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16 hours ago

Strenuous backpacking trip that was well worth the amazing scenery. Definitely pick as light as possible and consider caching food to save weight. I did the entire loop with about 60 pounds on my back which I really felt on the sharp inclines and declines. Bugs weren't too bad except for the miles around Devils Dream. Obtaining a walk-in permit was surprisingly easy if you're flexible in your plans. I did it in 9 days which seemed just right. Get out and check this off your bucket list!

8 days ago

Epic views and ever changing scenery. The Wonderland takes you through subalpine meadows, old growth forests, over talus fields and raging glacial rivers. Challenging elevation gains and losses, I think there might be 10 feet of flat path on the whole trail! Challenging terrain in places and smooth forest path in others. Snow crossings, sketchy washout sections. Always, ALWAYS check trail conditions report before heading out, especially to see if bridges are in and never underestimate the danger of the water crossings, never ford alone. Be prepared to change plans or bail out if you cannot cross safely. Campsites all have backcountry privy and bear poles. Cache points at Sunrise, Longmire and Mowich, and abundant water sources make it easy to travel light. Trail is well marked and traveled.

Great hike. not sure why its rated as easy its up hill all the way there. there are a view pretty steep sections. Great views. Worth the effort.

Not sure why this trail is Rated as easy it's uphill the entire way some pretty steep spots. Great views not very many people. Well worth the effort.

5 stars for the beauty of the trail but it’s very small good for kids

What a neat little hike! Such interesting information about the history of the settlers of Mt Rainier.

on Lake George Trail

23 days ago

The hubby and I hiked to Lake George on a sunny Saturday 2nd week in July. We started around 8am and the parking lot was already full. We thought the trail would be busy but we passed about three people coming down the trail as we were heading up. First part is scenic with the rushing creek. Miles of road hiking and it wasn’t until we got to the trail head and hiked a half mile up that we could see gorgeous side views of Mt. Rainier. Parts were a little scary where the trail was narrow and there would be a steep drop off. When we got to the lake..... oh my.... the Lake was Gorgeous! There was nobody hanging out at the lake. People must have gone 3 miles further to Gobbler’s Knob. Wish we had the time to go further. There were tons of mosquitos so we didn’t stay long. Hiking down took half the time. I would definitely hike this again, but I would bring stronger bug repellent. Four hours RT. It’s a super easy trail, and the view of lake George on a warm sunny day does not disappoint.

25 days ago

We lucked out and got a permit for the whole trail and did it in 10 days. Coming from flat Oklahoma this was still a little strenuous. Cool the first few days and snow still on the east side in early July but we had a few warm days to conquer it and thankfully boot tracks to show us the way. Otherwise make sure you have a map and altimeter to cross the snow.

Short little trail with interesting history along the way. Fun for kids.

feet hurt

This is a great hike with a huge reward at the top. Well worth the trek up. It is rated Hard... I would say medium/intermediate. I am not gonna lie, last bit is a little hard. Mosquitoes a plenty

The views were absolutely amazing and definitely an accomplishment when you reach the top. I am glad to have hiked this trail.

I agree with Cade, trail was not hard but the last 1/4 mile or so was steep but easy with the built in steps (I’m 62 btw). Hiked on July 3, 2018 and a few snow patches remaining but easy to see the trail. Marmots and views rocked! A really great gradual uphill trail otherwise. I highly recommend! Poles not really needed.

Cool trail, wouldn't rate it as hard, maybe a high moderate. Our group got on the trail around 10:30 and got back just after 3 with a huge break at the top. Saw a deer with her fawn and some marmots near the top, pretty decent trail.

We took to the high country instead of following the riverbed. A bit difficult in a few areas but doable. Loved the suspension bridge!!

Nice hike. Parking lot fills up fast on Saturday so get there early. Small parking lot by trailhead so I would suggest parking by the museum parking lot and hike to the trailhead. 5 min walk. Still snow up on the top. Trailhead starts by the Nisqually Suspension bridge.

1 month ago

Nice little trail. Hike this almost every time I’m at the mountain. Look for the tree a beaver took some bites out of!

