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Had a great hike today. Currently bit muddy, and slippery. A kid and a pet were with us.
The trail is steep at places.
There is no view from top, if you are expecting it. But the wilderness is a wonderful experience.

6 days ago

My two kids (12 & 7) did this loop today. It was a fun hike and a perfect challenge for them both. This is a really beautiful hike. Here are some things to know:

As of Jun-16-2018 there is a tree down across the Trail in the 1st third of the hike (counter clockwise loop). We had no problem getting through it though.

As of Jun-16-2018 Tent City 4 is at the base of the trail head. This is not an issue as far as I am concerned (the residents don’t want trouble coming into Tent City), but you have to walk through TC4 to get to the TH. Everyone we passed and said ‘Hi’ to (in and out) was very nice and friendly.

You can hear car noise from I90 for more than half the hike.

My son called it Fernopolos - there are a million ferns...really beautiful.

The full loop is about 4-miles.

I have no idea where the bridge in the cover photo is - we didn’t see it on this loop.

Overall a great wilderness hike (no vistas or views though). We will be back with our Scout troop.

13 days ago

6 hours to complete Chirico, One View, TMT, West Tiger RG, and back to Chirico via PPP trail.

Note-- One View is very overgrown, looks like it may not have been maintained in quite some time. We never had an issue of losing the trail since the vegetation is quite thick, but just be sure to wear long sleeves to avoid getting stuck by the overgrowth.

Also, as can be said for most of the area, this is cougar country. I do not recommend going beyond Chirico and PPP trail alone and/or without preparing yourself. About 3/4th of the way going north on One View, we paused for a few minutes to grab a snack and refuel. After about a minute of fiddling with our sacks, we heard the unmistakable scream of a cougar. You bet your bottom we threw all our food back in our sacks and moved away from the area with our bear sprays in hand. Be vigilant and bring protection if you want to hike on the more remote trails on Tiger Mt.

Nice walk with well maintained route

22 days ago

This is one of my favorite short hikes to do on a weekday evening after work. Trail is well maintained and the fireplace at the end is so interesting. Gets fairly steep in parts but it is definitely manageable.

Beautiful hike!

Easy trail for kids and pets that leads to the boat launch. Fun for our family to do in the morning, then head to the lake afterwards. I’d say about half the trail is exposed to sun so wear sunscreen on hot days. Does require discovery pass.

Despite lacking a vista at the peak, this hike is absolutely gorgeous and is lush with streams and ferns. I took Trailhead Direct from Mount Baker to Margaret’s Way, and then just walked to the trailhead across the road, so it’s convenient to get to without a car. Lots of different options if you decide to extend your hike, and lots runners, children, and people with dogs.

It was a hot day last summer and it was pretty Woodsy.. nothing too crazy cool

Pretty tree-filled hike. Bridges across water points are in good shape. Hike finishes at a bench in the woods. Looping the trail leads to a single track trail back down.

Great day hike. Several side trails can make it longer if you want. Completely dry at this time of year (May).

1 month ago

Lame trail - 500 feet elevation gain, same path that heads up to Poo Poo and then there are many different break off paths, you can easily get on a different path if not careful.

Flat, narrow, well groomed but surrounded by power-lines and a gun range.

Good exercise hike. Enough steepness to give you a workout and some semi-old growth trees to salute along the way. Of course you will take water.

I would have given it a 5, but the view at the top was not very clear. the trail itself is beautiful and not too difficult. beautiful ferns and rivers throughout the hike. saw some cool mushrooms. overall good hike. would love to do it again.

4/20/2018 (Monday) - A pleasant hike in a warm spring afternoon, mostly cloudy. The trail is in good condition, solid, no bug, no mud, no uncleared falls, light traffic, quiet. The creek still runs with profuse water. Fresh leaves remain tiny buds, so the canopy is widely open in many parts. I determine to hike this trail at least once a year like Poo Poo Point, as this is an ideal warm-up before more challenging hikes on the Cascades.

2 months ago

absolutely beautiful hike. im out of shape, thus the beginning was tough...but so worth it

Amazing views and challenging at times.

Not completely horrible, but so many better options within a 10-minute drive. Highlights include a high school, power lines, a power relay station, glimpses of an ugly lake, a burned out bus, and a shooting range! Nature at its best? I think not. Not even a good work out as all the elevation gain is achieved in one short spurt.

It was a challenge, just what I was looking for.

This was wonderful. I liked the evergreen trees!

Really enjoy training on this trail!

I see you doing your hikes.Lol this is a pretty nice one.

The start was a little tricky to find, it’s across the street from the side you can park on right by a school bus sign. The hike itself was a breeze. Not too much elevation, on and off tree cover. Saw all of three other people despite there being quite a few cars parked. Overall very nice quick day hike.

Not bad, just okay.

very nice,quiet & clean. Trail head was a little hard to find at first...very small sign on side of road. parking is along the road to.

Mostly incline, but manageable. Nice tranquil hike, well maintained, well marked, no bathroom facilities. Parking off road.

Nice trail in the wilderness, very pleasant and challenging. No view at the top, only of the trees with a bench while you see nature come to life before your eyes. Enjoy

We had a great time on this trail, cleared paths and the kids enjoyed it. Would love to go back and do the crossing “adventure” and “wetlands” trails too to make a little longer. Loved seeing the people “flying” from poo poo point nearby and appreciated much less foot traffic than poo poo point on a beautiful sunny Saturday!

3 months ago

Trail in great shape - a little old snow at top, but nothing that required special footwear. Some off-leash dogs on trail.

Well, this trail is near a rifle range. LOL, I'm a veteran with PTSD sooooo no. if you can handle the gun fire then I'm sure it would be pretty.

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