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Great trail, very busy. Big incline at the beginning of the trail but gets easy near the top. It’s a rocky trail. There’s $5 over flow parking which was nice.

crouded, but good

trail is ok, but the lookout it very underwhelming, not worth the climb

Great trail , few people. Lots of extra trails to explore, but you will end up in someone’s backyard if you are not careful. I am not sure who’s house that is up there at the end of the lookout, but they must be kinda ticked off with all the people going up there now. So I avoid the lookout in respect of there privacy.

Trail is all gradual uphill around the last half mile it gets kinda hard because your going steep up but it it worth it! I would consider this moderate not easy depending on you. The woods toward the fireplace are very beautiful reminds me of a fairytale.

Wonderful views, excellent trail conditions and stunning parasailing at the top...but I’m not posting any pictures of those things. My wife and I along with our Golden Retriever did this hike last Sunday on 7/15; Seattle set a record high temperature of 93 degrees that day. While we had planned well for water that day, we were out by the end of the hike (our dog was well rested and well watered during the day) and all 3 of us were looking for shade and more water...none of which are present at the parking lot. We were overjoyed to find water and shade provided in the parking lot. Truly picture worthy-THANK YOU ACROPARAGLIDING!

This hike is tougher than others make it sound. I would do this again, earlier or later. I went at 7 AM and it was still crowded. Gushing with people when we came back and tons of people who didn't pick up their dog poop! The trail even provides bags at the bottom. It was cloudy so I didn't get to experience much on top. Perfect for those who are in the city to get away, but I wouldn't drive more than 1 hour to do this hike. The bonus is that you MAY get to see paragliders.

always a beautiful hike

6 days ago

Tougher than we thought it would be. Constant elevation gain. Nice trail though and it was fun to watch the paragliders taking off at the top.

7 days ago

Great well-maintained trail, fantastic views from the top.

extremely hard trail. very slick at points. not recommended for beginners. You can do it, but start early.

I was the only person Tues @ 6 AM. My GPS shows I walked about 3.5mi, in about 1.5hrs. The trail is a bit steep but not too challenging (for a moderately fit 25y/o, female) and well maintained.
There is no big view overlook but this trail makes for a lovely walk in the forest without having to drive too far from the city.

7/12/2018 (Thursday) - My loop is up via Nook (0.8), Talus Rock (westbound 0.1), Section Line (steep 0.5), W Tiger RR (level 0.4), SEA (steep, 0.4), Summit #2 (0.2) = 2.5 hours, lunch. Then down via WT2 (0.2), TMT (0.3), K-3 above RR (0.2), K-3 below RR (0.4), TMT (2.0). WTRR cross High Point Creek collapses. TMT is rerouted. This is a hot day, but temperature in the woods is 10 degrees cooling than that under the sun.

10 days ago

nice workout, limited views

Nice & easy.

I like this one because it's only about 20 minutes from my apartment, and it's enough to get a really good workout in the woods. Well marked trail, lush forested area... a fine place to walk it off! As a bounus - it connects to other trails all over the mountain, so you can cover a LOT of ground depending on how much time you've got to explore.

Great little hike right near the city! very popular trail. A farm nearby smartly offers overflow parking for $5. Expect crowds and all that come along with them, show up early or just accept it and enjoy anyway. Bathroom was open at the top.

Holy cow, I’m not in shape what so ever, so this was a pretty tiring hike. But let me tell you, once you got to the top it was well worth it. I spent about an hour just watching the paragliders at the top. For a sunny Sunday like today, there wasn’t an overwhelming amount of people on the trail. Parking took a minute. I made two circles and found someone leaving which was convenient!

Not easy to find the starting point. We went up to poo poo point from high school (3.8 miles) and returned via chirico trial (1.7 miles). Nice views of the area and mount Rainier. Also it was nice to see someone paragliding from poo poo point.

Great trail, seeing gliders glide was a good view

Great hiking trails...

This hike is a great workout. I went on Fri, July 6 at 5am.
I don’t like hiking on asphalt, nor through the tent city. So I just turned around and went back the way I came and got to see all those lovely views all over again. Got about 14 miles out of it.

The birds and I had the trail all to ourselves for the greater portion of the hike. I didn’t see anyone until my way back as I was passing through T#2, which was around 8:30. The views from T#3 and T#1 are spectacular.

Overall, the hike is a fun challenge with a great pay out. I highly recommend it!

The hike itself wasn’t bad, nice incline and a great little work out. However, the view at the top wasn’t that great. Don’t get me wrong, it was still beautiful but not like some of the other views I have seen. Not bad at all, glad to say I did it but wouldn’t do it again.

15 days ago

Sunday July 1 2018 my car window was shattered and purse stolen. Credit card was used 19 minutes after we parked the car. It was used at QFC on 4th in Renton for 1024 dollars. They had to be watching me. Be careful.

It was really humid when we went this afternoon. We put mosquito repellent on and the bugs seemed to leave us alone.

The trail was well marked and consistent steady climb. The first 2 Miles has heavy traffic. Unfortunately, it’s packed with iPhone, music listening, distracted persons. But above the 2 mile mark (take off point for gliders) it becomes much more tranquil and less traveled. Plenty of dogs and certain area have edible berries as foliage.

Parking is limited but later than most trail parking. Porto potties at the trail Head and at the glider take off point.

Great trail. Be prepared it is difficult going straight up the cable trail but well worth it. And you can take the longer easier way back. Going at a slower pace the look took 3 hours.

we were a little disappointed that majority of the actual terrain were only for bikers. the trail itself is literally a dirt road all the way to the top. at the top, the trees are too high to really see the view. there is another small view area that is prettier about .04 miles before the main view. it is a nice and easy trail to walk or run. no hiking poles needed for this trail.

19 days ago

7/2/2018 (Monday) -- High Point Trail has just been trimmed to wide and neat, but the paralleled Lingering Trail is not, covered by overgrown ferns. I moved along Dwights Way, trying to reach a trailhead on Preston side, but encountered "Private Property D.O.T.", then I turned left and zigzagged downhill to "Preston Powerline Trail", and then returned to High Point.

Very limited parking on an early Sunday afternoon, but so many people were coming and going that we found a spot pretty quickly. It’s a few hours after my first hike and my knees feel like jell-o. Not an avid hiker, so it was pretty challenging, but so worth it in the end. Would love to try this hike on a week day when it’s not so crowded, but the trail has lots of spots for people to pass and to take a rest if needed.

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