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Mount Rainier National Park, Washington Map

The hike is worth it. The falls are amazing.

it was so amazing, the weather couldn't have been better, it was in the snow, got to go backpacking, so great

Would not recommend as a winter hike past the first 1/2 mile. Followed footsteps about 3/4 of the way until they stopped. The second half of the hike is very exposed and on a mountainside dropping down to the river.

moderate hike. lots of switchbacks. you will climb up some smaller boulders. well maintained trail. definitely worth it. saw a goat which was pretty cool!

you took my picture....didnt get your name. South Carolina

Hard, rocky, good workout! Waterfalls are amazing. Worth it. We spent 3-4 hours there with lunch brake.

Gorgeous views and not very hard at all!

Favorite hike so far!

Good hike and beautiful falls. Pretty rocky trail but it's a good time.

It's a steep uphill climb most of the way to the falls and large sections of the trail are in full sun - but it's worth it.

This is a beautiful hike, multiple water falls and views of a river along the way. I went on a Tuesday so the traffic in the trail was very light. I must say this is the first hike I have done in a while, it was definitely a moderately difficulty hike, with areas of rocky incline.
The trail ends a little ways from Comet Falls, the real spectacle. however if you have the ability you can maneuver on down using rocks and ledges to get right under the water fall. It is worth it to go the last bit to feel the ice cold water after the hike. This hike should be on everyone's list.


Great trail! I totally under estimated the elevation of this trail! But it was a great workout and very beautiful!

my fav yet!! challenging but so worth it

parking can be inconvenient, but well worth the wait. excellent hike.

7 months ago

A casual beginning should not fool you as the next 1.5 miles will be challenging with a rocky trailer all the way to the falls. There is a fair amount of exposure to sun so be prepared. The view of the falls is totally worth the effort. Make a point to go to the base of the falls. It is worth the final few steps.
We hiked this on a day where the temp at 2:00 was 85f.
It was a hot day.

It is difficult! But totally worthwhile once you get to the top.

A little rough but worth the effort.

Hiked on 7/30 in the AM. Fairly easy and enjoyable hike with spectacular views of Mount Rainier and the surrounding ranges (included distant views of Mount Hood and Mount St Helens). The loop trail starts (and ends) paved and transitions to hard-pack dirt about halfway through the hike. Towards the Glacier Vista Lookout there's still a bit of snow (including a small ~50 foot patch you'll have to hike over). There's about 1000 foot of elevation gain - and the climbing starts right away, so be ready for a bit of uphill! The hike can absolutely be done in good hiking/trail shoes.

Overall, I'd argue that this hike gives you the most "bang-for-your-buck" (for an easier hike) at Paradise - lots of wildflowers, spectacular views of Mount Rainier and surrounding ranges, views of waterfalls, and a close up look at the glacier. If you're an inexperienced hiker or short on time, I'd recommend this hike!

This hike was awesome! Great views throughout, not just of the main falls. Can see many small falls in Van Trump Creek which the trail follows (mostly at a higher elevation). The hike starts easy on dirt trail not too much elevation gain, gets steeper and more rocks, roots, etc., then there are some areas of many large rocks, good size steps and direct sun. Beautiful the whole way and so many waterfalls (smaller) including a triple falls where the trail crosses Van Trump Creek we didn't even know to expect! Comet falls is a great site and the overall hike even better! Definitely a moderate rating, I'd say hard with a kid who cannot walk the whole way (mine is 20 months).

Beautiful waterfall! Gets pretty steep in some parts

Wow! Surrounded by beautiful green tree covered mountains. Hike follows along a river much of the way. Amazing waterfall views. Even able to get close enough to get wet from all the mist. So fun!

We did this hike on July 9th. The talks are all clear with the exception of the Van trump park area (which is a must see if you do this trail) which was easily navigable, and the end of the Comet Falls trail had a decent snow field on the last downhill area to the upper falls. It could be tricky to get down without slipping. The foot bridges through out the trail are so neat and they offer over the views of the river below and the falls above. This trail ensures an amazing view the whole time rather than a destination end view. I recommend hitting that trail early for a parking spot and the plus side of not having too many people on the trail. Last note, we felt the elevation gain was tolerable and spread out well through the hike.

Gorgeous hike, 3 different falls to see! With our kids (10 and 12) and they were dazzled by the waterfalls. Round trip 4.33 miles, 1239 elevation change, 2 hours 20 minutes.

absolutely beautiful! Little bit of rain off & on, and couldn't go past comet falls because of the snow pack blocking the trail, but beautiful all the same. Easy hike.

We walked this trail for about an hour before we turned around due to snow covering the trail. I had my 4 year old so we turned around and head back down...better to be safe than sorry. We'll definitely come back to finish this hike!

Made it about 50min in then had to turn around due to trail hazards. Lots of snow.

Favorite Hike!!!! Beautiful destination!!!!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Not overly difficult, but we had a great time.

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