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Such a beautiful hike. I would rate this as moderate rather than difficult. The fall colors are still showing, and we had a clear beautiful day. There was no one in the lookout so we opened a shutter and window and hung out there for awhile trying to think of something inspirational to write in the book there :). The road up does get sketchy in a few spots, but as long as you take it slow it’s not too bad.

We hiked this trail Monday 10/15/18 around 9:30 am, we had mostly the trail to ourselves passing only 4-6 people along the way. The top has a outlook with the shutters closed (for winter) and 360° views of the surrounding mountains, absolutely gorgeous on a clear day!

The trail was marked difficult but I found it to be moderate and would totally feel comfortable taking my 8 y.o & 11 y.o (my kids experienced w/ rock scrambling @ Sauk Mt & Railroad Grade). 2 Miles with decent climb but nothing too intense and along the route, there's some side trails for views (continue on).

The road to the TH was rough after Y.A.B and I drove my Outback w/ all season tires, made it taking it slow. Definitely worth the solitude!

8 days ago

October 14, 2018: Trail starts off through endless, viewless switchbacks through the forest. The trees eventually give way, but so do the switchbacks! Well above treeline the trail just goes straight up; it's like the trail builders said screw this. Saw a bunch White-Tailed Ptarmigans stomping around on the snow field just before the summit. Gorgeous views, with Shuksan and Baker fairly close.
No snow yet.

Wow this is beautiful and very worth the trip in the fall with the leaves turning!!

10 days ago

We stopped at random and found this trail off the highway. We only hiked about 2 miles in and had to turn back due to time issues- but those 2 miles were filled with beautiful forest scenery.. something from a fairytale. Those 2 miles I would list as moderate hiking- note we didn’t hike the whole trail.

trail running
22 days ago

Hiked/ran this trail for the first time on Sept. 29th. Trail wasn’t super crowded. We saw maybe 10 other people, a few on horses. No bugs today. The weather was a bit crisp, but the fall colors when we came out of the trees at the top were stunning! Nice view of Mt Baker as well. Lovely trail. Distance was pretty spot on with my gps watch. I’ll definitely do it again if I’m back in the area.

Went up there two days ago. It was sunny, then cloudy, huge wind all night, and snowed yesterday morning. We stayed in the lookout. I dried out the funky mattresses, opened the shutters and a couple windows and aired the place out. I repaired a few catches and secured all the shutters properly. We left our little domino set up there. I swept it all out before we left. The place needs some of those tea candles. It was wonderful. It’s steep, but hell, I’m almost 68 and it wasn’t bad at all. The road up was worse than the trail. Sign the guestbook when you get there.

marked as difficult, but didnt feel that way. I'm a complete beginner. steep and narrow spots, rocky, but overall I thought it was a moderate to easy trail even with all the elevation gain in a short 2 miles. we were clouded in the way up but got pockets of good views randomly. still a great hike and it didn't rain on us

9-10-18 The sign at the trailhead says 3.2 to the top, however the top is not the top but more half way, there is another 3 miles to the actual summit. Took us 6 hours to hike. According to our Fitbit it was 13 miles Round trip . It was raining and not too slippery absolutely beautiful and lots of blueberries and huckleberries!! Absolutely a must do hike. Will do again on a nicer day. Pack warm clothes!!!

1 month ago

Love it and good workout with the switchbacks to the meadow. Beautiful views from the Ridge and just magical up top.
Good trail and take a camera and binoculars.

Most amazing views!!! We got lucky with excellent weather... the trail is not technically hard but long steep climb but well worth it at the end.
The drive to the trail head was not a problem at all with the Jeep. We also saw few sedans that made it (take it slow and easy). The climb to the lakes is steep and narrow so take into account if you are sensitive to that.
All in all one of the most beautiful places in WA.

1 month ago

I almost don't want to review this to keep it a secret. But as others have said, this trail offers absolutely STUNNING views. You get to see the valley open up right beneath your feet, wildflowers blooming, . The trail was also lined with huckleberries, which made for a good snack. This trail was pretty tough, and you'll need to be careful coming down as the footing can be rough. Definitely need good hiking boots. We went up Saturday Sep 1 and saw only about 4 other groups the whole time. We started around noon and finished in 3-4 hours.

