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Worth it!!! It is a pretty tough hike! Be prepared. Steep towards the end of the trail turns from physically demanding to mentally. Over all it is worth every drop of sweat. Take swim trunks and enjoy that lake and lay in the sun at the top. Feels amazing and very rewarding. Have fun!

Very easy trail and good start into the hiking season. Bring good bug spray because horseflies, bees and nats are present plenty. Lots of shade with spots to veer off and get close to the river. Pretty views and beautiful waterfalls.

Easy hike along a turquoise blue river through a quiet forest.

2 days ago

Pretty fun, simple trail to do in our spare time.

Plenty of photo ops! Stunning scenery. Pack-in a little snack and munch while resting on the massive rocks at the water rapids edge. Great trail for kids and adults alike.

Beautiful views at the top are a huge payoff from the steep climb up! On 7/6 there was small section of snow little more than half way through but clear after and at the top. Definitely worth hiking to see the views, mountain goats, and screaming marmots :)

Trail is clear and easy to get to lower Lena which is a good place to camp for a day to 2. Upper Lena trail has fallen trees and is a bit overgrown towards the top but no snow on the trail as of 7/5. Totally worth the view at the top!

8 days ago

This hike was kick butt! The view was so worth it though. It is a grind the whole way up, just make sure to pack lots of water and a can do attitude!

Fabulous hike. Ever steps was worth it. The scenic views were spectacular!

Great hike to upper Lena, I did not properly prepare, but it was still a great day! Definitely bring hiking poles.

Also, 15 mike loop. The last 1.5 to Upper Len lake is brutal but worth the payoff!

Great hike! Well-maintained trail with a rewarding view of Lena Lake at the top.

12 days ago

Great day hike starting at the shores of lake cushman. Strait up the whole way. We took the short side of the lollypop up and the long way down to save the knees which I would recommend.

It was a great day for a hike. The weather was nice and just right for hiking - 60s.
It is best to go early. As we were going back down we met a lot of hikers and many dogs.
All of the dogs were on leashes and well-behaved. We took our 3 dogs and they did great.

Nice hike to the little lake. No more snow left today 6/30.

Perfect. Even jumped in the water. Lots of people but it’s worth it

Great hike and beautiful lake.

Fun hike with kids. Lots to see to keep them entertained.

Great for younger kids (as young as 5)! Nice side trials to walk (don’t miss the big cedar near the front of the trail!).

21 days ago

Trail never stops going up. Most of the down trees are when you go left at the Y towards the summit. I took the clockwise route and the hike down from the summit across the ridge line was very nice. Poles are not essential, but make the hike easier. Some small baskets on your poles help with sinking into the organics on this mostly tree covered hike.

22 days ago

Great hike, beautiful lake, definitely coming back soon

Awesome hike! Tough getting to the top, as we had to trek through some snow and fog, but the view and seeing 20+ mountain goats that came within 6ft of us at the top was so worth it. Definitely going again on a sunny day, as I’m sure the view will be even better. Make sure you pack a lot of water and some food to eat at the top! Be safe people!

Still a lot of snow at the top. Pretty fun sliding down on your bottom on the way back though! Got the last parking spot at 10 and saw a lot of people on the trail. Towards the end of the hike the snow started smelting making it a pretty wet hike.

24 days ago

With the intention of hiking Marmot Pass and Buckhorn mountain, we made last minute changes due to weather and chose Gladys Divide as our overnight destination. Seeing Flapjack Lakes rated as moderate, having finished the trail we would definitely say it should be rated as hard(ish), especially if you have the intention of bringing gear to sleep the night and travel the extra 3 miles rt to Gladys Divide. Around 3.5 miles in (cake walk), the trail junction for Flapjack Lakes is on the right hand side and immediately forces you to gain plenty of elevation over 3.7 miles. The last half mile is brutal and we got lost at the Black and White Lakes junction that splits off to Flapjack. On our way back we saw the sign post face down on the ground so I think that’s why we initially got lost haha. Make sure to turn off right before the last Creek you encounter that drains off Flapjack Lakes. We ended up crossing the creek and then cutting right and bushwhacked through terrible Alderwood until we met the trail. A few blown down trees obscure the trail, but it’s not too long until you reach the lakes. It’s beautiful with Olympic Sawtooth mountains overlooking the lakes. However the 8.2 miles clocked in didn’t feel “worth it” in all honesty since those 8.2 miles are without any views until you make it to the lakes. I injured my LCL on the way up and our plans to daypack up to Gladys Divide the following morning was thrown out. By the looks of it, Gladys Divide would of made the trip worth it, those jagged peaks and marvelous meadows past the forest have got to be beautiful this time of year and probably will continue getting more and more pretty. We met a few groups that saw a Bear in the forest towards the Divide so be cautious. Plenty of bear wire around to hang scented items or just bring a bear canister to be safe, that’s what we did. A group next to us said they think they were stalked by mountain lion the previous night after seeing reflecting eyes everywhere they went as they wandered back to camp in the dark. Overall, this place is true Olympic Backcountry and I enjoyed it. However, not completing Gladys Divide made the trip decent at best! Those looking for a moderate overnight hike should know that this “moderate” hike is physically demanding for backpacking.

Awesome easy hike. The views of the river are beautiful and make it easy for a few hours to pass unnoticed! A good day's jaunt from the Puyallup area makes it easy to plan a day away from home to relax & enjoy nature. The drive there & back is enjoyable as well...nice to get away from freeways!

We got to the upper parking lot around 0830 and it was already filling up. That being said, it was nice to have a few people go up before us because there were plenty of footholds in the remaining snow on the summer trail. If you have them, bring crampons and poles, but we made it ok without both. The trail is plenty steep, but definitely worth the work. Also bring waterproof pants for sliding down in the snow. Overall, this was a really fun hike with a gorgeous view even if it smells like farts at the top.

28 days ago

Lots of downed trees on the loop. This was above my capacity. Definitely the mother of all staircase climbers. Really no breaks.

28 days ago

My second time up this trail, this time with my 10th month baby. Trail is relatively crowded up until Beaver Flats then it starts to thin out. Trail maintenance after that point also goes down.

Very steep! The view is worth the climb, but it is a “burner” for sure.

28 days ago

It’s very steep but worth the climb.

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