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Did this hike in a full day in the middle of October. The fall colors made the landscape even more breathtaking. We went first to Colchuck Lake and it seemed the best way to go for this trek. We started the hike at 8:50 and came back to the car at 18hs (given that we spent about one whole hour just enjoying the view at Colchuck Lake). If you like to take pictures, I would advise to check the time the sun sets behind the mountains so you ensure your great shots at both lakes.

1 day ago

Per previous review... fall colors were awesome. This is a bruiser, but no bugs this time of year. Probably worse as I am out of shape and was trying to break in a new pack. Don't think I'll carry 40+ lbs again unless I stay the night at the top! FYI... my Garmin had this at 4.2 on the way down, more on the way up, but I stopped a lot and wandered around taking pictures.

Wonderful hike! Long but moderate in comparison to other “difficult” hikes !

Hiked on October 13th with my boyfriend. We are in pretty good shape and it took us 10:38 to do 18.1 miles (that includes around 45 minutes of break time). We drove to snow lake and booked a shuttle to the other trailhead. It was 20 per person and totally worth it (just Google enchantments shuttle it's called the loop) I recorded 18.1 with my GPS but I should note we took some shortcuts

Easily the most beautiful hike I've done! Golden larches, clear skies, and a bit of snow. I'm still in awe.

here are my tips:
- pack light. there's plenty of water on the trail so bring maybe 1 liter and just filter the rest
- download gps map before. there is no signal and some parts of the trail are not obvious
- bring head lamps as daylight is getting shorter and shorter!
- bring microspikes for the ascent of asgard- it was icy!
- if you're in good shape you can afford to take more breaks than we did! we started at 6:30 (in the dark) and ended around 5 ish (still light) we had heard horror stories of ppl wandering back around 10:30pm so we tried to keep a good pace but ultimately found ourselves way ahead of schedule

Always a treasure to hike and camp. Remember to check the weather to pack appropriately and always carry a map.

Surreal, breathtaking, incredible hike!!

2 days ago

BE WARNED: This hike is 12 miles round trip, NOT 7.7. However, it was perfect! Incredible hike, gorgeous fall colors everywhere, 1000% worth the work for the pristine lake at the top! There was crystal clear blue water and larches!

2 days ago

Larch madness is happening in the enchantments! Perfect timing and it happened by accident really. I was planning on camping with a permit but decided halfway through to partner up with two other hikers (made the trip a lot better) there is no cell phone service for ATT on the trail even thought the coverage map extends up to upper snow lake. Started at Stuart lake trailhead (asked for a ride from some hikers who were heading that way, parking my car at snow lake trailhead. Asgard’s pass was amazing plus the views of mount Stuart’s north face, some ice at the top requiring traction devices. The lakes, trees, mountains, absolutely amazing. Never knew something so beautiful existed. You must see it to believe it and you will remember it forever. The hike is great for the first 10 miles but after that, the descent is pretty tough on the knees. I had all my camping gear with me and did the full 20 in 15 hours but it was worth the slow pace, I wanted to enjoy the view and not just rush through it.

It’s the most picturesque reward you’ll ever get after a long, hard hike. My husband and I actually hiked this at night so we could be at the top by sunrise. It was GORGEOUS! Totally worth every steep climb up, and painful knee-aching step down. We clocked in over 10 miles. It was very cold, and near the top there were so many boulders to climb we thought we were off the trail, but eventually found our way. Could’ve been the dark though. :)

Great hike. Worth the effort once you get to the lake. Oct 12...perfect time. Weather was 49-59 over the whole hike. No bugs and few people.

5 days ago

Left Seattle at 8:05 AM and got to the TH at 10 AM. I started at the Smithbrook TH. There’s no need to register your car at the trailhead. The registration sheet was sopping wet and the signs at the beginning of the TH said you didn’t need to :). I don’t know how it is other times of the year, so check to make sure! THERE WERE SO MANY PUPS ON THIS TRAIL! Super dog friendly :). My pup went off leash pretty much immediately, but he’s a wonderful hiking dog and stays close and we hold onto him to let other hikers pass us.

The beginning of the trail is a bunch of switch backs. That’s the “hardest” part of the trail., which I would rate moderate. The rest is super easy and flat or super gentle inclines. I don’t know why this is rated hard because it’s very kid friendly. The trails are narrow at times, so it’s hard to pass other hikers with your dog, but I don’t think it’s a big deal. I wore warm running leggings, a ski base layer, and my rain jacket with a beanie and I was perfectly fine! I think it was about 47 degrees F and cloudy. The fall colors are AMAZINGl! My pup enjoyed Lake Valhalla with a bunch of others. The whole trail took a little less that 4 hours because we enjoyed our snacks at the lake :). ENJOY THE TRAIL!

7 days ago

This review is intended to explain why this rating was not 4.5 or 5. So why only three stars? The trail when I took on October 5th had areas that were well marked but in the most dangerous parts (Asgard Pass, the descent to Snow Lakes) it was marked negligently. Cairns haphazardly marked the trail to snow lake and create a danger of following dangerous non-paths towards precipices. What saved me were the multiple groups tracking through the park who able to track the specific path. The difficulty level boarders on mountaineering at various parts of the trail. This review is not intended to deter the hearty but to warn those with less experience that the risk of falling is real.

