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The newer trails are well laid in. some of the climbing turns on the south side of the loop are too steep to pull on a bike.

6 days ago

Had the trail to ourselves on a Thursday in August, probably due to the 91 degree forecast. The narrow 1.6 mile road to the TH does have some dips and crevasses, but the Subaru had no problem. Only 2 other cars in the parking lot. The actual mileage, roundtrip from TH to Merritt Lake, is 7.2 (not 5.4 as mentioned on several web sites). Took us 5 hours total. We had on a coat of bug spray and had no issues with the pests while having lunch next to the lake. Maybe it was the heat, maybe it was the bug spray. At any rate, we enjoyed a peaceful picnic by the lake. We did not venture onto Lost Lake for the mileage was already beyond our 5 mile preferred distance. There was only one downed tree (I scrambled under it, my hiking partner scrambled around it) and it was a non event. The trail is well marked. GPS/Cell coverage during most of the trial was good. I enjoyed the workout (2,000 ft elevation gain) and glad we started early.

Beautiful views!

Nice trail. The views along the way are mixed with the town of Leavenworth, the Wenatchee river and Icicle creek. Some nice sitting ricks for rest and the inclines were moderate as labeled. I don’t hike a lot but it’s always fun to find a summit, which this hike has.

21 days ago

The road to the trailhead was challenging for my Prius which is very low to the ground but I managed to make it. The hike was a good workout - and the lake was worth the trip. The length is more like 6.5 miles though. There was a downed tree about 2/3 of the way up that many have cussed to detour around, which I did too on the return.

This trail is almost entirely on private property and clearly marked NO TRESPASSING. The public portion is all on an old road.

1 month ago

1. Payoff - the view at the lake is beautiful and worth it in my opinion (not worth it in my husbands opinion - he hated this hike). The foliage on the way is also quite lovely.
2. Solitude - we hiked on a Saturday morning (8:30 to 10:45) and never saw a single person on the trail or at the trailhead.
3. Beat the heat - trail is shaded almost the entire way and the temp was 10 degrees cooler than in Leavenworth when we were there.

1. Two thirds of this hike are a straight up climb. Yes, seriously.
2. The entire trail is swarming with mosquitos. We wore permethrin-treated clothing and picaridin and were still harassed the whole way, so be prepared to fight for your life.
3. There are large sections of this trail that are almost completely overgrown, so if you hate bush-whacking (like my husband) then this may not be the trail for you.

trail running
1 month ago

If you're planning on using this trail past the 4th of July turnoff don't waste your time. I was planning on tying 4th of July with Chatter Creek via Icicle Ridge Trail and the trail is completely overgrown. Bushwacked for an hour trying to find any sign of a trail. Had to turn around. NEEDS SOME SERIOUS WORK.

Arrived 10:45. At summit 1:30pm. Sat around to eat. Took one hour to get down. Finished at 3:45pm. About ten cars in the area. Parking lot is not well defined. The trailhead is up the dirt road from the parking lot. This was a late start. Really hot. 80’s. I should learn to wake up earlier. No porta potty at the trail head. Trail is 75% exposed.

Hiked on 7/7/18 - This trail is pretty narrow and overgrown in a few areas and we hit patchy snow at about 5500 ft. I’d be wary of hiking it after a rainfall - it’s very exposed and very steep! LOTS of mosquitos at the top, but beautiful wildflowers and amazing views all along the way. I also saw quite a few tiny garnets in a lot of the rocks along the middle section of the trail, if you’re into that sort of thing :)

1 month ago

Definitely meh. Long, moderately steep hike with switchbacks. The summit was littered with some old burned out trees and the view was just so-so.

Very few people on this trail even at the height of tourist season (summer weekend) for the area. Not too strenuous with beautiful sweeping views at the end of the trail. T-Mobile cell service available for most of the trail.

*We saw two juvenile bears near the top July 7th around 10AM*

Very challenging. The hike up is uphill the entire time with no downhill points and very few flat points. There are a TON of switchbacks. Felt like it took forever to get up. But once you’re up there the views are amazing. You can see into the valley with the road into Leavenworth and the river. The hike down is steep but goes by very fast as most of the hike is steep.

Steady climb with beautiful views at the top! Take plenty of water on hot days.

on Nason Ridge Trail

1 month ago

Road was still closed as of July 1.

1 month ago

It’s almost 2 miles each way and it’s not very easy. Nice trail and the lake is very beautiful. Once you reach the lake go to the left and and pass the creek to access the lake and for a better view.

Nice hike near Leavenworth.

