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Great for kids! Just the right length and easy. Just North of the Lake Cushman campgrounds.

Very steep. Slippery in places and the plant life is almost like a jungle as you get close to the lake. If you have bad knees, the descent while annihilate them. My favorite part was Cub Peak. While your legs are burning and shaking and you just want off the trail, it’s worth the extra bit to ascend to Cub Peak. Far better than the lake.

The hike was a great challenge and the views at the end were beautiful. Throughout the hike there aren’t a ton of views and it’s VERY challenging. I probably won’t do it again.

Great hike! Switch backs for a good bit in the beginning then lots of climbing over rocks. Be sure to wear good shoes with ankle support. Great views of lake Cushman at the top and on a clear day you can see Rainier. I brought my pup along with me. Be sure to keep them on leashes, I encountered some people who let their dogs run without leashes who came up and startled us (my dog is dog aggressive and gets very nervous around unfamiliar dogs) But luckily he did alright. Just keep in mind, even if your dog is great with other dogs that’s not the case for everyone.

Nice, easy, short trail. Lots of interesting trees and a cool bridge. Be sure to take the short detour to see Big Cedar Tree. It’s no longer standing but still awesome. Don’t forget to climb in the roots for a cool pic!

We hiked this trail the day after Mt Ellinor and greatly preferred the length and trail conditions. If you like long hikes with gentle grades, combined with doable ascents this is a highly recommended hike. The views at Flapjack Lakes did not disappoint, but it made us wonder if we should have left earlier and tried Gladys Pass. Total length is 15 miles, which we completed in a fairly casual 6.5 hours.

Nice little hike, water is a clear blue, pretty area

It was breathtaking.

Gorgeous hike, went with our 7 & 9 year old and almost made it to the top. The clouds/mist/cold near the top caused us to turn back. If not for the kiddos we definitely would have continued. The switchbacks were not difficult, neither was the boulder field-for adults, challenging though! Our kids had a hard time especially because we were hiking in the clouds which meant lots of misting. The rocks were wet and slippery and made hiking with kiddos difficult, even seasoned kid hikers! Without kids I am sure it’s amazing and much less care free!:) Will definitely be returning!

Nice hike that loops around the river. Cool bridge everyone takes pictures on. Worth the hike for a nice outdoor walk.

Super easy and short looped hike with options to keep going. Beautiful moss covered trees and crystal clear water!

Started at the upper trailhead on Friday at 1pm. There were a decent amount of cars but nothing crazy. The first 30 minutes of the hike were never ending switchbacks that burned my calves like crazy. Stopped every couple of seconds to question my life. I think the next 20 minutes or so switched to climbing through rocks which was a nice change but at this point you’re still questioning life. On the bright side you’ve made it through the clearing and you’ve got a nice view of Mt Rainier on a good day. The last bit involves hiking a narrow trail along the mountain and just when you think you’ve reached the top you gotta keep going. But it’s a short ways by that point and the views are definitely worth it. Definitely gets chillier up there so a sweater is a smart idea. Saw a mama goat and her baby goat going up near the switchbacks and saw them again going down. Also got real close to a goat up at the peak and we had a mini photoshoot and he didn’t seem to mind at all.

The trip up took me about 1hr 20mins but it seems people average a little more than that (my app has it logged at a little over 2 miles going up). The trip down took me 45mins but I jogged through the switchbacks. Also hiking sticks would probably be useful going down as it is pretty steep up near the top. Views on a clear day are super worth it though!

Amazing hike. very hard but very rewarding. I am very out of shape(6'2 275lbs), and managed to struggle to the top.

I took my 5 years old . We made it up top and its incredible beautiful. The trail is not crowded at all.

Nice hike with easy access to many beautiful & refreshing swimming holes close to the trailhead very convenient for summer hikes with little ones.

Really enjoyed this hike definitely feels like your on the stairmaster for most of the hike but totally worth the view. We saw 3 goats on our adventure and a few chipmunks.