2 months ago

It was cloudy but, still had the opportunity to enjoy its

I think Andreas review below nailed most of the must knows for this hike! There definitely is a suspension bridge out there for those that are saying it’s not there! Quiet trail, some families. A few fairly steep hairy parts and a few spots where you just kind of have to keep going and hope a trail starts again. The in and out of the river bed at the start was different but we crossed the river once on the big tree, then again on a smaller one and headed toward the forest where someone left a decent size orange cone marking the trail. If the cone is gone the only way of knowing the trail starts there is a faded marker hanging in the tree. You can’t see the start of the trail over the rocks! Bring a picnic and camera!

The trail was easy to follow however it was pure climbing during a large majority of the hike. We had views of Mt. Rainier during the start of the trail and not again for 3 miles up the mountain. We didn't expect an easy trail but the reviews we read about the hike being an easy path really threw us off. We never did make it to the cabin. Only ran into small amounts of snow as we got higher. Wish I lived closer as I would like to try this trail again to see if I could make it to the Wonderland Trail.

We hiked up Eagle Peak today. It was snow covered starting around 3 miles up. We ended up hiking up a total of 3.4 miles because the snow was heavy at the top and clouds were rolling in so we didn’t make it all the way to the summit. We ran into a black tailed dear on the way up and she kept grazing as we were standing within about 10 feet of her. She slowly walked off the trail as we attempted to pass her. She remained very calm as we watched her for about 10 minutes. It certainly made the trip worthwhile. Thank you Mother Nature!

2 months ago

Was a nice hike today, beautiful views on top even though its a little bit cloudy and foggy. A lot of snow still near the top.

Lovely short hike through a forest that is a treat on a hot summer's day. We did this on the way down from Paradise and having the contrast between a walk in the snow and a walk in the forest was great.

on Lake George Trail

2 months ago

The initial 3.5 miles to round pass is underwhelming to say the least. Although, there were some nice views of the river and Mt Rainier about a mile in. Also, the amphitheater was neat to see. Otherwise just an old road path that’s been shut down to auto traffic. The additional 1 mile (0.9) to Lake George from Round Pass is where the real “hiking” began. I wouldn’t categorize this mile and elevation gain as “easy” but moderate. We hiked it the day before Memorial Day and we lost the trail about a quarter mile from the lake due to snow. We actually had to use our GPS on our phone to just wander in the right direction and hope we didn’t fall through the snow. We found it eventually and it was frozen over but still absolutely stunning. The walk back down the road was tedious and a bit boring so we jogged part of it. Lake George was this hikes redeeming grace and why it gets 4 stars.
This hike is good for older children or wearing smaller children in carriers, but be prepared to carry them 9 miles round trip if they don’t walk at all.

Posted about my hike to the Facebook group 'Washington Hikers & Climbers' a couple days ago.

Trail does not lead to a suspension bridge. Or anything close to resembling one.

Fun little hiking adventure today with just a little “off-roading” due to the trail not being maintained. This app kept us on track but a couple groups of people who we passed along the way either didn’t find the bridge or wasn’t able to cross the river and claimed part of the trail had washed out. We made it though! So, for the specifics...The first part of the trail is gravel road and got a little warm in the direct sun but easy trekking. The trail then goes into the forest and along a riverbed. You follow the river for a little ways and have to end up crossing it in a couple spots (it’s unclear where to cross - up to you, although there is a helpful log or two). The trail is a little unclear in the riverbed area, but as another review below, mentions, watch for the markers in the trees and/or the stacked rocks to see the forest re-entry points. The rest of the trail is mostly straight forward. The bridge at the end is better than expected! Super high up! Glorious view of the mountain on the far point of the bridge. On the way back, we tried to avoid the river (my sister’s feet weren’t loving the rocks), and instead, forged our own trail a bit (I think the original trail was not supposed to go in the river bed....but the trail washed out in a small part so it got rerouted through the river). That was a little hairy forging our way. Just recommend coming back the way you came! Enjoy!

7.64 mile hike round trip! Mother’s Day Hike! Loved it!!! I would say moderate to hard- only hard because the trail is not maintained! Adventurous! Fun! Loved the rushing water!

I loved all the information this hike had. It was super easy and a nice break from the car.

8 months ago

What a great trail, started at Sunrise trailhead, cool gray fox in the trail?, the weather change on the way up skyscraper it started with light hail at first then on to snow. By the time we got to the first camp we were in a blizzard so we set up camp for the night to dry out. Next morning the weather did not improve so we hiked back to sunrise , will return in the summer for this one. got lots a great pics.

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