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Very strenuous. Trail never lets up, it just keeps getting steeper and steeper. The lake was still half frozen over, which made for a cool view but all in all this trail is for the workout. Will do again.

Great first hike to start out the season. Definitely kid friendly and lots of incredible sites. Will definitely be going again but maybe trying out a hike attached to it like wagon wheel lake. The mud slide on the road is cleaned up and can park at the ranger station but the bridge across the creek washed out on the right side of the trail so have to wade through the cold glacier water.

Beautiful day for a nice hike. Not challenging as the climb was gradual. The Lake was pretty and the flowers were starting to pop out. Lunch on lunch rock was perfect! We had the trail almost to ourselves today.

Our corgi, Eevie, went with us to Lower Lena Lake. She's 7 months old and did the hike just fine. The switch backs were tiring but water reinvigorated her spirits. Once we got to the lake, we pitched up our hammocks and had lunch, then hiked back down. Traffic was pretty heavy on Mother's Day but it was beautiful and there was enough wide areas for passing.

9 days ago

Lower half of trail is easy, family and dog friendly. Upper half of trail is steep, narrow, and huge drop off on one side. Made me very nervous with my dog, and would not recommend for nervous mothers of small children. Awesome views and a great work out though!!

5/10/18: Beautiful! Hiked today. My Apple Watch clocked 8.6 miles. First 2/3 was steep and real easy to follow . Last 1/3 was covered in deep snow. Summit was gorgeous. Totally worth it. Follow the flags and foot prints in the snow. Some of them are hard to follow so keep an eye out. Bring plenty of salmon jerky. We wore regular hiking shoes no spikes or crampons. Slipped a few times in snow. Watch for hollow snow fell down to my hips. Just learned Washington got late fresh snow fall that’s melting fast. Nice lady at REI told us today. So probably best to rent some crampons or poles. Worth every step.

trail running
12 days ago

Wow. Just wow. This trail had all the different kinds of beauty, both close up and landscapes. The terrain was just right for trail running, while the surface was sometimes technical and challenging, but it was so breathtakingly beautiful!

I just talked to the national parks people and they said you can park and hike in at the construction but that they can not guarantee that you can pass the current construction they are doing at that time. It all depends on what they are doing that day and there is no way to know without going all the way up.

Weather was beautiful, there were quite a few hikers on the lower Lena trail. 1.5 miles past Lena lake we hit snow on the upper Lena trail. Overall we were very happy.

16 days ago

Great for beginner backpackers! We packed in on a Friday, which was good, as it became crowded by Saturday.

When we got there, there were recent car break-ins, as an FYI. We had no problems.

amazing hike!

17 days ago

This hike is pretty steep, but the views up top are beautiful. We got to the trailhead at 9am and the lot was full, but there was overflow parking nearby. If I’m not mistaken, Horsecamp is about the halfway point if you stay left at the summit loop. Snow pack started around 3/4 of the way through. Used microspikes, which were useful, but someone with us got up and down fine in just hiking shoes. Poles would have been helpful, but none of us used any. The road to the trailhead was very smooth, I would say basically any vehicle could make it to the trailhead. I saw mosquitoes flying around but luckily didn’t get bit by any! There are a few water sources on your way up.

20 days ago

Awesome first backpacking trip. Only spent a night but it was fun. Date was 5/1/18, little cold at night but worth it.

Fun trail...didn’t get to upper Lena Lake today since I wasn’t prepared for that much snow. Definitely would be fine to get through with proper footwear. No snow for about 1.5 miles past the lower Lena lookout rock.

After you drive to the end of the lake and see a great bridge to your left you will see the road has washed out and you need to park. Don’t block the bridge, cars drive across because there are two more trailheads on that side. You hike about a mile on the road to get to the original trailhead and camp grounds. It was actually really pretty, right along the river the whole time. Also just seeing what we couldn’t access any more was interesting, there are decent size buildings that people can only hike in to get. Just crazy. The trail itself was amazing and exactly what I picture as PNW hiking. You are along the river the full time, you can easily get views of white water and mini waterfalls. I turned around and did a Down and back from the bridge. The bridge would of made the whole hike worth it but thankfully the scenery did not disappoint. I saw a few people hiking out with overnight packs so I think that would be fun. I would say an easy hike and worth walking on the road for. To get over the washed out road though they have cut a log at the top of the slide that’s easy to walk across both ways. There are no bathrooms at the TH, those too were washed out in the slide.

