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What the guy said below. The snowfields at the top still have some vertical gain so our poles were helpful but did it in hiking shoes.


6 days ago

If your looking for a destination hike like some lake trails provide this is not it. I had high expectations of a glorious view of pyramid peak from the lake. It wasn’t there. The lake is more like a deep pond with some logs floating about. What was cool about this hike was the old growth forest that you will reach about half way into the hike.

We were a bit disappointed that there was no shore to access the lake to do a little fishing. Much smaller lake than we were anticipating. Pretty much up hill most of the way .

Did this hike on July 3rd. It was a beautiful day in the NCNP, easy parking. We clocked 7.8 miles round trip and 1750 ft elev gain. The best way to do this hike is to look up the ferry schedule and hike in one way (wish we had known this ahead of time.) Cost is $10 cash per person. I even saw several people with dogs planning to take the ferry, but I don't know the rules.

8 days ago

"Easy' may be relative and needs to be qualified. For families with small kids and elders this trail may pose some challenge depending on their physical abilities. Relative to an urban park trail which most people would consider "easy", this trail is a climb and rocky/uneven all the way through. The view is worth while but the "kid friendly" tag probably best applies to elementary-school-age kids and up. May be do-able with younger kids not on a carrier, but YMMV.

Easy hike with beautiful views at the top. Did see a large black bear on the way down close to the trailhead, ran off when it saw us.

Hiked on July 3, 2018. The trail gains elevation rapidly from the start and only lets up for small portions of the hike. Three separate snowfields are still present during the last third of the hike, but are easily passable with hiking boots. It might be worth bringing yaktraks as well.

As others have said, the hike is quite difficult but doable with a little motivation. The trail is actually ~10.4 miles roundtrip, as indicated at the trailhead. Someone should change the info above to reflect that. Start earlier in the day to leave yourself plenty of time. Views from the top are downright spectacular, and worth the long hike up.

June 24, 2018: This trail being rated "hard" is no stretch of the imagination, it lives up to that classification. Found out today why it's lightly trafficked; it is brutal if you're not in peak shape. Bring plenty of water your leg muscles will thank you. The few snow fields toward the top are easily passable with hiking boots thanks to previous hikers paving the way.
Overall it was a straight forward out and back. Being so steep, the trek down is has its own special kind of charm, turning into leg workout 2.0, and does wonders on your knees (sarcasm). The views at the top are spectacular. There are other easier hikes with pretty scenery, but what sets this one apart is the sense of accomplishment when completed.
I recorded 10.6 miles total, never leaving the trail. The only thing that would add distance was the little extra walking around in circles at the top to take pics, but it certainly wasn't 2 miles worth. Either my recording was wrong or this trail is a little longer than 8 miles.

20 days ago

Only negative about our 4 night, 5 day adventure was people. Very crowded 2 night stay at lightning creek complete with uptight powertripping stay at home moms who thought they were entitled to the best spots. Had a magical final evening at Hozomeen lake all by ourselves. Reserved a 200 dollar water taxi to take us back within 5 mi of hwy 20 where we were parked. I highly recommend this as a first time backpacking trip.

Backpacked to 4th of July Pass via Thunder Creek trail. Very clean and scenic trail.

We backpacked 4th of July Pass via Thunder Creek Route. Mild, steady ascent through thick, green forest that initially follows a blue-green river. The trail begins switchbacking up to the pass with a few stream crossings. It gets increasingly more scenic the farther up you go, ending up with great views of surrounding peaks and glacier at the top. Makes for a great day hike or an easy but work-for-your-dinner overnight backpacking trip. Campsites were clean and so was the pit toilet. (A rarity for NPS!) The trail was well-tracked with only one downed tree. Would highly recommend!

21 days ago

Great Trail. Little bit of Traffic but not bad. Took our dog on the leash, that's the great part! Had a blast! Make sure to Gas up in Marblemount first! There's Colonial Creek Campground just down the road from the trailhead too!!

