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Such a wonderful hike!! We clocked in at 15 miles which took about 6 hours. Big props the person that wrote the directions for this hike!

Great hike with awesome views! Quite a few different routes you can take!

Pretty hike, I know it says moderate, but be cautious that there are A LOT of hills and steep inclines, which can be hard on a lot of people. Also beware there are areas where you’re brushing up against a lot of plant life, so make sure to spray yourself with bug repellent. I would 100% agree with one of the other reviewers, PARK DOWN AT THE BOTTOM OF THE TRAIL AND THEN HIKE UP!!! I wish we would’ve known that, the hike was pretty, yet exhausting, especially when we turned around (“out and back”) and headed back the way we started, such steep inclines. Had we started from the bottom and went up, sure we would’ve still had to go up all the inclines, but at least the second half of our hike would’ve been much more enjoyable. There are beautiful streams that run through there. If you’re looking for there to be a destination (I.e. an outlook, a river/lake, somewhere to relax) at the end of the trail don’t expect it from a lot of these trails, they lead to roads at the beginning and end points. There aren’t any outhouses/bathrooms on the trails, which we knew but I just wanted to advise anyone else who may expect outhouses along the way. We passed quite a few people or groups, but we weren’t stuck with other folks during the hike. Overall, it wasn’t bad, very pretty!

Beautiful and had a lot of shade. You also get to choose how difficult of a hike you would like by choosing different paths that lead to the same places!

Was still quite snowy in May, but absolutely gorgeous. Moderate hike, a few inclines but overall great! The top was absolutely breathtaking, showing lakes and mountain ranges.
Totally awesome!

This was a beautiful hike on a warm mother days. There was snow on the trail for the first mile but it all goes away after that. Follow all the blue triangles and you won’t lose your way. Did find some blooming poison ivy and oak close to the trail but don’t let that deter you. Also if you want to start at the bottom and climb up first and then come all downhill coming back to your car might be recommended. It was a long trek back up hill after going downhill.

Lots of snow still on the trail but what a great hike with a nice warming cabins to take a break in along the way.

We had a great day! But ended up hiking – snowshoeing twice as far as we had intended because the maps on site did not state which one was the Centennial hut Trail and several ended at the hut! We ended up wandering around on three or four different trails and spending close to 4 hours in the snow! It would be nice if the description listed the same trail numbers as the trail system provides. The view was beautiful the trails were in excellent condition — we just weren’t sure of the right ones to take for this particular description. A little more research and will head back next weekend!

This is a great family hike, especially if you have kids. If you want more of a challenge, take trail 140 just past the warming hut up to the saddle junction and then trail 110 back down to the loop road. This was a great workout at a total distance of 6 miles. If you're just looking for a nice snowshoe hike, stick to the loop road out and back. About 2 and a half miles.

There is already a fair amount of snow on this trail so be prepared. Follow signs to the lookout. The first 3/4 is fairly uneventful and easy, the last 1/4 feels like Narnia because you’re in a narrow path with low hanging branches and snow everywhere. Pretty beautiful!

Can't believe we've never done this hike, instantly one of my favorite local hikes! Gorgeous views on top of all 4 local lakes (Spirit, Hauser, Newman and Liberty). Must do again! Well marked Trails, maps to help, great hike!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Second time in Mt Spokane State Park, this time to do a couple short hikes, including this one. I didn't find it super challenging. Not a ton of views along the way, but the view by the lookout tower is great. Felt a bit like invading territory since a family was renting the tower. I didn't go up on the lookout, of course, but the view around the corner is satisfaction enough.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Mt. Spokane is not one for remote hikers and mountaineers. Everywhere you can hike, you can also drive, and at the top you have unsightly towers and utility buildings. However, with an open mind there is much to enjoy here. With imagination you can pretend you are not close to paved roads along this trail because they are not visible. In fact, the route passes through very beautiful alpine scenery (though not quite the norm since it's below the treeline). The Bald Knob parking lot is open in the summer, so anyone can drive up and experience beauty that normally takes a backpacking trip and a difficult climb to see. Since it's so close to Spokane, this aspect alone makes Mt. Spokane - and particularly this section of trail - a worthwhile visit.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Beautiful trail with creek crossing bridges! A few steep inclines that make you sweat!

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Love this place

Take bug spray, better on a hotday as it is cool at higher elevation. We went in mid June and found ocassional snow piles. Very easy and wide paths. Pretty but expect to find loads of hungry bugs. Not bad by any means and very pretty.

trail running
Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Definitely a good workout and beautiful scenery

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

We had spectacular views all around. Sort of a difficult hike as it is a constant uphill climb, and toward the end it feels like it will never end. Great hike though!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

I recorded a track of my adventure, but DON'T FOLLOW MINE. I wandered down a few paths that disappeared into nothing, and I ended up bushwhacking a bit to find my way back to the main trail. A few spots along the author's original route were also super muddy and slippery downhills (probably will dry out later in the summer), so I tried to avoid those if possible. Overall I enjoyed the hike, mainly because I was looking for a longer than average and a physical challenge. I can't say there are loads of awesome views, but the few good ones make up for the lack of constant mediocre ones. Kit Carson was probably the highlight.

