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Beautiful trail. Wildflowers and great views. Trail can be a bit hard to follow and a bit overgrown in spots but definitely worth doing.

My sister and I tried to do this trail Saturday morning. At a place just above the highway the trail splits, and you are supposed to turn right. We accidentally turned left, so we didn’t end up doing the actual trail, but it was still a nice out and back. Not a lot of trees so bring sunscreen!

Nice short walk with my pup. As others mentioned, there are many trail splits and no signage. When you enter from parking area, take the gravel farthest to your right. This will go down hill shortly and cross a stream. When you reach the power lines, take the right hand split if you want to follow the AT route. The trail is all gravel or small loose rocks. There are no waterfalls. Nice views of Mt Hood on a clear day. If you make this a loop, the last bit is on the street back to your car.

Really enjoyed the wildflowers and views of the mountains. Not too busy for Memorial Day either.

26 days ago

Wildflowers are mostly gone. It was a nice walk with some decent incline for a little challenge and the views are lovely. But it’s also pretty boring.

Perfect time to go -- sunny spring weather. Just warm enough to play in the creek.

Great hike! Pretty flowers & breathtaking views.

1 month ago

Started at the Horseshoe Bend Rd trailhead. Followed from there for about 3.5 miles. The trail will take you through some “interesting” sections with private property on both sides, before gradually turning back to nature again. Avoid the parsley looking plants growing everywhere along and in the path, it is often full of ticks. Have a dog? I would avoid this trail (area) unless your idea of bonding with your animal is tick removal. The following day we hit the same trail, further down, starting at the Harms Rd trailhead, for more of a great desert canyon stretch of trail. Both sections are flat, as they used to have train tracks running there. Still a beautiful walk. Again, be prepared for ticks, people aren’t making that up.

This trail has some nice views and healthy hill climbing. Pretty flowers of many varieties. My Lab loved the creek. Wish the signage was better, as I crossed thru the creek unnecessarily, not realizing there was a bridge just left of the crossing.

1 month ago

My best advice for this trail is to use the AllTrails map and your GPS to make sure you’re on the trail you want to be on. The most visible trail from the parking area goes up to the left but this is NOT the red trail shown on the AT map. We hiked well more than a half-mile before I decided to check my app and realized we were not even close to the trail the map showed. We backtracked and picked up the trail and ended up having a nice hike with good views of the Gorge closer to the end, but there were no waterfalls on the loop route we took (again, the red trail shown on the app.) Also, when you get to the creek that you need to cross early in the loop, look to your left as someone built a walking bridge across it. We nearly missed it and would have had wet shoes for the rest of the trip so were thankful it was there! Not much shade on this hike and decent elevation change so carry water. Surface is also quite rocky so have to watch your footing.

Beautiful but confusing when you get to the upper reaches of the trail. Lots of varieties of wildflowers in bloom right now!

Great Mothers Day hike with the dogs. Most of the trail is exposed, so pretty warm on a hot day. Vast Gorge views.

BEWARE the bridge is out and has been for some time, with no planned replacement. So this is an out-and-back hike from the Wahkiacus trailhead, and the trail is fading and being taken over by vegetation west of the old water plant at Klickitat Springs. That said, it is a very fine hike from about mid-April to mid-May, when the wildflowers are at their peak. The shrub diversity is especially high, the herbs are abundant, and there's a reasonable diversity of habitats from exposed grassy headlands to oak woodlands to Douglas-fir/maple forests to ponderosa pine woodlands to ruderal areas around the water plant. The water was bottled as a health tonic and when we were there at least one spring was still flowing, staining the grass and mud a bright rusty orange color. Since the trail follows a north-facing slope it is a bit cooler than in the main Columbia River Gorge. The river is deep and fast and it isn't really a good trail for getting down to the river.

horseback riding
1 month ago

The wildflowers are popping! Was up there in the evening of 5/5. Great trail ride for the horses!

1 month ago

Came here to practice shooting some landscape video clips, and was so happy to find gorgeous, cliff-top vantage points that were also easy to walk to. So many wildflowers and hawks flying so close overhead! Magical!

1 month ago

Did the upper half. Seemed confusing for a easy hike so know where you're going. Lots of junctions with no signs. Great views, and neat arch. Not really a loop as you have to walk on the road back to your car. Must have missed the waterfall some how?

1 month ago

We did the smaller, paved loop on the river side of the road. It was more of a walk than a hike, on a paved walkway; however the views of the gorge in both directions were incredible and lots of wildflowers. Very peaceful. Small waterfall in the creek down below, makes for a nice visual accent. Kids loved the easiness of the walk and this is certainly a change of pace from the dense forests of the other trails in the area. If you are looking for something quick and different, and quiet, this is a nice easy one.

View of Hood is amazing, lots of wild flowers blooming. Look out for poison oak and rattle snakes

View of Mt. Hood on a clear day is hard to beat

Nice, but short and easy, walk along the Klickitat river...We spotted an huge River otter. Amazing creature, beautiful too watch. On a sunny day this trail be much more fun.

2 months ago

Beautiful and easy hike. There are some early spring flowers and I can only imagine how pretty it looks in the prime of spring. Beware of ticks, I plucked a few off of my dogs.

Beautiful river of Klickitat, we had a great time hiking along you. Beautiful views and lots of green and flowers popping up. A Bald Eagle high in the sky, crows screaming for attention and only few people on this trail. Peacefull sunday...Could have been much worse today! Thank you.
Turn right just after the 1 mile sign...be careful.

4 months ago

Just a few grass widows but views wonderful. Had not done the loop before, enjoyed it.

Ticks like you wouldn’t believe! Our dogs had ticks all over them!

8 months ago

Walking on a coarse gravel is not a lot of fun. Other than that, the Klickitat river is nice.

Wrong time of year to go. Too hot and dry, but beautiful. Will try it again in the spring

11 months ago

Nearly all vegetation is dried out. The arch isn't very visible. The other aspects of the trail are along the portion where you would end up walking over 4 miles and end up far from your car leaving you to either do a return trip through this desert landscape or walk along a country road with no shoulder and people speeding along.

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Warning for pet owners! I have never had flea or tick issues with my dog (8 years). Came home from this hike with 5 ticks. Going to the vet tomorrow :(

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Great view short hikes

Friday, June 02, 2017

May is the best time to go.

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