18 days ago

Absolutely beautiful! The trailhead is crowded - lots of trails start here. And the first half mile of the trail was a bit busy, but after that we were mostly alone. Yea, it gets steep, but really nothing crazy. Beautiful campground, with sites pretty spread out. A great swim with great views! One annoyance: there is some water flowing between the two lakes - but it was far from our campsite. So drinking water wasn’t as close as we’d like.
Get out there! Enjoy!!

This was pretty hard. I run marathons for fun and this was a good workout. My wife who does not, felt like dying and is still sore 2 days later. The view was good at the lake, I am not sure it was worth the effort.

Easy and great hike. There is roughly 2 miles of gravel so be careful when driving down the road. Easy to find trailhead and not very crowded for Labor Day. Views in every direction along the way.

My favorite place in the Olympics. I've hiked this trail plenty of times at every season. To me is the perfect show case of the Olympics for family and friends to see. Easy and scenic . I've taken all sorts of people through the loop. On a warm day, you can jump off the rocks. The water is cold but crystal clear. Make sure to take the little detours to appreciate it's beauty!

Easy hike with great old growth forest. Hiked in reverse and enjoyed the best canyon view at the end of the hike.

Beautiful views of the water and easy enough for my three-year-old to walk on his own. Great for family time.

Easy and absolutely gorgeous hike through old growth beside a glacial river.

This trail is absolutely NOT moderate or anything close. It is very difficult. The views are awesome and the trail is well maintained. The mislabeling makes this hike way less fun as it’s far more difficult than expected.
It is only uphill—only a few parts that are a couple yards long are flat. The end gets particularly hard. The view is cool but I don’t know how worth it is especially if you’re looking for a moderate hike.

Exhausting, but we'll worth it. Distance seems to be debatable, feels like way more than 6 miles. Streams on the way up to cool off and refill water. The lake is amazing, goats all around and snow packs near by. highly recommend!

28 days ago

Made it up into the dog leg left area before the saddle, I called it quits at about the 5570+' elevation. It was a total four points pull/push ascent with large and small loose rock there. I felt alright but didn't have the right gear at that point to be safe. Needed pants not shorts, gloves, helmet and short mountain axe/pick to climb with and self arrest. Other than that, it was an incredible scenic hike! Blueberries and flowers galore! The 'trail' is not much more than a glorified goat way with cairns or some red flagging. I didn't have a gps app and didn't have an issue finding the way. I would like to make another attempt and at least get to the saddle to get the views out over the Olympic range.
The descent was brutal on the legs by the time near the trail head.

Family friendly hike. Good enough for my nephews and nieces who the ages 9 to 12.

We made it in one day.It was quite difficult and I must say that the difficulty doesnt worth it. As one lady said It is good workout. The way is full of stones and the last past is quite steep. At the end of trail are 2 lakes (nothing special). Maybe if you plan to continue to the divide it would be nice because of view. But today was smoky because of fires. A hiker from Czech rep.

i have made this trip twice now. too many roots and rocks to trip over. always having to look down to watch my step. lake is beautiful though.

1 month ago

One of the best hikes I have done. There actually is very less part of the trail remaining. Most of the part is buried under scree debris. Few points worth noting before going -

1. Most hike is at 45 degrees + angle. Be ready for exhaustive climb.
2. Carry lots of water (2+ liters). Most of the trail is exposed without any tree cover and is on the east face. So for major part of the day you will get direct scorching sun.
3. Use shoes with good grip. Most part is loose rubble and scree without rock holds.
4. Summit climb requires traversing a rock wall exposed to at least 100 ft drop. Be extremely cautious on the patch. Not recommended for people with vertigo traits.
5. Look for carrons at places to find the right trail. I have added few more carrons at ambiguous trail junctions.

1 month ago

Good views at the top but the climb to the top is brutal. It was also super hazy/smokey (not the trails fault).

If you are not in shape or don't enjoy hiking then find another trail. Bugs were not bad besides a fly surrounded my wife the entire descent. Total trip was 8 miles from phone app.

Honestly would not hike again.

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