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Excellent. Hiked the entire distance in one day - started at Stuart trail , finished at Snow lake trail head. Took 15 hrs ( swimming stop and rest breaks) a bit scary hiking last 4-5 miles in the dark.
Beautiful scenic yet challenging hike. Thank you to my friend Kristen who organized this adventure !

Found out about this hike on Instagram and decided to drive 4 hours to hike it. Well worth the time and money because the view of the lake, and the color of the water, is breathtakingly beautiful! Planning on going back!

Awesome lake, this trail can be rough if you're backpacking it. The last mile and a half can be confusing but someone made rock towers to follow which makes it easier.

We started at the Stuart Lake Trail Head working our way up to Colchuck Lake. This is an outstanding hike, unfortunately the smoke got in our eyes, a lot of smoke in the are which interfered with views but worth it!


Just did a 4 night trek, up Aasgard, down through Snow Lakes. It was very challenging for me but so worth it. Bugs were only bad the first day. Last time I was here was 36 years ago and it was more outstanding than I remembered. (and harder!)

9 days ago

Trained by doing a bunch of challenging hikes leading up to this. Definitely helped. It's not so much difficult physically as it is mentally: if you can train your mind to understand time and space while doing the hike, you'll be much better off (not just for the Pass, but also the long hike down to the Snow Lakes trail head).

10 days ago

Yes, old guys can do this in a day. I took a bunch of great pictures, talked to other cool hikes , and had a great day.

Spectacular views of Glacier Peak.

12 days ago

First time test out big and long hike with my buddy who probably can run this trail in half or less the time he was hiking with me. It was satisfied painfully. It is the most difficult and mental challenge (the last few miles)
hike I have ever done. We started at a minute before sunrise 544am on 8/5 and was out in the car by 8pm! My feet and Knees are still paying for the unforgiven pain. I love what nature has to offer, wow! Thanks Boomer for staying with me. It was unforgettable memories.

13 days ago

Amazing thru-hike experience. We lucked out on a relatively cool day which was still clear with tremendous views and plenty of sun. Bugs were remarkably few, we had feared much worse. My stats showed 20.5 miles and took us 13 hours which included a dip in Snow lake (refreshing and wonderful) and few small wayfinding challenges. aasgard was as billed (tough and took us about 2 hours) but downhill rock field climbing was harder than expected but doable even for those not hard core hikers (like ourselves). We went down on our bottoms on quite a few rocks. Kept a steady pace with not much rest time but frequent small stops for eating and filtering water. Didn't stop and enjoy the core zone as much as we'd like due to concern about finishing. In retrospect, we could have taken a nice break at one of the core zone lakes and really take it all in. Hard to make that kind of decision when you are exhausted, so making a plan to do that would be better. Bring lots of fuel. Drink plenty of water (we did about 7L and used Nuun tablets for electrolytes) and some real food (PBJ sandwiches) were great for lunch instead of the typical nuts and jerky type trail food. It was an amazing experience and I highly recommend it!

14 days ago

If you want to get to the upper lake there is a trail that cuts off to the left right above the 5000’ elevation sign. Do yourself a favor and take this instead of trying to bushwhack around the lower lake.

Have done 5-night hikes twice. Otherworldy views, secluded trails and sites, tons of day hikes off the beaten path. Count yourself lucky if you can claim the end of the peninsula on Leprechaun Lake. Aasgard Pass is brutally satisfying if you come up from Colchuck.

Did the thru hike a few weeks ago and it was without a doubt the hardest hike I’ve done to date. If we had gotten an overnight permit, I would’ve jumped on the chance to split it over 2 days. The views are indescribable though - pictures don’t do it justice. The bugs were awful and we came home covered in mosquito bites. Bug spray did not seem to deter them. If you’ve got the will and heart like a previous poster said, do it. You won’t regret it. Make sure to come prepared though - it’s definitely a challenge.

Very beautiful hike today but the bugs were awful. Get the most powerful repellent you can find and multiple it by two. :)

stunning views all around! the road to get to trailhead is pretty tore up right now but still managed to get there in my audi A4 (very slowly). mosquitos were the worst I've ever experienced but the trip was still worth it. oh, the 31.1 miles is not correct, it was more like 39 miles just to be aware. definitely a tough hike. bridge at Lyman lake has been destroyed so look carefully for the poorly marked detour. theres no signs anywhere letting you know you're on the loop so know your route in advance and bring a map!

Great hike, beautiful views. Lake is not swim friendly, full of logs. A LOT of mosquitos, bring DEET and a net.

Epic test of will and heart but well worth the trek! Amazing views! Doable in one day but bring your headlamp and plenty of food/water.

25 days ago

If you like overgrown and sometimes primitive trails - then take this one.
Rated as 5 star because I like those types of trails.

26 days ago

Boyfriend and I found this without the app near our campsite- saw 1 group the whole time. AMAZING VIEWS but must work through the incline to get there. Gentle at first, after the bridge it goes up for awhile. Keep an eye behind you for mountain views. Only went as far as the rock field because we couldnt find the trail and had no map. Would recommend hiking poles for the trek down. Plan on going back for the whole thing. Highly recommended!!

great hike!!! did in 1 day....

Legitimately my favorite day hike to date.

A really great hike, not incredibly steep, but challenging. I made a wrong turn toward a boulder scramble at one point and was lost for quite a while. Make sure to cross the creek at that point, don’t go up the scramble!

This is my jam ✌️❤️

1 month ago

Started at Colchuck and did the through hike in a day (20mi). The descents felt harder than the climbs, grippy shoes are a must. Only saw a couple of people without poles. Make sure to save some time for hanging out on the top of the pass! Can't wait to do it again!

1 month ago

Great hike, no snow to deal with a little water on the trail at certain points. Bugs were very bad and be aware there is not much tree cover so wear sunblock. Overall a good day on the trail.

1 month ago

NOT TRUE. Dogs are not allowed. I couldn't hike this trail because I had mine with me.
Can someone correct the error?

1 month ago

Ohh the switchbacks! My calves are singing today. Did a day hike just to the falls. We saw a 4 foot rattler on the way back down stretched the width of the trail. He was minding his own business trying to get to the boulders above.

Did an overnighter to Lake Colchuck with the family on June 29-30. It was my daughter's first backpacking trip. The trail is great! Not a footpath by any means, but a rocky, root-strewn, steep trail. By no means is it hard, but it isn't for the faint of heart either unless they're willing to take breaks in between working.

There are a few really great campsites on the water, but there are plenty of sites if you walk off the beaten path a little.

At the tail end of June it is pretty buggy, so big spray is a must! The views are well worth it though.

My wife and I have to go back to do Asgard's pass because it looks amazing!

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