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Mazama, Washington Map

This trail is not 3.3 miles as noted by All Trails... it is 2.5 miles in and 2.5 miles out. Because of its steepness, it took me 2 hours in and 2 out. The Lookout is locked. Beautiful views.

Excellent end-of-summer hike. Started at the Strawberry Flats parking lot and took the western branch of the Skyline I trail to the junction with Skyline II. This first section was mostly in the forest but had some nice views looking west. After the junction we continued on Skyline along a ridge, above the tree line. This was where the views became stunning. Amazing views of the Cascade Mountains and Thunder Lake down below. At about the 7-8 km mark you hike along an exposed area with a maintained trail, but loose rock on either side and a decent way to the bottom. I couldn't quite see where the drop was, but based on the lack of trees about 150 meters down the slope I imagine it was not far. If you're well-footed and have trekking poles you will have no problem, but not for those uncomfortable in such situations. Mowich Camp is situated below the tree line next to a clearing. At first a bit disappointing after the stunning views above, but once we set up camp we appreciated the beauty of the area. Water sources: Not many along the way so bring enough water to get you to camp. There is a very small stream near the campsite but enough to fill a bottle with some patience. Once filtered, the water was crisp and fresh. Camp sites: 4-6 clearings, no pads. The ground was flat and comfortable. Those who arrive late can find spots in the adjoining meadow. There is a pit toilet and a bear cache on site. There was evidence of recent bear activity in the area with scat and a nice paw print in the mud... but none seen. Campers before us said there was a resident buck hanging out at the campsite too. All in all a great hike. Not the views of the Heather Trail, but FAR less busy and still some amazing views.

Did Skyline trail 2 to Hozomeen Ridge. Holy smokes on a hot day 36.2km out and back in one day. After about 6km climb at the beginning there's a lot of up and down and side-hilling. And only a single water source of run off about 6 klicks from summit (may dry up soon). Not sure if you can see it but I did record the whole hike. it's tough to do in one day.

no shade
2 months ago

This was our first hike in the northern Cascades and it didn't disappoint! But before I get into the trail details, a couple of thoughts on the road to the trailhead. As others have mentioned, the road is fairly high on the sketch meter but if you have a car with decent clearance and a driver that doesn't get the heebie-jeebies super easily you'll be fine. It's really more long than anything particularly on the way back when you're tired and just want to get back home or to your accommodations. It took us around an hour to travel the 10 miles to Harts Pass after you pass the Hart's Pass road sign at the bottom and about the same amount of time heading down. But IMO the hike is worth the drive! Once you get to Harts Pass (where there is a pit toilet), continue uphill another 1 to 1.5 miles to the first parking area you see just before a switchback.. It's not all the way up at the top where the lookout tower is! The hike itself reminded me at times of the Highline trail in Glacier NP just a bit less dramatic. From the very beginning all the way to Windy Pass you are treated to sweeping views of mountains and the thousands of wildflowers along the way were beautiful. The nicely cut dirt trail meanders along the sides of various mountains and you're often able to see the trail in front of you or on the horizon for a good long way. I always enjoy looking down over a ridge or across a valley to the other side and seeing the trail I'm on! There aren't many water features on this hike though we did pass a couple of small streams. The grade is very moderate with only a couple of brief, steeper sections. If you do all 11 miles however which involves heading up to the ridge past Windy Pass, it ends up being a solid workout despite the relatively small amount of vertical gain (1500 to 1800 ft or so). My girl and I are in pretty good shape and it took us 4.5 hours RT with some breaks and a 30 min lunch. Be prepared for the sun as it was quite hot on the way back and this is not a hike where you'll be saved by the trees for very long! All in all, we really enjoyed our hike to Windy Pass and would recommend it to anyone looking for a hike with moderate grades but decent mileage , expansive views, and wide open hiking in the Northern Cascades!

2 months ago

lots of shade. picturesque beautiful lake with lots to do. the trail is well kept and easy to walk

Very scenic, beautiful hike along a ridge line with views in all directions. This is a section of the PCT so you will encounter other hikers. It wasn’t what I’d call busy, but there were other people out, both local hikers and thru-hikers. Great route with a nice rolling elevation profile. Can be extended in either direction: You could add two miles by starting at Hart’s Pass, and/or continue farther to the south.

2 months ago

Easily one of the most beautiful hikes around, would do this hike over and over again.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike! Took approx 40-45 min up (going at a solid pace), and about 25 down. Very scenic at the top. Beautiful field of wild flowers along the way. Went up around 7:30 a.m. and was definitely a bit chilly in the shade. Would recommend bringing a long sleeve to wear as needed. Really enjoyed this hike.

3 months ago

Found the infamous rainbow bridge. Could feel the hello of dogs of ours that "passed over". Was not as colorful as I thought it would be. But then again dogs do not see in color. 5 stars if fallen trees were cut so did not have to straddle over.

