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This loop is beautiful! We got some many great fall pictures! It’s a really easy hike but the river and trees surround you are great! Worth the time! Follow all our adventures on Instagram @themicrotourists.

Pretty decent and I crowded home at this time of year. You get some really great views of the mountains. The lakes are nothing special but there is a cool old forestry cabin up top. Worth the time but there are much better options around. Follow all our adventures on Instagram @themicrotourists!

Beautiful water! Easy strolling trail but loved it.

so gorgeous!

It does not have a stunning scenery but it was very peaceful easy walking along the pathway and sitting on the big rocks and looking down the lake from it and it was the most peaceful moment ever and also so good for meditation :) It’s the best part of this hiking! It’s probably good for fall and easy hiking!

3 days ago

Trail in great shape, a little muddy and could be slick if raining. Would do again, totally a great hike for backpacking.

Fantastic family hike. We loved that it was a loop trail instead of the typical out and back that most hikes are. We recommend that you take the trail clockwise, especially if you are taking kids. Clockwise seems to have more upfront things to look at, while counterclockwise starts out with about a mile of forest views that are serene, but not as engaging as the falls and rapids you get going clockwise. Overall a truly enjoyable outing for our whole family.

One of my favorite hikes in the PNW. It's a very popular trail, so get there early. Leave yourself at least 5 hours to complete the trail, but give yourself more time if you want to stay at the lake for a bit. Try to go on a sunny day as the water looks a brighter shade of blue in the sunlight.

This is an amazing hike worth every step. I highly recommend this trail.

Sooo pretty! The trees are changing colors so it’s perfect for your larches fix these next couple weeks. Follow the cairns and in the core zone, the trail usually hugged the lakes until it takes you back up to the left down down down many boulder fields. We clocked 20.1 miles with 5,534ft of elevation gain. 12 hours even with three breaks. 1 hr 45 minutes up aasgard.

5 days ago

This has to be one of the most beautiful hikes I’ve ever done! We did Stuart and colchuck in the same day. It was 12.5 miles total. Took about 8 hours with an hour stop to enjoy the views


I have been wanting to do this hike for a while in one day and last Saturday 9/8 /2018 started at 5 am from Stuart Lake Trail-head where my wife dropped me and finished at 7 pm in Snow lakes Trail-head. Asgard was definitely hard for me . Doing this hike in a day certainly pushed me to the limit and more , however the reward is fantastic , the landscape is very beautiful . I clocked 23 miles in 14 hours. An amazing hike !

Doing this in a day will push you to your limits, but it's insanely rewarding. One of the locals referred to it as "The Enchantments Death March" which sounds about right.

Start early: we hit the trail at 5:30 am and finished around 5:30pm, and we pushed pretty hard all day.

Thru hiked in 12 hrs, got lost a bit and ended up doing 25 miles, i was scared of the mountain goats and ran off trail cuz of that lol

Pretty hike. Went in the late afternoon and no one was on the trail.

Hiked threw in about 11 hours. Asgard was definitely hard for me and slowed the hike. This hike is totally worth a day hike. Bonus was no bugs!

13 days ago

amazing! easy hike, beautiful views. had a picnic and brought our fly fishing poles. fishing is great also. we recommend when u start the trail go right....save the best for last. :)

Views are spectacular and the lakes are gorgeous!

13 days ago

Incline don’t miss leg day. Breath taking worth the hike.

Awesome hike! Arrived at parking lot around 8:30 and it was 95% full. Started out on the trail around 8:45. They need one of those jumping deer signs as we scared up a couple of deer and they jumped! Watch out for the tree roots that seem to be alive. We stopped counting the number of times we tripped. The lake is gorgeous. The hike was tough (we are in our mid 50s), but very doable. We were out about 4 1/2 hours with a 30 minute break at the lake and picture breaks along the way.

Pretty sweet - must do

extremely beautiful and moderate traffic. plenty of water along the way. most of the trail is hardpacked and easy terrain. everyone on the trail was very friendly.

on Icicle Gorge Trail

15 days ago

We were only passing through Levenworth for less than 24 hours but wanted to experience a hike. This trail was easy to access and great for kids. Mine were not up for a strenuous hike that day but we loved the scenery and enjoyed the water on our toes in a few spots. Was not difficult so if your looking for a challenge, this is not it! But it fulfilled what we were looking for that day and it was very pretty!

Watch out for the bees!

15 days ago

Great hike up to Trap lake. Made it up to ridgeline above trap lake only. Trail was a little beat up and slick in parts. I was behind time and had to turn around. It looked like I still had about 2 miles to go and I was 6.5 miles in. I would expect about 14 miles round trip. Views of trap lake was stunning.

15 days ago

The trail is well maintained with some beautiful views. Our kids did great on this hike. There were a couple of short stretches with steep drop offs to the side of the trail, but the trail stayed wide and manageable for our 7 year old the whole time. Our 3 year old rode in the carrier for the more questionable parts. Lake Valhalla is gorgeous! Just about 7 miles round-trip.

16 days ago

We are staying in Leavenworth and it was a quick trip to the trail head. The road up was a bit rough on my fiesta, but doable. We parked in the first lot due to reviews. But we got there around 745 and it wasn’t too busy yet.

Overall it is one of the more scenic hikes I have been on. Gorgeous views. It took us a solid 1.5 hours to get up there with some fairly steep terrain.

Let me tell you, when you arrive at the lake, your mind will be blown. Just gorgeous. We jumped in and talk about...cold! But so worth it.

You really feel like you are in the mountains. From tunnel creek trail to Surprise lake. It’s up and down and the views are just amazing. You want to make sure you go on a sunny day with views. The toughest part of the trail was the beginning to the first lake. Warming up with elevation. After that the trail is smooth. We seen 4 lakes total. With mountain peak views, Boulder fields, meadows, some forestry areas with old growth. Probably my favorite trek I have done. I wished I would have stayed a night or 2.

This hike is amazing. We started the hike at snow lake and ended at the Colchuck parking lot. We started at 10:30 and ended at 2am. We had to hike at night and thankfully did not slip to our deaths down Asgard. Luckily we got rescued by 2 people on the road back to the main highway, who planned to stay the night, but didn’t have a permit. We hiked for 14.5 hours and possibly went 24 miles— if not more. The path is well marked but spotty at times — relies on totems/carens for a majority of the route. The path to Asgard is not well marked with Totems/Carens(?) and there were a lot of social trails that made us double back on the way down Lake Colchuck.

I considered myself a good hiker and physically fit before this hike. Bring a water filter, extra headlamps, and a tent/sleeping bag as a precaution. We got lost a few times which added to our mileage. I don’t think this changes my opinion of the trail I just think some people are optimistic in these reviews saying the hike is falsely 17.5! Add up the mileage on the map and you’ll get ~+20.

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