I hiked this trail mid June. I have mixed feelings about this trail as my motive is to move away from noise and buildings when hiking. You hear the highway during much of this hike and the power lines kind of ruin the views. The trail does have some value as it offers a gradual climb (easy enough for most hikers) starting in a peaceful forest. The only sounds are the many song birds. You will cross a few snow melt streams without any problem. The avalanche presents some boulders to climb. This is a very short area, though. Take notice near the end of the boulders a low cave like area that looks somewhat filled in, yet blows cold air. Great way to cool off. Next, is a short off trail look out near a power line tower. I spotted some warblers there. The trail moves close to the gorge edge. Here you are exposed to the sun and need sure footing as the drop off can be dangerous. There are a few limited views along this part which include the lake, mountains, and cliffs. Just before the trail descends to Ross dam is a lookout. The view from route 20 is actually better then this one.

27 days ago

Backpacked out to Roland Creek campground (about 7 miles in) and back, pretty unimpressive to be honest. It starts out pretty nice, but fades to generic green tunnel with no vantages, distinctive features, or anything of note really for the majority of the hike, although Roland Creek itself at the end is nice.

That said, it looks like the trail might get a bit better if you go a bit farther than I did.

Hike was not what i expected.. probably should have read more comments … It was a very easy trail with no reward at the end barely a view… But when you drive to the Lookout it made up for the 3 Hour Drive. Everyone’s photos were taken from the look out..you drive to.

Popular hike, busy on weekends

28 days ago

Backpacked to Rainbow Point. Goes through a lot of forest but it’s worth it

28 days ago

I backpacked to Junction it was great

It’s ok. Not my favorite in the park

Great easy out and back hike. Great views! Recommended

1 month ago

Not a huge fan of this trail. The views at the base of the lake and Diablo Dam is pretty but a bit disappointing with all the power lines strewn across the lake. The hike is a bit steep in the beginning but you get a small reward halfway through with views of the lake from above. The rest of the hike is not very exciting and all you get at the end is a view of more power lines and Ross Dam.

1 month ago

Beautiful views from the top

The trail was pretty easy with great views of mountain peaks most of the way. The views of Diablo Lake are amazing. Definitely wear good, supportive shoes to make your life easier, lots of lose rocks that can make it tricky for someone older or not so graceful.
No complaints at all and will be back!

This was a beautiful trail! The lookout point is not what we expected as there were power lines and a dam in the view but it was still very beautiful. If you're looking for views I wouldn't say this trail is the best as far as vantage point but there's still so much to see. To see the lake as depicted in some of the photos we were told to head to Keplar (name?) trail which was about a 3/4 mile drive past the Diablo turn-off on the highway. The trail was well marked and easy to moderate. It was fairly busy but still very enjoyable. Highly recommend!

Beautiful view

This trail can be very confusing is you haven’t hiked it before. From the trailhead, you hike about a quarter mile before you get to where the trail actually starts! There is a wooden vertical “Diablo Trail” sign to the left at the actual start to the trail. I accidentally wondered an hour out of my way going the wrong way today and had to wander back to actually start on the correct trail!

The first 1/2 mike is steeper and gets rocky in some places. Then the trail levels a bit for a while.
I hike passed the lookout point, but didn’t make it to the lake. The lookout point isn’t great, since it has power lines in your view. If you actually go about 5 more mins past the lookout point, you’ll get a much better view just from the trail.

To get to the viewpoint, you’ll scramble over some large boulders.

Again, I didn’t make it to the lake. I wandered back to the trailhead parking lot and went down to the lake area there.

Just pay attention to where you start and when going back. I got so lost, turned around, and confused. The trail isn’t marked at well as it could be.

1 month ago

Simple hike. Don't let the creeks in the beginning stop you from this one. They aren't too difficult to cross especially with trekking poles.

Lookout was gorgeous, have to go up a little more for the actual hike.

2 months ago

Great early season trail. Lots of down trees but nothing too gnarly. Don’t blow your ACL

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