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I have done this trail multiple times, but I admit that the first time I was somewhat let down by the waterfall you experience about 1/2 of the way through, as it was more a cascade than a admirable falls. That being said, this trail is very pleasant, and long, but for the most part is accessible by a variety of walkers/hikers/runners. There are some switchback climbs in the middle part, so if one is fatigued already, this might present a challenge, but an advantage is that this trail is mostly shaded, and fallows a creek for the first (or last 1/3) , depending on where you start. This trail can be deceptive, as its accessibility can disguise how long it takes to complete it. A friend and I ended up doing the last 1/3 of the gradual descent in the dark in Oct of 2016, as we mis judged the level of daylight we had. Another thing to watch for is the beginning area is surrounded by swampy wetlands, and your feet may become quite wet trying to traverse it, even on marked trails. Overall, a great family hike, easily accessible by car.

We love it. We live within 2 miles so we come over and ride our bikes all over. Is great workout and fun. Good view of Liberty Lake and lots of flowers and critters.

Took this with friends and family. Very well maintained and beautiful trail. Youngest member of our group was 5 and made it well.

excellent trail. shaded for the most part. We went counter clockwise around the loop and it was great.

1 month ago

June - Late Spring \ Early Summer

This loop trail offers some scenic views and solitude if your willing to go the full 8 miles. At a decent pace with no stops, we were able to hike the whole loop in about 3 hours.

The beginning of the trail doesn’t offer much other than some easy trail along a creek. After going deeper though the trail shows off a bit more with some dense groves and a beautiful rock slide waterfall at about the halfway point.

There is some elevation gain so prepare for a few switchbacks, but nothing too strenuous.

The trail is mostly shaded by the surrounding forest, so there is plenty of shade throughout. There are also multiple creeks for your dog companions to drink and wet their feet in.

For those looking for a longer or more epic hike, there is a branching trail around the halfway point that leads to a peak.

There is a nice large parking spot that fits multiple vehicles, but a $2 fee per person is required.

Overall a pretty hike that’s worth doing again if you are willing to go the whole 8 miles.

Clean, well-kept, and challenging. We did the full loop... clockwise... which seemed to be the wise choice as there were some long, steep grades along the horse side of the trail that, while difficult to descend, would have been much more difficult to ascend.
Plenty of shade on a hot, 90 degree, mid-day hike. The waterfalls were pretty, but not free-falling. The cabin has been restored a couple of times, so it’s really just a tin-sided shelter. We were a bit let down, hoping it was going to be an old, rustic cabin. Still cool. It tools us nearly 3.5 hours to complete the entire 8+ mile loop.

beautiful trail!

it has some steeper inclines but was beautiful and well worth the time

1 month ago

The trail was very clean and well kept. I wish that there are more signs and directions to tell you where you are at or how far to the waterfall and etc. from the parking to the waterfall and back was a little over 6miles. We didn’t get to the waterfall after hiking over 3miles and we started to wonder somehow we missed it (because there are no signs at all) but we weren’t! so, it’s more than 2.5 miles to the waterfall. going is up and up so coming back is faster. it was a great hiking!! nice view and pretty flowers :)

1 month ago

I love this trail..

Fun and easy! took my dog!

Beautiful hike with gorgeous scenerys.

1 month ago

14.3 miles parking lot to parking lot. views at the top are obstructed, but still pretty good. once you get on the edith Hansen trail it goes up pretty consistently. took 5 hours and spent another 20 at the top. nice day.

1 month ago

Really enjoyed this hike. Started our mileage tracking in the parking lot and logged 14.7-miles. Trail is reasonably well maintained to the top with a variety of surface conditions —- ranging from packed dirt to loose rock (closer to the peak). First 2 miles is basically level but expect steady uphill grade with some steep areas thereafter. Great views closer to the top and saw a moose cow on way back down. Leave early (7-ish) and you’ll enjoy shade most of the way to the top.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Great trails with lots of smooth banking turns, you’ll definitely get up to speed on this trail

Had a wonderful hike for first time on this trail. Very well maintained trail with some challenging parts. Beautiful and mostly shaded. Only hiked to waterfall. May go all the way around next time.

Nice trail....I would maybe rate it more towards easy. We added on here and there making our hike 5.2 miles. Great scenery!

Did the whole loop clockwisr. Great trail and very well maintained. Beautiful view of the lake.

Challenging....don't expect the falls to be huge! was a nice afternoon hike!

I've done this trail a few times. Trail is great and is maintained very well. Nice walk along the creek.

I have taken this hike many times, pretty easy to the cedar grove then it gets much harder with elevation and switchbacks, it is worth going to the falls, don’t expect a big falls, it is a good place to have a picnic, take your mosquito spray or you might never be seen again after they carry you off!

Enjoyed the hike and the views

Went on Memorial day weekend and pleasantly surprised by this loop.. Will return for sure.

2 months ago

Really nice hike! It was quiet - we didn't run into a single person until we came back down from the summit. It wasn't quite 15.8 miles - we logged 13.4 from the trailhead but we probably walked almost a mile from the car to the trailhead. Still lots of wildflowers, nice and green, and beautiful views at the top overlooking Spokane, Liberty Lake, and I think Coeur d'Alene lake. The trail is not well marked. We went with a couple of friends who have done this hike before and so we followed their lead. There were a few times where you had to make a choice between three different paths. I just learned last week that starting June 2018 a two year renovation project is starting. They'll be adding signs, renovating the existing trail, and adding new trails. Right now it isn't a formal system. The trail itself is wide, clear, and easy to follow - it's just hard to know which trail to stay on as there are a few "intersections." Really nice hike overall though!

Excellent trail. Came out in mid-April, missed a sign to go right over the small bridge and instead went onto a dense, primitive trail. Came back the next week to do the REAL hike and loved it. The switchbacks are definitely a good workout but payoff in beautiful waterfalls and some lake views. Highly recommend while the water is still running strong.

This hike is beautiful! Nice sun to shade ratio! Little walk off to get close the water and take a break but the trail was easy and I know my 8 and 4 year old would love it!

3 months ago

Great hike. Well maintained trail. Not exactly easy as the switchbacks past the Cedar Grove are steep. My 9yo led the way all the way to the waterfall and back down. Only grumbled about being tired during the last mile before reaching the parking lot. Beautiful view of Liberty Lake area and the waterfall.

I really liked the expansiveness of this hike. Exposed rock, a view of wetlands, wildflowers and good steady incline. Shared the trail with some mountain bikers, but not too many. No shade, I liked how different it is from all of the other trails around here. I'll definitely go back again. It would be great for trail running.

great hike,, but at the 2.5 mile sign is wrong i think seemed a little longer then that,,bit great views ,well with it.

trail running
3 months ago

Trail run... trail is good in places, rutted in others. Must take caution to not roll an ankle.

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