Great hike! I’m new to the area so I’ve been experiencing all these peaks for the first time! I did this hike on Saturday, April 7th. It was a nasty day out but it’s Washington so I went anyway. The trail is well maintained but never lets you take a break. It starts immediately at a climb and doesn’t stop until the summit. I took a left at the summit loop. There was a pretty sketchy stream crossing shortly after the snow line that I advise extreme caution. Shortly after the crossing the trail gets harder to follow, watch for the dirtier, harder packed areas of snow and just keep going. An occasional orange tag can be seen on a tree. After a short while the trail is much easier to spot. Summiting was not the easiest in the rain and wind but I managed. I was getting pelted with ice rain at the summit and i just wanted to get back down to cover. I did not find the loop down because of snow and the sudden onslaught of Mother Nature so I opted to go back down the way I came. Be careful of where you step. Deep holes lie underneath the snow so don’t stray from the packed path near summit. Micro spikes and trekking poles are a must for safely getting back down. Great hike, no view due to weather, will do again soon!

1 month ago

Hiked this back in December with a buddy. We spent one night at lower Lena lake and had a great time! This was my first hike in the Olympics, and I was amazed by the massive trees and beautiful blue lake. Look forward to my next trip out!

Good hike family friendly weather was perfect. Good for all level hikers.

Great time. Would recommend micro spikes at a minimum. Did it without them today it was rough on the way back down.

A great hike today. Due to the snow fall the past two weeks, the last half of the trail still has snow on it ... so bring your trekking poles. :)

2 months ago

I have recorded the Mt. Rose loop several times with my gps. It is about 7-1/2 miles round trip.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike with the snow! Still doable with hiking boots, but would recommend having something else, especially for going back down.

2 months ago

I can see how this trail could be really rewarding. Today the first couple miles had no snow but toward the lake it was snowy. There were several people stuck slipping and sliding but we marched right through with micro-spikes (highly recommended). The day was overcast and off and on rain. The Lake was mostly frozen. Fairly easy hike with mild elevation gain. Great trail!

2 months ago

Trail became snow covered at about 2000 ft. I did not make around the whole loop but it was doable. I was not in shape for it nor did I fuel sufficiently before the start. The trail is closer to about 8mi not 6

Beautiful sights. There are a few trails that seemingly intersect, so starting on one may wind up on another.

Such a beautiful day and hike! It was quiet and beautiful and clear. Fresh snowfall early in the morning and myself and another group were the first ones up... It was a decent hike upwards for the first half, but nothing too difficult. Didn’t even need cramp-ons.

I took the Upper Lena Lake trail for a mile and turned around - it got way too slick and icy in patches. I have good boots, but not good enough for that one.

The hike down was much wetter and more slick. Not terrible, just had to be cautious. And there were a ton more people heading up as I finished (11:00-ish).

Definitely worth doing and the lake would be so beautiful to hang out at on a warm sunny day!

2 months ago

Hiked 2/12/18 and LOOOOVEEDD it. Would personally rate as easy, but that’s just me. Was a beautiful day and didn’t want to leave the lake.

We hiked this trail on a snowy February day, but when we arrived we only had sun. I'm from out of state, so perhaps this is a rain shadow hike? The trail is very well marked with pit toilets at the trailhead. I liked that the trail ascends very consistently at more or less the same incline. It made it more enjoyable but still enough of a challenge. For a winter hike, bring lots of layers. There was a lot of wind at the top and I quickly added about 3 layers to stay warm. My black lab mutt was shivering, so we had a coat and a backpack for her. When you get to the top down by the lake, the trail continues on the left a ways. Don't try to go right as the trail ends and there are large boulders. The trail only had a few muddy spots. There was a very thin layer of snow at the top. The lake itself is relatively large for an alpine lake. We arrived in the afternoon and had to sit in the shade along the shoreline. The drive to get here is also really pretty since you drive along the sound for a while.

Had to maneuver the washout area (will get your feet wet). Came upon a herd of elk walking up the road to the trailhead. North side of loop was closed due to a bridge washout. No warning signs at trailhead.

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