Warning: You have to climb part of the Winchester lookout before the turnoff to the High Pass trail - and before that turnoff, there is a wasp nest/beehive hanging on a branch RIGHT next to the trail! Some people reported getting stung, others just covered their heads with clothes and sprinted past. Be careful for your dogs, as the wasps went straight for ours. : (

2 months ago

High pass trail is absolutely stunning!! The trail itself is in great condition. There are a few parts towards the last mile and half where the terrain becomes slick, however, it is doable, just make sure to have a quality pair of hiking boots or trekking poles. The views from the summit are breath taking. From the top we were able to see a pack of mountain goats in the valley below us. Along the trail, you will see beautiful views of the cascades. You hike in a valley the whole time and climb your way up to the top via switch back trails. The incline is great. If you are just starting out with hiking, I suggest to condition and hike trails with less of an incline before before taking on high pass. All in all, it is a terrific trail, and an excellent choice for a day hike.

August, 6,2018! Great hike!

Really spectacular views but the trail to Hannigan Pass is hot, hot, hot with little or no water. Rough trail with lots of rocks and scree crossings. Once to Hannigan, you can do the peak or drop to Boundary Camp. Reservations are required. Note, this camp is the LAST place you can take your dog. Continuing on to Copper Ridge you enter the National Park where dogs are not allowed. Another 4 miles of ups and downs brings you to Egg Lake. You will drop almost 300 ft to.get to your campsite, also reservations required. Frim Egg lake you can launch anassault on Copper Ridge Lookout,.about 3.6 miles and 1400 ft elevation. We hiked up in the evening to catch the sunset and then hiked down using headlamps. Very few snowfields are left, none impeding travel. The views are tremendous but there is a price to pay. Try to avoid the climbs and the hike back from Hannigan pass during the heat of the day. It is BRUTAL!

off road driving
2 months ago

Amazing!!! Easy drive but stunning view

Great views from up top
Bugs were pretty thick:)

We’ve done this hike 3 times now and it never disappoints. A bit of snow near the top section of the meadows. The scramble seems to have been revamped and was easier than we remembered it to be before. View from the top of gorgeous.

2 months ago

Overgrown trail loaded with black flies. once you break out of the valley and reach the pass at 5.0 miles, the climb gets steeper, then really steep :-) The views from the top are beautiful. The flowers were ok.....total miles logged was 11.

July 20, 2018. Road to the Twin lakes trailhead was clear and we were able to get there with a 4x4. No snow on the road but some tricky portions beyond Yellow Aster with large rocks and pot holes. You definitely want a high clearance vehicle, a spotter, and some patience to help navigate these parts. There was snow in the parking and camping area of Twin Lakes so we parked a down the road where it was clear. A couple of recently fallen trees from the winter on the trail but otherwise clear and we'll travelled. Parts of the trail are still covered in snow in the upper portions. Ice axe would be useful on the sloped portions, but we were also able to navigate these slowly and carefully with our trekking poles. The lookout was closed due to structural damage so we couldn't go in but the views are spectacular and worth trip.

3 months ago

We love this trail soo much! Beautiful view at our campsite already and the view at the peak just surpassed it!!! We went to the peak just a bit lower next to Goat peak as we didnt feel comfortable crossing this sliding patch of snow by the end. But we saw 98% of the 360 view from that peak and 10% from another angle and was happy with that.

3 months ago

Easily my most favorite hike in the North Cascades. Message me if you have any questions.

3 months ago

Hiked today! First time and Loved it. Climbing and climbing switchbacks which never seem to end until you hit the medow. It was beautiful and the climbs were worth it. It's pretty buggy out there, and hot! Luckily the water at the river crossings were ice cold a nice way to cool down.
Also beware of road conditions. There's some damage on the forest road about a mile from the trailhead. So we added an extra mile to our hike.