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7 days ago

7 hours, lots of walking as there was snow on the trail for the middle 10 & Aasgard was bottlenecked & treacherous. Two lake dives & one mountain goat spotting from ~10 feet away. The quintessential alpine lake hike in the Cascades.

8 days ago

Absolutely amazing hike which lived up to the hype. I did it in a day starting at Snow Lakes TH. It took just over 11 hours, with about an hours worth of breaks maybe longer as I couldnt help taking pictures every few feet. Start time was 6 am. There was a decent amount of waiting in busy areas. It had snowed about 3-4 inches above snow lake which made it amazing. The larches were unreal. It was empty on the trail until the upper enchantment lakes then it got quite busy with traffic coming from Colchuck. Asgard was pretty treacherous. The snow made for very slippery descent, especially since I neglected to bring my microspikes. It all worked out great though and I will do it again. I logged just over 22 miles with just under 7k vert. Nice little hike overall

Amazing hike, water level low. Stunning views

I’d love to see pictures of what this trail looked like before it got so beat down. Major trail erosion is everywhere and path width is extreme. I wonder how much longer this section will be able to handle such high hiker volume? We are unintentionally destroying the places we say we love.

Hiked 10/03/18-10/05/18. Lottery permitted. Started at Snow Lakes TH. The route finding is terrible on the ascent from Snow Lake to Vivian. Everything else is pretty straight forward, except the trail conditions from Colchuck Lake to the Stuart TH are eroded in the extreme. There are high levels of deeply exposed tree roots all along this section of the trail. I say this with the experience of also coming here in 2017. It’s noticeably much worse than last year. It’s way past time to start limiting day hiker entry or it’s time for the Forest Service to up the game on trail rehab. The current situation is not a long term solution for such a special place.

Hiked 10/05/18 from Colchuck Lake to Horseshoe on my last permit day before leaving that evening and I will never regret it. It started snowing as I got closer to Lake Stuart and didn’t stop for my whole ascent/descent. From the trail head, enjoy the insane levels of day hiking foot traffic on the the very abused main section... before the Stuart/Colchuck junction. After the junction, the trail is very plush until you reach southern extents of the Jack Creek burn just before you start the last major uphill ascent. 1,000,000 logs are down everywhere, and there is still relatively little vegetative cover on the scorched soil. The trail is in desperate need of maintenance in the first part of the climb and you will have trail finding issues. The key is to remember that the climb mostly follows the major drainage on that section of the side slope. This is more obvious when you are descending. This is not a hike for inexperienced users. You must have well honed way-finding capability. Reading the landscape is crucial to help reduce human impacts in this area while it is in the process of healing. It is almost appalling that a bigger effort has not been made by the Forest Service to minimize human related impacts here. Isn’t that why we pay for the overnight lottery?


Beautiful easy hike for the whole family.

10 days ago

The best hike I’ve been on so far in my young hiking career. I clocked it at 9.31 miles up and down. Definitely a hard hike, but being 28 my fiancé and I were able to do it in our sneakers. Pack accordingly as it can get chilly and we did encounter some snow about half way up. Enjoy the breathtaking view!

A lot of elevation gain, but beautiful views and the fall colors made it special.

Absolutely gorgeous location with the larches turning color, pictures can do no justice. This is the most beautiful place I have ever been to. It looks and is kept pristine.

But you must earn your way to the views! I got lucky and was able to camp so I broke up the trip over a three days. Weight is your enemy on this trail, pack light and smart, but make sure you bring a bivvy bag or some kind of emergency shelter, even if you're just hiking. It got very cold and wet while we were up there, and the weather changes suddenly. The emergency blanket I brought saved us from a miserable night while camping. Water is plentiful and delicious. The area still looks pristine

I may try this as a day hike, but the hiking is extremely steep and long no matter which way you try to get to the core zone. Totally worth it though.

As of this writing, Snow Lake has been mostly drained for the season and I didn't find it attractive enough to warrant the long slog to get there. I would rather go via Colchuck and deal with Asgard pass at this point in time than go anywhere below lake Viviane

beautiful and well worth it.

11 days ago

heaven on Earth doesn't even begin to describe it. I dayhiked it solo, took me about 12 hours, sore for days but I can't wait to do it again. such a magical place. definitely going to aim to backpack next time.

Probably my favorite hike. Defiantly a hard hike but SO many great view spots that you can take a rest. We clocked around 9 miles round trip. Beautiful lake! We got snow, rain and sunshine. Can’t wait to go back!

13 days ago

Great day. 24.15 miles. 5500 feet elevation gain. Latch are peak as of yesterday.

Close in town, fabulous views, great exercise, it’s all there!

Nice long hike star time 7:30am out by 5:40pm. with many stops. Looking for mountain goats but no luck. Perfect weekend. 24.5 miles at the end.

15 days ago

Totally worth it,, beautiful

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