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10 months ago

Great trail, camps spread out before you start the steeper grade at 7 mi.. Buck creek pass is a further 3 miles with some 2000 feet additional elevation gain. From the trailhead to the pass it's 10 miles and around 3300 feet in elevation gain. From the pass the views are spectacular. Definitely will be going back. On top I saw 2 camps but if you don't hike with extra water you would want to re-supply water at buck creek a half a mile back toward the trailhead. I could easily spend a full day up at buck creek pass doing side trails and climbing. The weather on top was deteriorating pretty fast and the camps are fairly exposed so while I was there so I hiked the mile and a half further to Small Creek and camped there.

If you have several days to play with take a good look at the map. There is a lot of good hiking around in the area. Ran into 2 guys who had gone from the phelps trailhead which makes a loop. This trail also hooks into section k of the pct.

On a side note next time I will be staying the night at one of the camps before the grade and hiking up to the pass the next day to give myself a full day up top.