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It was more of a hard trail. Made it .6 miles in and turned back. Solid rocks up the trail. About another mile in there is snow covered in June. We saw beautiful views of our little bit in. It was fun and beautiful just more of a hard trail with the gravel. We did not have poles. I would recommend them.

Too steep to run, but gorgeous and trail is in good shape

1 day ago

One of my all time favorites! Aasgard Pass is hard but well worth it. I recommend leaving a car at each end. I’ve done it both as a day hike and over several days.

Really great hike. Yes, it's very difficult but worth it!

Nice leisurely walk with beautiful scenery.

This was an easy hike to a nice lake. Not too many people on a weekend but I am going to guess that is because of the mosquitos. This will not be a hike we do again because of the amount of mosquitos.

2 days ago

Amazing views of the mountains and river throughout. The lake is a fantastic finish. Not nearly as crowded as Colchuck, which was nice. Definitely some tough inclines, but you get more than enough breaks to make up for it. LOTS of mosquitoes!


No snow. Tons of mosquitos the entire way. Very dirty. Still beautiful.

Last mile is challenging to say the least. Beautiful hike and even more beautiful scenery at the end. Well worth the effort to get there. Last mile / 1/2 mile had my husband and I questioning our sanity but we were moving quickly and had to slow our pace down. Took us about 2 hour to get there and about 1 hour and 40 minutes to get back to the car. Didn’t see any goats :(. Hands down, best hike we’ve ever done. Sore muscles today! Water, snacks and bug spray is a MUST..

6 days ago

Great hike visually, bring lots of water. First incline isn’t anything too crazy but the second incline is lengthy and can get pretty difficult if not in good shape. One of the best hikes I’ve done

AMAZING and fun hike. You get to hike along a creek and hear running water, climb boulders, cross bridges, and end at a stunning lake. While my dad was taking a nap a mountain goat went right up to him and smelled him! Lots of wild life and a beautiful place.

One of our new favorite trails, made for an awesome day hike. We are from Minnesota and while we are not avid hikers this trail was just right for us.

Don't be fooled by how innocent the trail starts off, it becomes pretty difficult but certainly worth the view. I highly recommend.

10 days ago

Hiked this on June 9th and the trail was completely clear of snow! Probably one of my new favorite hikes (:
Was going to do Asgard but the rest of the group wasn't feeling up to it since there was still a little snow there. Next time though (:

10 days ago

Butt kicker! Went with two teen girls and we all made the top. Once up 1/2 mi. from top snow ate the trail, just go up hill(duh) going down was dangerously fun falling lots. Awesome alpine views at top. Worth it. Mosquitoville all the way on 5/20 ay

Fab hike but not easy! Not recommended for kids. The way up is intermediate/hard because it’s a lot of ascending and the trail isn’t always obvious. But keep looking at the map for the right direction when you feel a bit lost and you will easily find the trail back again (after battling some bushes, going over logs or stepping over small water streams - it’s an adventurous one!).

Park your car at the huge parking lot from where you can see a building/Nordic centre, you can find the trail opposite it where the road goes up a bit. After some forest you will reach a hilly area which has a huge power tower which feels a bit scary - ascend up the hill where the tower is, pass underneath it, and continue the trail into the forest.

Then it is mostly ascending through the forest. Bring water! It’s tough but fun (keep the lake at the end in mind!). We had some snow about 3/4 in, but it was mostly compact and we managed in trainers and careful walking.

It took us 60 min to get to the lake. When you reach the lake you can find some logs (at the bottom!) of the stream to pass it for better views.

The way down (same route) is a lot easier. Really enjoyed this hike and would recommend - but don’t expect an easy stroll! :)

Easy trail with beautiful lake view. Bring mosquito repellent and the recreation pass. Last mile of road isn’t paved but manageable if you drive slowly.

When you reach the stream at the lake, look for a log to cross it (it’s not obvious), to continue the trail and get better lake views. You can continue the trail down towards Lake Wenatchee to make it a loop/circular walk (at the end you will need to walk the gravel road back up to the car but it’s a quiet road). When you reach Lake Wenatchee there is a picnic and bbq area.

Great location with fantastic views. But you have to earn it.

With the wildfires that swept through last summer, the trail after Stuart Lake is near impossible to find. Make sure you have GPS and the trail downloaded. We had someone in our group with GPS that had been to Horseshoe once before and it was still quite difficult.

After Stuart, you go about an hour through a marsh and lots of fallen trees. If you stay on course, the tree with the horseshoe is still standing. Once you see it, it’s straight up the mountain about 2,500 feet and this is where the trail is completely gone. Ash, mud, and dead trees everywhere. Took us about 3 hours for this section before reaching the lake. Microspikes a must have and be ready to get covered in ash.

Nice thing is once you get up there, you have it to yourself. Not too many people trying to make it with all the obstacles. Well worth it if you have the time and GPS. Feels like you are in the Core.

First things to know: you need a national parks pass (not a discovery pass) which you have to get elsewhere. Second, you have to take the lake trail for a mile and a half before getting to the creek trail marker, and no signage points to that. As for the trail itself, it's not well maintained, and many of the trees in the area are burned down. We had to climb over many downed trees, and part of the trail was flooded over, forcing us to climb over some rocks. The views weren't remarkable and we left with a lot of scratches from the overgrown bushes.

11 days ago

Gorgeous hike. Only 2 down trees the entire trip. A tiny bit of snow on the trail but the hike is so worth it. Lake is amazing.

Hiked this trail May 24, and not disappointed. Trail starts out innocent enough, but soon reveals to be a workout. Bring enough water, or bring a purifier. And definitely don't forget some food. Bug spray won't hurt either! Incredible views seen nowhere else. Definitely recommend this hike.

14 days ago

Do not use the directions from alltrails. Ended up on someones property. The guy who lived there told us there are two ways to get to Larch lake. One via High Camp. The road to the trail head is closed and many miles long. The second option was to hike chiwaukum lake then onto larch lake. This trail is NOT recommended. Started at 1 pm and arrived at chiwaukum at 1 am. The trail is in terrible condition and the mosquitoes are in full force. Tried the next morning to get to Larch lake but ran into heavy snow melting fast. The views and lake were beautiful.

14 days ago

Went there today for the first time and it was great! The trail had one tiny patch of snow, but it was good otherwise. We also saw a mountain goat and lots of chipmunks!

No dogs. Come on, WA. Catch up to 2018.

I travel extensively and have hiked all over the place. Very surprised how backwards WA is with their dog policies. Time to catch up with the rest of the Nation. Even the world.

no dogs allowed. WA needs to catch up on their policies with the rest of the Nation.

17 days ago

Fun hike with a beautiful reward at the end. Perfect for a midJuly day out in the woods.

Amazing hike! Stellar views, but the only down side is how popular it is. Lots of traffic parking lot was full and quite a bit of the road leading to the park lot as well. (Also I went at the beginning of the season soooo)

17 days ago

Easy hike. The last 1 mile of the road that leads to the trailhead is unpaved.

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