking who don’t care enough to pack out visit.

Located in Little Mountain Park, these trails are connected with roughly 6-10 other trails. All trails are well maintained, bathrooms at every trailhead and each trail is clearly labeled. Parking is easily found if you drive to the top of the mountain.

Very nice well maintained trail. I think I would have enjoyed it more if the tide was in. At low tide my view was mud flats but the far off mountains and bay views are great. Parking is good and no Discovery Pass needed. I would plan to go when the tide is in.

1 month ago

Nice 4 mile walk to the barn and back.

Ok!! Who picked the level of difficulty on this one! Fat guys rely on that to live! This one at best the easiest is a moderate! There were points on the counterclockwise decent that truly had me saying Hail Marys! Look at the sign as you descend. If you have to sign waivers to do a trail it is NOT easy! After one cheats death there is a twisted level of joy...so that’s why this got 2 stars. I will assure you if you are fit and lean it will get 5 stars.

Fun, easy trail. lots of birds. a good option if other trails are not accessible yet, or for a quiet walk

Lots and lots of up and down. Not a lot of sights but a good lil workout

Great trail but it has a lot of other trails so You have to watch signs and watch your map.

Nice for the mountain bike.

Friendly folks on trail.

an amazing trail and an awesome place to view local wildlife

2 months ago

Best advice was using a previous review that suggested www.LittleMountainPark.org/map. That was amazing and extremely helpful to have on my phone. There are three trail heads. This app only provides the main trailhead that refers to the criminal activity. I parked at the Archery and hiked up to the viewpoints. They're many trails zigzagging thru these hills which are all well marked and if you have the map on how to navigate it's a great hike. We did about 4 miles round trip. Taylor's Trail to Up Quick is a good climb. Bonny and Clyde to Juliann coming back down was a nice scenery change. ENJOY!

Thanks for the reviews. I may drive to the top and just look but the criminal activity is a huge turn off. Sad as this has become a trend for allot of trailheads.

3 months ago

Great trails for every level.


off road driving
6 months ago

Nice fall views from the southern slope. Only Jeeps can pass the gates.

It was a good hike . I definitely saw some criminal types hanging around the parking lot so I didn’t venture super far from vehicle but fun all the same

6 months ago

Nice trails throughout. Parking lot has an awesome lookout point.

Nice easy hike today with my dogs. Good fresh air and the views of the bay and farmland on the other side. 4.5 miles roundtrip. Park your car in designated parking next to the farm. No discovery pass needed. Bring extra layer or windbreaker if needed.

All of you guys are such wimps. You can access big rock from the road that goes up to skagit highlands from the big rock grocery roundabout area. YOU WILL NOT PASS ANY NO TRESPASSING SIGNS HERE. As long as you avoid the trail that leads straight from division to big rock it's chill. There were a few scattered remains of homeless camps on he way up this trail. Also this area has been recently damaged by the fire so use caution on this trail as it's on the steep side and the burnt dirt and logs are quite unstable. I haven't hiked this recently but it was in the last 3 months. Trail is good, until they put no trespassing signs up in gonna access it from here.

It's a beautiful area. Paths are nice and easy to walk. Good bird watching.

7 months ago

Beautiful walk with our dogs, easy to find and worth walking to the very end for the beautiful views of Camano Island and Whidbey!

The trails are certainly five star, but I got back to my truck to find it had been broken into. I’ve hiked there six times now and the damage to my truck was $1200 so that comes to $200 a hike. My problem is, once again the Rangers have done absolutely nothing to catch the person doing this damage so it’s just not worth going there to me. If you decide to hike there be vigilant and keep an eye out for shady characters. The window repair place that repaired my vehicle said they’ve repaired several vehicles with damage from Little Mountain Park.

very easy hiking. nice afternoon hike

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