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Nice hiking trail. Rocky at the beginning, but then opens up to the woods and it's really nice to get away from the city. The views from the top are great and on a sunny day expect to see a lot of paragliders.

this trail was a great and powerful challenge for me and my (now) fiance. I took her on it and little did she know when we made it to the very scenic view at the top that I would propose to her! The entire hike was very uphill but really made you work for the end. it was hard but in a good way. Worth it
hiked in June

Fun, beautiful rocky trail with steep inclines pretty much all the way. The path is narrow and the rocks can get slippery.

Did it yesterday! Just beautiful hike! Really enjoyed it and the lake is breathtaking. A must do.

on Poo Poo Point Trail

3 days ago

awesome trail with beautiful view on top. definitely recommended.

4 days ago

If you’re looking for mountain solitude, this is great hike. I rarely see other hikers on this trail. Take exit 20 from I90 East and park near the homeless camp, Hop the gate and catch the Tiger Mountain Trail. Take the Lingering Trail until you reach the Preston Trail then follow that up the mountain. The last section is steep, muddy, and not well marked. Near the top you’ll see a trail to your right. Follow that and you’ll reach another trail that leads to the summit and viewpoint. You’ll also see the Hiker’s Hut there. A good map is a plus!

Lots of Deer tracks and Bear tracks here!

Great trail, can get busy and narrow at some points if you have dogs. But overall it was fun and good end views.

Awesome view, not too busy, decently rocky

12 days ago

Didn’t make it far, detoured. But was a nice hike while it lasted.

A moderately difficult hike in a lush, dense beautiful forest. The trees provided plenty of shade that made the hike all the more pleasant! Make sure to bring plenty of water since there is no refill station!

great trail for running, decent foraging. unfortunately came back to my window smashed in after hike. Contrary to signage, there are no cameras over looking the parking lot. Still a beautiful trail though, just be conscientious.

14 days ago

Slight hill, mostly flat. Very noisy from the traffic on I-90 that parallels the trail.

Central Peak was a very disappointing ending. most of the Creeks are dried up but it's summer. Trail markers get worse the higher that you get some splits aren't marked at all.

I haven't ridden this trail in 25 years, and that was on an aluminum, front-suspension only bike. fast forward to today - outstanding trail maintenance and a serious bike upgrade for me had me remebering some great times out here and smiling the whole way - even during the climb. In true NW style, someone was handing out raindogs (Rainier beer

Grate hiking, nice place and fresh air.

16 days ago

Great hike close to Seattle. Rocky but well maintained trail. Fun to watch the paragliders at the top on a sunny day. You will have lots of company.

Great view of Lake Sammamish from the view point right off the parking lot.

When the trail merges into the Talus construction, make sure to use your map and GPS location so you don’t miss where the trail is. We took a bit of a detour after missing the trail within the construction site.
Speaking of construction, we ran into "Trail Closed" sign leaning against the ridge side of the trail, ignored it, and kept walking. After snaking through the yet-to-start Talus construction area, the trail entered into the forest again via a jump-over stumps clearly indicating a swampy area. It was in early September so there was no water. But, I suspect a puddle-swamp area forms during rainy seasons. After walking over the stumps into the forest, the trail turned into a goat-trail and we ran into another ran-over "Trail Closed" sign. it was almost half-way for the ~3.5mi loop, and that time we decided to turn back. I don't know if the return path (the north-east side) is open. Something to find out the next time I am there by walking in the opposite direction, starting on the "left" (north) off the parking lot, probably veering right to the "No Name" or the previous "Surprise Creek" first.

16 days ago

5 stars for beauty, but a lot of people. trail was very rocky so recommend thick sole boots not trail runners.

18 days ago

Was cloudy when we started our hike but did get some nice patches of sun. I personally love scenic hikes , which this does not have much of . We started the trail in a counterclockwise direction and were mostly hiking under a canopy of trees . This particular route we took had a trail closure which was not posted . The trail closed was the intersection of Preston trail and west tiger loop. Luckily we had Alltrails to get us in the right direction. We ended up taking west tiger to K3 to finish our loop which was steep down hill with slight switchbacks . It was great exercise and practice. We had the trail to ourselves for the most part. A tree came down about 50 yards from where we were which was cool to witness yet eerie at the same time .

20 days ago

I've hiked most of Tiger Mountain. There are a lot better hikes in the Pacific Northwest.

Great day hike near the city

Very steep from the bottom Trail head. Fantastic Erratic huge rock was fun to rest on and impressively large boulder. Lots of steps, shaddy and good for more intermediate beginners.

The hike was very enjoyable. Nice trail and not very busy for a Sunday hike. We did spot a mama black bear and at least one cub foraging in the brush. We reported to authorities and others on the trail. If you are a trail runner consider this!


Great hike, seem to have the mountain to myself. The trail’s in good shape, a little tight in places. Bring your phone/GPS, you will definitely need to refer to them from time to time. Warm up in the parking lot, you will get right to work!

1 month ago

Been there on 2018/06/02. Very good hike. Lot of crowd. Paragliding at the same point. Near to Issaquah Front street. Has a designated parking lot but small. I would go there again.

Fairly steep but great trail. Leave early to avoid the crowds.

Good exercise, and great for your first trail run. Really crowded trail. If you are interested in great views it is better to go elsewhere.

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