7/18/18-7/19/18: I hiked up Welcome Pass late on the 18th, camping about halfway up, then continued on the High Divide Trail along the ridge. The views along the High Divide Trail are incredible, and I can only imagine how much better they would have been on a clearer day. I continued on to the Damfino Lakes Trail, reaching the little cabin at the end, resting for a bit, then making my way back along the same route. It ended up being about 1.5 miles the first day and 20+ miles the second, which was fairly tough.

The ascent up Welcome Pass was brutal and felt a lot longer than the 2.3 miles it really was. Once I reached the ridge, however, it was all worth it. The views were incredible when I could get them, but the majority of my hike was spent within a cloudy mist. The whole High Divide Trail has numerous snowfields of varying sizes which were easy to cross with trekking poles and boots. I’d imagine that the majority of the snow will be gone within a few weeks. The snowmelt has created some nice lakes and streams to collect water from along the trail. There’s a lot of contouring on the trail and some really beautiful views of Mount Baker and the surrounding valleys and mountains. There are a few dangerous sections a few miles (westbound) into the High Divide Trail that are narrow and cross rocky slopes that have partially collapsed and look liable to continue, but I passed them unscathed with a bit of caution. Damfino Lakes Trail has a lot of debris and fallen trees from the winter months that haven’t been cleared, likely because the access road to the trail is closed right now and has been since late September of last year, as I gathered from the broken trail register’s water-damaged log sheets. A lovely and challenging hike for a single day!

At present, the “directions” button for this hike will take you to the closed service road and you will have to turn around because the trailhead is another 9 miles past the closure. This may change in time, but for the short-term, follow the written directions instead, which are correct. The map of this trail is also not quite correct, as it includes Damfino Lakes and High Divide, but not the ascent/descent of Welcome Pass itself, which (at least at the time of posting this review) begins at the eastern terminus of the route on the map here. There is also an excellent and again quite steep hill to the right of the junction between High Divide and Welcome Pass that is unnamed. It is worth the climb! With all three trails combined, my round-trip was roughly 22 miles. It’s all excellent and very worthwhile!

rock climbing
3 months ago

I led a group of 5 guys up this trail 1st weekend of July 2018. The Forest Service rd was blocked just past yellow aster butte trail head do we had to hike the 2 miles up the rd to the twin lakes trail head. The trail is well maintained but had a lot of snow right from twin lakes. At least 50% of the trail was covered in ice or snow so this became an over night trip. About a mile past twin lakes the snow fields become steep & icy. Route finding & mountaineering skills are needed to cross them and there were 2 or 3 avalanche chutes to navigate around. We made camp 500 below the summit on the only snow free flat patch we could find. Amazing views from camp. Sunday morning we made our way to the summit. Breathtaking views from the top. Bugs were not too bad.
If you’re doing this trail when snow levels are down to twin lakes, you WILL need ice axes & crampons. We wouldn’t have made it without them.

Trail is in excellent shape. There are three spots in the meadow where you have to cross snow. One being 100 yard or so. The others much shorter. Get an early start. The horse flys were no problem going up, but getting hungry as I can down around 10:00. While the 3 miles on the switchbacks in the forest are pretty boring, the last 1.2 miles in the meadow and summit makes the hike 5 stars.

road is damaged, blocked off near Tomyhoi lake trailhead. About a 8-9 mile hike just to get to the trail head and the lakes, and the trail head is closed indefinitely due to damage and no funding. Thanks white house!

Heavy heavy snow at the top and the lakes are still frozen over.

3 months ago

Snow Starts on the relatively easy to follow ridge from 5100ft to the switchback at 5700. From there, the traverse is in good condition until you get to about 5900 and take the "right" up to the summit....which is a steep, consolidated snow slope. Snowpack would have been good for crampons + iceaxe in the morning, but I turned back at this point. Wildflowers and birds were everywhere, and the views are wonderful on the way down. Great early season recommendation by the Glacier Glacier Public Service Center Rangers.

Wildflowers the entire way, no bugs! Gorgeous full waterfalls all the way. Fairly good shape entire way although couldn’t get to the end as an snow/ice bridge was large over one of the last creeks, and we didn’t wish to scramble down and around...all in all, a great early hike.

3 months ago

amazing views! definitely and worth it coming back this winter!

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