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Great hike. Well maintained trail. Not exactly easy as the switchbacks past the Cedar Grove are steep. My 9yo led the way all the way to the waterfall and back down. Only grumbled about being tired during the last mile before reaching the parking lot. Beautiful view of Liberty Lake area and the waterfall.

I really liked the expansiveness of this hike. Exposed rock, a view of wetlands, wildflowers and good steady incline. Shared the trail with some mountain bikers, but not too many. No shade, I liked how different it is from all of the other trails around here. I'll definitely go back again. It would be great for trail running.

great hike,, but at the 2.5 mile sign is wrong i think seemed a little longer then that,,bit great views ,well with it.

trail running
6 days ago

Trail run... trail is good in places, rutted in others. Must take caution to not roll an ankle.

12 days ago

Dry, shadeless hike but pretty views of liberty lake.

Was about a mile from parking lot to the start of the trail. Toughest part of hike was from the lower falls to upper falls. Lots of people walked in to lower falls and then back but I continued around the whole loop. The end of the back loop was steep. I took 2 20oz bottles of water, should have taken at least 3. Beautiful hike along water most of the way and well travelled.

trail running
18 days ago

Walked the loop counter clock wise a lot of friendly people on the way. Not many take the whole loop most go straight to waterfall and back not much traffic on the horse trail. Which many people said going counter clock wise you were going to “earn it” along the way. Took 3 hours to go this way and take breaks. I would not take this trail any other way other than counter clock wise unless you were going for a walk with little ones or just a “walk” heavily trafficking once you reach the waterfall. Even saw someone I knew??? And I am not even from Washington.

20 days ago

My husband and I just completed this trail and loved it. From the start of the trail and back it was exactly 7.7 miles according to the All Trails app. Most of the hike is pretty level and easily walkable. The mile or so approaching the waterfall and a little ways past it got steep but was not to difficult. There's no snow on the trail. So many gorgeous little wildflowers and greenery. Nice viewpoint of Liberty Lake at one point. Trail is well maintained and marked and easy to find. Unlike the notes above, it does not cost $2 to get in until after Labor Day so still free. The trailhead is a little far from the parking area Google Maps took us too. You'll walk along some marsh and through a campground before finally getting to the start. Beautiful! Took us about 2:45 to hike the whole loop.

Wonderful, so many different things to see. Even the kids made the entire 8.6 miles.

Really enjoyed this hike! It has almost everything you could possible get in a hike; a waterfall, some climbing, steep uphills, good downhills, switchbacks, boardwalk bridges, awesome views. Horses are allowed on some parts so be sure to be courteous tot them. I would imaging this would be a highly trafficked trail in the summer, especially to the waterfall, but early spring seems to be the perfect time.

24 days ago

Hiked it today, 30 Apr 18. Snow is gone, we went clockwise full loop. Some muddy spots, almost got taken out by 2 bikes on the downhill section after the cabin. Gets pretty steep between the lower Falls and upper Falls. Great hike and the trail is in good shape. Did not see any wildlife and only saw 4 other hikers and the two bikers.

Great hike! You should definitely be prepared to do some climbing on a few of the switchbacks to the waterfall. Loved it!

Great hike close to home. We parked in the parking lot. Then took the trail to the trail head.

Beautiful as always!! No ice or snow to be found yesterday.

Still icy 3/29/18 from the waterfall to the top. Overall nice trail and close to home.

If you’re looking for a scenic hike, I would hike this during late spring, early summer for the flowers. We hiked this in the early spring and it was bare and brown with not a lot of pretty scenery to keep you entertained throughout the hike. Perfect incline for conditioning for bigger hikes accessible later in the year.

1 month ago

Clean, easy access hike. Nice 8.5 mile loop

Good trail, steep in some areas but not too bad. A little muddy currently but still easy to walk on.

icy near the top.

Trail was still super icy and quiet dangerous. Made it to the cedars after attempting to climb the switch backs. I’ve always loved this hike, but I have always done it in the summer before. Definitely would recommend spiked shoes. Also, love I can bring my pup!

on Saltese Uplands Trail

2 months ago

Muddy right now but a nice, easy walk close to home. Maintenance is being done and new trail signs are up.

on Saltese Uplands Loop

2 months ago

Muddy right now but a nice, easy walk close to home. Maintenance is being done and new trail signs are up.

2 months ago

great trail, mostly inclined until the end. took up 1.5 hours to hike.

2 months ago

Good hike. Though I would recommend hitting it in the morning, as it has very little sunshine! Going down the falls was very icey. Would also recommend spikes on your shoes.

Fun hike. Has some good switchbacks with great views of liberty lake.

Amazing trail! Bring some sort of map, there's a few places it's easy to get turned around or off trail.

2 months ago

Nice easy trail. Beautiful views of Liberty Lake, rolling hills and grasslands.

Enjoyed the 8.5 mile hike yesterday. Still some ice on trail but otherwise a great hike!! Incredible view s and scenery.

3 months ago

JoRayne and I headed out at 9 a.m. encountered snow around 3k ft. Strapped the S-hoes on slogged away for the remainder of the trip which was approximately 3-4 miles.

The snow pack was crusted over and would give way frequently so that factor really contributed to labor required to reach the top. We were the only ones to do so on shoes but a CC skier had made the journey sometime previously.

Of course the wind was whippin' on top but it was a clear day to enjoy the views. My GPS confirmed the 15.8 miles and the elevation gain stated above.

We returned to the truck around 5 p.m.; tired and jonezin for a food reward.

4 months ago

Amazing trail. Great views. Walked the shorter loop today. Trail is 90% iced over right now. Highly recommend spikes and trekking poles.

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