Friday, June 09, 2017

The views from the Lookout are awesome the trail getting there is in rough shape after winter with a lot of downed trees but it is doable and worth the extra work I had a great.time my dog did to with the little extra work out.

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Trail 131 to 130 to 140 from lower Selkirk lot. Service road to Mt Kit Carson trail closed. The top of Mt Spokane on Trail 140 still snow covered and impassable without snowshoes. We turned around where 140 hit the service road, which is also closed and snow covered at that point. I think a southern exposure route would be clear all the way to the top.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Walking on a road the whole time & unfortunately lookout was closed & views were lost in fog.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Love this trail! A beautiful view from the lookout. Was quite windy but there was a sheltered area from the wind.

Also, hiked in the morning and loved the cloud cover/fog floating through the trees.

Would highly recommend!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

This is a nice hike. It took me about 2 hours to do a round trip hike. Weather was overcast, but the view was still pretty great. I only saw one other group on the entire trail. The trail is mostly dirt/gravel road making for an easy hike.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Started with Mt Spokane trail, starting at the Selkirk parking lot. Went to Kit Carson and then out to Day Mt and down to the road back to the cabin. Downed trees have been removed and trails were nice. passed several bikers and other hikers.

Monday, June 15, 2015

hiked Mount Spokane today, it was about 76 degrees and the wind was blowing from the east which was nice due to our route we decided to take. My buddy and I parked at the second parking lot at around 3800 feet and instead of using the trails we walked up on Mt Spokane Park Dr until we reached the next parking lot. We wanted to appreciate the view so we decided to do our trip with this approach. We also had a map from the ranger station which was really helpful which I would recommend everyone do since it is an essential item. We then continued on Mt Spokane Park Dr heading North until we reached the ski lifts. We started the ascent heading west around 1030 from the ski lift and followed the line up the ski slopes. We followed the Hour Glass route which according to the sign is the hardest descent for skiers. We then hit the North Summit Rd and followed the hard ball until we hit trail 140 and took it to the summit. The approach from the ski slope made the trip worth it since we were on the east side of the summit and it had more of a view. Since the slopes are not maintained as often, you may have to do some bushwacking and on the spot route selection to avoid bushes and obstacles. If you do this route, bring extra sun screen and keep an eye on the weather.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

I started this trail from the last possible parking lot. I made my way onto trail 130 which is a little tricky to find. If you find the base of lift 5 there is a little field to the north of it with what looks like a service road at the end. This is the start of trail 130. 130 will take you to the top of Day Mountain. This trail is approx. 95% in the shade and the majority of it is a service road. While descending Day Mountain, I took trail 160 to hit the peak of Mt. Kit Carson. I continued down 160 and it brought me to Saddle Junction. From here I took 140 to the summit of Mount Spokane. Even though the trails get harder in difficulty the views got more amazing with each peak. I would rate my first part of the trail easy, then moderate, and then on the high end of moderate while getting to the top of Mount Spokane. The top of Mount Spokane is something! There is the Vista House with has picnic tables inside and out and a fireplace inside. After spending some time up there I decided to take a direct route back to the parking lot (which can be seen from the summit). I followed lift 2 all the way down and would not recommend it to anyone....unless that person is looking for a challenge. I would rate that section difficult because of the incline and the fact that it was all overgrown with grass, shrubs, and bushes and I was unable to see where I was stepping the majority of the time. The best part of the trip for me was that at the beginning there was gooseberries along trail 130 and was great to snack on. And on trail 160 and 140 there was millions of huckleberries to snack on! There was even huckleberries on the way down following lift 2 so at least I was rewarded anytime I wanted to take a break there. Overall this was an awesome day hike which took me approx. 8 hrs total (approx. 6hrs hike time/2 hrs rest time).

As a side note I did not come across any mountain bikers.

Monday, June 24, 2013

We had a blast trying to figure this trail out! After finding out we went in a circle on one of the many cross country ski trails we made our way towards quartz trail. Tip: if you're looking for the lookout at the top of the mountain, just follow the dirt road that almost looks paved. Your last chance to get on this road is from the Nova Hut where the bathrooms are just at the entrance to Quartz. It's a steep mile or two from the nova station to the lookout but well worth the burn once you get to soak in the 360 Degree view of the whole area! Beautiful!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Great place to hike/trail run with one exception....mountain bikers. Don't get me wrong I don't hate all mountain bikers but the ones with little disregard for trails or hikers are not my favs. I have helped build or fix trails in the past and the damage the non nature loving bikers do is horrid. Anyhow, there are many great trails on Mt Spokane and you spend all day hiking and put in plenty of miles. All trails are fairly easy and depending on day you go you may not see another human being!

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