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Trail does not lead to a suspension bridge. Or anything close to resembling one.

Fun little hiking adventure today with just a little “off-roading” due to the trail not being maintained. This app kept us on track but a couple groups of people who we passed along the way either didn’t find the bridge or wasn’t able to cross the river and claimed part of the trail had washed out. We made it though! So, for the specifics...The first part of the trail is gravel road and got a little warm in the direct sun but easy trekking. The trail then goes into the forest and along a riverbed. You follow the river for a little ways and have to end up crossing it in a couple spots (it’s unclear where to cross - up to you, although there is a helpful log or two). The trail is a little unclear in the riverbed area, but as another review below, mentions, watch for the markers in the trees and/or the stacked rocks to see the forest re-entry points. The rest of the trail is mostly straight forward. The bridge at the end is better than expected! Super high up! Glorious view of the mountain on the far point of the bridge. On the way back, we tried to avoid the river (my sister’s feet weren’t loving the rocks), and instead, forged our own trail a bit (I think the original trail was not supposed to go in the river bed....but the trail washed out in a small part so it got rerouted through the river). That was a little hairy forging our way. Just recommend coming back the way you came! Enjoy!

7.64 mile hike round trip! Mother’s Day Hike! Loved it!!! I would say moderate to hard- only hard because the trail is not maintained! Adventurous! Fun! Loved the rushing water!

Great trail with some challenging up and downhill on both ends. Still a lot of snow up top but packed and easily trekked. Listen for water running along the trail to find small cut offs for some great views.

Great trail! Nice and steady climb, still some snow as you get higher in elevation. I recommend microspikes.

Snowy the whole way, which made it a challenging uphill climb but the views along the back ridgeway in the tree clearing were amazing of my rainier (not a marked viewpoint) then took the tail end of wonderland trail back to the road. The down trek in the snow was so fun and much easier than the way up, we ran most of the way down. We wore micro spikes to help with traction, which I would recommend for icy/snowy conditions

A beautiful hike with great views and a nice climb.

Beautiful day, weather held out perfectly for the hike. Trail is well maintained and easy to navigate still, not much snow on the ground.

I loved all the information this hike had. It was super easy and a nice break from the car.

Used just my waterproof boots & poles but would recommend small traction devices for the way down. a dusting to 3 inches tops on the trail. Cloudy day so no view of Rainier but it's a gorgeous trail through the forest with waterfalls and little bridges. Followed 3 deer for a bit too! Great day out and a perfect length trail.

5 months ago

What a great trail, started at Sunrise trailhead, cool gray fox in the trail?, the weather change on the way up skyscraper it started with light hail at first then on to snow. By the time we got to the first camp we were in a blizzard so we set up camp for the night to dry out. Next morning the weather did not improve so we hiked back to sunrise , will return in the summer for this one. got lots a great pics.

11/10/17 Fantastic hike starting from Longmire. So quiet and peaceful.
We started at 10 am, stopped for quick lunch, then finished around 2:30 pm. Short breaks every .5 mile or so 'cause I'm not in my best hiking shape and have short legs. We guess that in another week or so, you may prefer snowshoes, but you'll definitely need microspikes or similar.

We entered the loop trail from the west entrance farthest from the Ranger Station (past the lodge and restrooms). This was based on a recommendation because the east side of the loop is steeper with boulders and steps throughout.

Nice steady gain about 1.5 to top with some moderate switch-backs. The trail is vigorous enough that you only need light, but very water-proof layers. Since you're in the trees, you'll want a hat or hood as the water drips from the trees. About 2 miles in, microspikes highly suggested, especially for the downhill descent. I always use poles, but my hiking buddies didn't.

Tire chains only required if driving past Longmire. The roads were very clear up to Longmire on the day we hiked.

Just hiked this path, October 26 2017. Spectacular! Path was very well maintained, we did not encounter any snow, the day was beautiful, actually found myself not needing the sweater. It is a bit of a challenge, but definitely doable. Lots of steep switchbacks but it leads to amazing views. Definitely recommend this hike!

I’ve hiked this trail 3x’s and every time you see something different. Spectacular views and amazing wildlife can been seen on this hike. My girlfriend saw a bear the last time she was on the trail. It is a more difficult hike but, worth every drop of sweat.

Really hard but really rewarding!! Grate view at the top!

7 months ago

Great rainy day hike! If you’re starting clockwise, jump on the Trail of Shadows on the left. Otherwise, follow the signs from the parking lot for Wonderland Trail. We went left and were happy to get the steep switchbacks done early! Super Trail with a few nice views. The leaves are just beginning to change! Beautiful!

Lots of enclosed Forest with a couple of great view points. we went with cloudy weather so we couldn't see too much, but a nice wide trail with a good include to start you off, leveling out nicely in the middle before decending back down.

8 months ago

Hiked Wonderland with my friend in five and half days this summer. Beautiful flowers and views. Little in the way of flats but plenty of big climbs and descents. Major trailheads were a bummer due to the crowds but most of the trail was left to thru hikers. A real gem.

Once you park at the gate you hike on the road until you hit the true trail head on the right. From there the trail heads into the trees and you will see the trail not maintained metal sign. THe trail quickly opens to the river bed. You spend about 80 yards In the river bed going over boulders. Keep an eye out to the left for orange tape marking the trail which is to your left in the trees. Don't stay in the riverbed like I did for the next 1.5 miles it's an ass kicker although the scenery is beautiful.

Nice steady elevation gain and beautiful views as you near the destination. Sneak peaks of Rainier keep you going. Just when you think the cabin isn't there anymore-it appears nestled in the trees and valley like an old western movie.

I am all about views when hiking, this loop had only 2 spots at the top that had a view the rest was hike in the woods.

Beautiful trail one of my favorites. Was only able to spend a four days trekking but it was something else... Hiked in early July and had no idea about how much snow there was going to be from South Puyallup to Klapatche. We found out the hard way. We were forced to climb massive snow banks, literally risking our lives but we conquered it... Also woke up to a friendly black bear at Klapatche drinking out of the lake. Unfortunately as we tried to take a picture we scared him off. Beautiful trail and I will be back, hopefully to hike it though.

Great little trail. Hiked with Michael after long drive in car to get to the national park.

Easy hiking for family and good for beginner hiker.

Super simple trail that is kid friendly. One of my favorite quick hikes.

10 months ago

Excellent work out. Took me 2 hours and fifteen minutes going up, slow and steady and 1 1/2 hours to get down.
A few bugs in the forest, enjoyed watching a marmot eat his breakfast and was rewarded near the top with magnificent wild flowers.
The view of Mt. Rainier at the top is great; well worth the effort.
Went on a Saturday morning, saw five people on my way up and two people going down.

Very nice trail, snow is all gone now.

10 months ago

Awesome hike. Make sure you bring mosquito repellent!!

10 months ago

Beautiful hike with great views. Just be aware that it's about 3.5 miles to the trail head because of the road closure. If you have a mountain bike you can easily ride to the trail head.

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