This was a steep and challenging hike for me who is just getting back into hiking but the end views were totally worth it. We went on an overcast day, some bugs but not terrible and a light breeze at the top. Views 360 degrees at 7000 foot elevation was awesome! You’re not able to go up into the lookout but you don’t need to in order to see the sights. Tons of wildflowers were blooming too!

Loved this hike! A little bit of everything. Wildflowers were gorgeous. It is easy to miss where you turn off of Goat Creek Rd onto B52 and then B5225. Don't follow the local map of Winthrop - turn right where it says Goat Creek LO (Lookout).

Easy, love it.

This trail is in good condition right now. It is steep in places but short. There was a patch or two snow along with a dusting of snow that fell above 6500 on Thursday which was almost gone by the time we were heading down. Even with the clouds and some precipitation in the crest the view here was rewarding. Road is gravel but in good condition with only a couple sections of washboards. Recommended for sure!!

4 months ago

This is one of those classic, low-effort big-reward hikes. On hot days, it's also a bit cooler than some lower trails. Originally, we tried to do Driveway Butte, but it was in the 80s at the trailhead. Goat's trailhead, on the other hand, was more than 10 degrees cooler. Views from the top were amazing in every direction. Snow was a non-issue. There are just a couple 10-foot snow patches that are stubbornly refusing to melt. I'm sure they'll be gone any day, though. Wildflowers were lookin' real good.

we only went to Snowcamp mtn, lots of blowdown on the trail and still snow in the bowl at km 4 as well as climbing out of Deception Pass. lots of wild flowers on the open slopes and great views. best of all, no bugs this time of year.

4 months ago

Was just there May 18, 2019. Hozemeen campground is closed because Ross Lake is dry right now. Still an incredible sight to see and it means there are very few mosquitoes. The Hozemeen Trail and Willow Lake Trail is wonderful except there is part of the trail that requires some traversing over fallen trees and logs. You’ll need to crouch low under fallen trees or climb over piles of larger fallen trees to stay close to the trail. Completely doable for someone with decent balance and footwork. With an overnight pack, it is a bit more work but still manageable. The lake is incredible and refreshing. Trail is quiet due to closed campground.

4 months ago

Was just there May 18, 2019. The lake is dry right now and the old forest stumps are a sight to see and walk through. Still and incredible place to go. Campsites are closed except for on the Canadian northern tip of the Lake. The Hozemeen Trail off the Eastern edge of the lake is excellent although it has some trees down for a portion of the trail. Views from Ross Lake are incredible. Nice and warm weather in the 70s in May so far.

4 months ago

The trail is blocked because of a lot of fallen trees but the view is beautiful.

6 months ago

Did this trail in September. Near the start we took a “trail” right along waters edge which was nothing but downed trees - having to scramble under/over the whole time didn’t make the view worth it - recommend staying along easy trail. We camped overnight , only one other camper, lots of loud animal noises throughout the night but the dog slept right through it all. No camping allowed along the lakes - instead you will be near a small stream.

cross country skiing
7 months ago

nice ski with very few hills

Love this hike! Not easy but entirely worth it. I've done it twice, both times in late July.

Moderately difficult hike with 360 views of Methow Valley, North Cascades, Pasayten Wilderness and Gardner Range at 7000 foot summit.. Only a fairly short stretch of trail is really steep.. If you’re lucky, the lookout tower will be manned and open to visitors. Lots of interesting things at the summit besides the great views: large cairn as a memorial to past lookouts, a bench overlooking the Methow Valley, yellow paint markings on the rocks to guide pilots, and a sign painted “welcome to Goat Peak”. And of course the lookout structure itself. Elevation gain about 1500 feet. Access road is not difficult to negotiate.

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Beautiful view and huge place to do things. Well maintained too.

Monday, September 03, 2018

Beautiful views, very easy and delightful walk. Good for kids

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

I'm fascinating about Lookouts, this one didn't disappointed me even though was locked & views were limited secondary to local fire.

Monday, August 06, 2018

Amazing views!

Monday, July 30, 2018

This was an easy hike, as stated. A few roots and a little minor incline with some rocky/ dusty/ pine-y terrain. Good to get into the trees and next to a lake on a very hot day. We did this trail with the West side first from the main parking lot, then looped back along the more treed East side of the lake. The first half was dusty, exposed, super busy with many dogs running off leash and lots of people, and a little disappointing to be frank. The second half however where you turn back towards the main parking lot was very nice: lots of trees, not busy, and good access to the lake and a couple lovely streams for a dip. If I were to do this again, I would definitely start around the East side, skip the entire West side and instead continue along past Lightning lakes and up towards Flash Lake etcetera to connect with SkyLine. Overall not bad but not my favourite!

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