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I had to return to do this one on a sunny day and it was magnificent! Nearly 360 views from Artist Point. Many trails were created to get to the top so choose your own adventure from the upper parking lot. We hugged the groomed trail, keeping it to our left before the terrain flattens out and naturally provides a wide trail that meanders left before switching back right.

Went up in mid-October and conditions were excellent. We brought snowshoes but didn’t end up using them. I’m sure now you would need them. Some excellent switchbacks and beautiful (stunning!) views.

I did this hike on November 3,2017. The main road on baker is clean and easy to drive however, once you get off the main road and take the trail road it is not clear and there is a lot of snow. Must be confident driving backcountry in snow. I took my Subaru Outback and was okay taking it slow, 1 more foot of snow an I probably wouldn't make it to the trail head. Be prepared to snow shoe. I recommend snowshoes or it's going to be a grueling hike. Beautiful scenery! Must do in the summer as well.

Loved this mountain! Though the elevation is high, it wasn't too difficult. The view is incredibly distracting it is so gorgeous!

3 months ago

This hike gets only four stars but might have earned a fifth inf there was a view. Yesterday this was an exercise hike as we were just short of the summit due to being cautious and being unaware of the last little scramble. This hike is like a clone of Mt Dickerman where the first few miles are switchbacks in the trees. In both hikes you pop out at about three miles above most of the trees to continue upwards. We did break trail in the snow from the meadow to the top so that took some extra effort so hence the reference to an exercise hike. My dog with short legs slowed down quite a bit in the last quarter mile as she had to hop from boot print to boot print. This hike might be done for the season if you want to reach the true summit.


3 months ago

Great view all the way. It started to snow and the trail was a bit slippery but generally good. The most jammed trail I’ve ever been.

Beautiful views of Mount Baker and Mount Shuksan and great opportunities to swim in any of the lakes. Started at Anderson Pass Parking lot and hiked the Wild Goose to Artist Point and did the trail clockwise, with a nice descent at the end.

3 months ago

For the full five stars you need to do another hike up at Baker, whether Table Mountain or another in the area. The terrain is incredible and one of the things that makes it so is the experience that one gets being in this are in the winter when there is 10 to 20 feet of snow that covers everything.

Great mid September hike. I did this hike clockwise from Artist Point parking lot. Nice gradual hike and the lakes were amazing. The hardest part was going up the snow goose trail back to the Artist Point parking lot. Can't wait to hike this again.

4 months ago

Amazing hike, not hard and pretty short, did it last night for sunset and camped at the top. You need a 4x4 vehicle to get to the trailhead.

I started from Artist point on a Friday afternoon. It was a nice day and very crowded; there was even a parking lot attendant directing traffic and a ranger tent set up for questions. Artist Point itself was super scenic. Great place for tourists that want to walk around and see great scenery without having to work hard to see it. The chain lakes loop was easy to follow from Artist Point, but I turned around after reaching the last lake. Spent to much time taking pictures and eating wild huckleberries...

My daughter and I hike here over the weekend. It happened to be cloudy, windy, and rainy that particular day, so we didn't need to worry about the heat. We are dressed for the weather so it didn't bother us. We started at Artist Point and went clockwise around the loop. The first two miles were pretty easy overall and the trail was well marked. The trail is a little poorly marked as you make your way back up over the pass. We wandered off course a little but we reacquired the trail quickly.

My Garmin fenix 5 clocked the trip from Artist Point to Heather Meadows at 5.8 miles and another mile back to Artist Point along the Wild Goose Trail. (The total round trip was about 6.8 miles and a bit.) The last mile and 800 ft of vert was pretty rough after 5.7 miles of hiking in the rain.

I would def do this hike again on a clear day.

need a 4x4 to get to the trailhead, short hike but the views are well worth it.

Definitely a workout! We parked at the Bagley Lakes Trailhead parking lot and walked the trail counterclockwise. Be sure and take more water than you think you'll need.

Stunning views from the top! If you ever want to camp in a lookout tower, this one is set up well. First come first serve and dog accessible as it's not up a steep staircase. The car camping at twin lakes at the base of the hike is spectacular too. Highly recommend on a clear day.

4 months ago

Difficult. Bring plenty of water. Scenic.

This is an amazingly beautiful hike! Started at Heather Meadows and went counterclockwise. The climb up to Herman's saddle is the toughest part of the hike (especially on a hot 80+ day like yesterday 9/2/17) All the lake and mountain views that followed made it worth it. The rest of the hike is more moderate. Rocky, narrow trail with steep drop off in places, and very small snow fields to cross.

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