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I will definitely do this hike again!

Amazing swim on a hot day

Worth it!!! It is a pretty tough hike! Be prepared. Steep towards the end of the trail turns from physically demanding to mentally. Over all it is worth every drop of sweat. Take swim trunks and enjoy that lake and lay in the sun at the top. Feels amazing and very rewarding. Have fun!

4 days ago

Pretty fun, simple trail to do in our spare time.

Trail is clear and easy to get to lower Lena which is a good place to camp for a day to 2. Upper Lena trail has fallen trees and is a bit overgrown towards the top but no snow on the trail as of 7/5. Totally worth the view at the top!

Fabulous hike. Ever steps was worth it. The scenic views were spectacular!

Great hike to upper Lena, I did not properly prepare, but it was still a great day! Definitely bring hiking poles.

Also, 15 mike loop. The last 1.5 to Upper Len lake is brutal but worth the payoff!

Great hike! Well-maintained trail with a rewarding view of Lena Lake at the top.

It was a great day for a hike. The weather was nice and just right for hiking - 60s.
It is best to go early. As we were going back down we met a lot of hikers and many dogs.
All of the dogs were on leashes and well-behaved. We took our 3 dogs and they did great.

Nice hike to the little lake. No more snow left today 6/30.

Perfect. Even jumped in the water. Lots of people but it’s worth it

Great hike and beautiful lake.

29 days ago

My second time up this trail, this time with my 10th month baby. Trail is relatively crowded up until Beaver Flats then it starts to thin out. Trail maintenance after that point also goes down.

30 days ago

Very well-kept for how busy it is. We went early to get a spot to camp, and at 11 a.m. there were few spots left. If you cross the lake at the stream, there are more spots on the other side. The lake is gorgeous, and there were few bugs.
Need the northwest forest pass to park, but you can get one at the trailhead. $5/day.

Amazing trail we did it in January and it was perfect not a lot of snow and cold weather which felt good for hiking

Nice morning hike. When arriving at the trailhead, I was surprised how many cars there were (suspect campers). Lot was full. Always get there early.
Started the hike at 8:25a, and arrived at the SW outlet of the lake about 9:15 (aka down the trail behind 2nd bridge). Took some pics and then headed up to the campgrounds. Remember before the campgrounds there a large rock face that is raised above the lake and serves a nice lookout point. Trail conditions were really good...mostly dry but some damp spots from stream runoffs. Other than that great.
Though I have to say most who hike here seems to end up camping...hardly saw many day hikers.

Curiously I trekked a little ways (few hundreds yds) on the upper lake trail, but when I spotted a creepy guy hiding deep up on the hillside...it made me nervous being alone. Doubtful a natures calling thing. But I spoke up to say hello and he asked immediately if I was with anyone. Creepy. When I ask what was up there he stated he was taking selfie against a tree. What! 40 ft up a hillside. Anyways. Turned around and headed back down. I saw a couple going up, and whispered to watch out for the guy. Hope they are ok.

Got back to the trailhead at 12:05p. Fabulous morning.

did this hone 6/10. well trafficked. im not in the best shape and we made it in and out in about 3 hours. great beginner hike to kick stsrt the season. ❤

1 month ago

its alright nothing breath taking. maybe i thought to much of it before since almost everyone i know has hiked it already or compared it to my past hikes in the area but yeah nothing i would of put on my bucket list of views. the water was crystal clear though and the fish were not biting lol. do your self a favor don't climb around the logs not all of them are solid and a lot of them are slippery. two fallen trees going to the lake at the top of the trail. but the trail was pretty dry most of the way.

very popular trail. we went in the early afternoon while people where on their way down. peaceful a lot of birds to view also a lot of bugs but not the biting type just the annoying type. ill go again but mostly so i can camp and go for upper next time. my dog got a kick out of it but he is poopered out today. saw one piece of garbage the whole time :D

Absolutely gorgeous with an abundance of delicate native orchids, Johnny Jump Ups, wonderful views and deep snow 9n the upper trail.

Beautiful hike. Path is a little narrow in places & I would consider it fairly popular with other hikers, so had to step to the side to squeeze past each other. Dogs allowed on lower trail, but not on upper trail. Poured rain the whole hike so trail got fairly flooded & pretty slippery in spots.

Lena Creek Campground is across the road so if planning on making a weekend trip, look into this campground to save parking fees at the trailhead.

1 month ago

Did my first solo overnighter here, it was an absolutely perfect spot! Beautiful views. The trail was very well maintained and I was pleased to see little to no garbage along the way. There are quite a few campsites, but I suspect they fill up quick this time of year, even on a rainy weekend day there were quite a few people setting up camp.

1 month ago

I chose Lena Lake for my first backpacking trip to test out my gear and ability. This hike was perfect for such a trip. I was able to pitch my tent right near the lake, even though it was really rocky (having a good sleeping pad came in handy- I couldn’t feel a thing!). There were other campsites that weren’t as close to the lake, and so the rocks would not be as much of an issue, but they were mostly gone when I made it in. I was able to pile the rocks on top of the stakes as a work around, so not the end of the world. I also brought my fishing rod, and was pleased to find the fish were biting pretty eagerly. One the way out I saw a mountain goat mother and kid. All in all, great first backpacking trip.

Hiked the Lower Lena Lake with the family it was a gr8 hike with a continuous but gradual incline most of the way to the lake, worth the breath taking view.

Almost made it to the top. Turned around because of snow and was only wearing running shoes. Lots of downed trees also. Other than those things it was a really nice hike! Get there as early as possible if it’s a weekend, parking lot fills up fast.

Good 3 mile climb. Lena Lake is beautiful and worth the hike. There were a few wet spots on the trail but not muddy.

Very strenuous. Trail never lets up, it just keeps getting steeper and steeper. The lake was still half frozen over, which made for a cool view but all in all this trail is for the workout. Will do again.

2 months ago

Beautiful day for a nice hike. Not challenging as the climb was gradual. The Lake was pretty and the flowers were starting to pop out. Lunch on lunch rock was perfect! We had the trail almost to ourselves today.

2 months ago

Our corgi, Eevie, went with us to Lower Lena Lake. She's 7 months old and did the hike just fine. The switch backs were tiring but water reinvigorated her spirits. Once we got to the lake, we pitched up our hammocks and had lunch, then hiked back down. Traffic was pretty heavy on Mother's Day but it was beautiful and there was enough wide areas for passing.

trail running
2 months ago

Wow. Just wow. This trail had all the different kinds of beauty, both close up and landscapes. The terrain was just right for trail running, while the surface was sometimes technical and challenging, but it was so breathtakingly beautiful!

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