A great hike. My husband and I went on a Sunday morning leaving at 8am only passed 2 others on the way up, coming down we passed 3. lots of great picture opportunities all the way up. 2 1/2 hours total with hanging out at the top for a bit.

1 month ago

Arrived at the trailhead at about 1130 and there were only 2 other cars in the parking lot. The trail is in good shape with only two smaller trees that have fallen into it but are very easy to cross. There is a lot of yarrow, brides bonnet, and even some tiger lily in full bloom! We got to the lake and planned to relax and have some lunch but the mosquitoes were INSANE. We could not stop for even 1”-15 seconds without being completely swarmed so we grabbed some food and ate on the move. It’s a beautiful lake though and under better circumstances I’d love to return and hang out a bit.

Be sure to check out my video to see how beautiful this hike really is!! https://youtu.be/vI_R__1p7W8

1 month ago

Nice trail. Switch backs are long and very comfortable. 1/2 to the lake. Lots of mosquitoes. We were unprepared for that. Ran into a gal
With two dogs and she was kind to offer us a Ben’s mosquitoes towelettes. From that point on we were ok. Some snow we had to walk over and a few small streams Weather got cold once we were to the lake. So glad I brought a wind jacket for two reasons. The mosquitoes and the cold wind. My fingers were numb
We are in our late 50s Took us 2 hours up and 1 1/2 down.

1 month ago

The directions here are not accurate. We did6 mile loop started with what was marked as a snowshoe trail to the left of the ski tow hut which is the Rosy/Freund uphill connector. Then connected with Rosy Boa and then down 4 the Boys. Beautiful views around the way and pretty well maintained trails.

1 month ago

Early morning 6 am start was still cool but began to warm pretty quickly. Bugs were pretty much non existent that early. The intermittent tree coverings were throughput the entire trail and welcome. Easier start the first half with heavier switchbacks and steeper ascent second half. View of Leavenworth and more at the top was outstanding. After turning in past the inconspicuous brown trail sign and when you get near the end of the road where you'll see a burm, road signs to the right saying where not to park are a little misleading. Turn in and up the entry road past the no parking left or right signs to find the trail head and parking area off the road. Rightly tagged a moderate hike.

This hike is great, especially at the beginning of the season as a refresher. You'll definitley break a sweat on this steep trail with all of it switchbacks. Relatively short, not too difficult. Not great for young children though, took along a 10 year old & we had to bribe him to finish the hike. My dog loves this one when it's not too busy. Trail can be very crowded. I tend to go during the early season when it's still snowy. Definitely worth doing if you're in the area!!

1 month ago

Fun but moderately strenuous hike! There’s some exciting stream crossing, log walking, and overgrown areas. But there’s no more snow! Still some mud, recommend waterproof shoes and maybe a stick to help you get past the narrow prickle bush sections. Lake is beautiful but still a little chilly, very relieved I brought a jacket to put on once I was there.

Great views. Wouldn't recommend for young children. My 8 yr old kept up fine but I wouldn't call it family friendly because of how steep it is.

Spectacular views but tons of trees down on the trail. Made for a slow-going Hike. Not very runnable.

2 months ago

Great hike. Not super challenging. This time of year make sure to bring good bug spray. Still a little bit of snow, random patches, no need for any special gear.

This was a good hike & pretty views. Tbeo switch backs are fairly steep - it was a bit of a challenge!

Great hike!
Starts out pretty easy, but definitely gets more steep towards the end (may be tough for people with creaky knees). It is well maintained and not toooo busy. The view at the top is totally worth it because you can see over the other side and the whole valley is below. Wouldn’t recommend in the rain (might get slippery). Would definitely do again!!

Fab hike but not easy! Not recommended for kids. The way up is intermediate/hard because it’s a lot of ascending and the trail isn’t always obvious. But keep looking at the map for the right direction when you feel a bit lost and you will easily find the trail back again (after battling some bushes, going over logs or stepping over small water streams - it’s an adventurous one!).

Park your car at the huge parking lot from where you can see a building/Nordic centre, you can find the trail opposite it where the road goes up a bit. After some forest you will reach a hilly area which has a huge power tower which feels a bit scary - ascend up the hill where the tower is, pass underneath it, and continue the trail into the forest.

Then it is mostly ascending through the forest. Bring water! It’s tough but fun (keep the lake at the end in mind!). We had some snow about 3/4 in, but it was mostly compact and we managed in trainers and careful walking.

It took us 60 min to get to the lake. When you reach the lake you can find some logs (at the bottom!) of the stream to pass it for better views.

The way down (same route) is a lot easier. Really enjoyed this hike and would recommend - but don’t expect an easy stroll! :)

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