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Great spot to watch gliders take off

Easy trail for kids and pets that leads to the boat launch. Fun for our family to do in the morning, then head to the lake afterwards. I’d say about half the trail is exposed to sun so wear sunscreen on hot days. Does require discovery pass.

1 day ago

Best local hike. Great view payoff... and paragliders in good weather.

Great exercise, bring lots of water! Nice view at the top.

Very nice hike almost all uphill though make sure to bring plenty of water the view is worth the hike super friendly people on the trail

Pretty difficult/strenuous for the first mile or so. Lots of rock steps and a decent incline. The views at the top are well worth it. Everyone on the trail was friendly and there were plenty of dogs to ogle. :)

3 days ago

I liked the view yes, but I didn’t like the long walk going up that steep ledges and stuff

6 days ago

Great hike with a nice view at the end. The trail was a bit crowded on a Sunday, but overall wasn't a problem. Perfect cardio going up.

Despite lacking a vista at the peak, this hike is absolutely gorgeous and is lush with streams and ferns. I took Trailhead Direct from Mount Baker to Margaret’s Way, and then just walked to the trailhead across the road, so it’s convenient to get to without a car. Lots of different options if you decide to extend your hike, and lots runners, children, and people with dogs.

Great hike super steep and busy but not in a bad way. Seeing the paragliders was cool. Not a tone of places to use the bathroom due to the consistent vertical assent so... if you see a good spot. Take the time because it could be a while before you find another private spot. Freaking great hike short but steep and a great workout without a huge commitment .

Very good hiking workout. Incline the whole time. Very rocky though, don’t twist an ankle! Great view at the top.


Good exercise. If you have any knee complications I would recommend poles as some areas are a bit steep. Take a lunch and enjoyed the view from the top. The paragliders are amazing!

It was a hot day last summer and it was pretty Woodsy.. nothing too crazy cool

12 days ago

Perfect easy loop for after work.

Great hike on a great day. Really cool seeing the paragliders take off from the top. Trail was not too crowded at all for such a nice day. We parked at the high school and the distance was closer to 8 miles round trip as opposed to 6.7.

Confused how this trail even has the rating it has. I filtered local hikes by ones that had good views at the top and this one popped up. It was only minutes away from my house so it seemed like a good day hike, however I did not see one good view the entire time. The picture of rainier on the cover of this hike is apparently from an offshoot trail on the way up which you can only discover from reading other reviews. The posted signs are extremely difficult to understand as well, coming from someone who has done quite a bit of hiking in this area. There are a decent amount of signs but the way the arrows are placed makes it difficult to tell where you should actually go. Aside from that, it’s just a boring trail in general. It’s basically a glorified trail walk with a decent elevation gain, would only recommend if you want a workout and it’s in your backyard like it is for me.

What a workout! Great trail for conditioning. It is not 6.7 miles but actually 8.2. The trailhead is kind of hard to spot. The high school parking lot was pretty full being a weekday so I had to drive by a few times before I caught a spot off the road. I was pretty lucky. Only ran into a handful of people on the trail. The view is amazing at the top. Took me 3 hours total and that was with running back down a majority of the way. Will be doing again to check out some of the other trails that were at the top.

Pretty tree-filled hike. Bridges across water points are in good shape. Hike finishes at a bench in the woods. Looping the trail leads to a single track trail back down.

Great day hike. Several side trails can make it longer if you want. Completely dry at this time of year (May).

Easy hike. We took whole family, kids and family members of all ages. Views are of forest and trees thought we might see a bit more of the area. We did stick to main loop. Maybe next time we will go off main trail to see if views change.

Fun trail and lots of people. Great view of Bellevue from the top.

Lovely. Hardly anyone else on the trail — so very peaceful, too. Definitely check out Debbie’s View (a great spot for lunch/snack and reflection) before heading back.

Novice hiker. First time on Chirico, and I’ll be back! Weather was great. Plenty of people and dogs out. :) I enjoyed watching the paragliders take off. First time hiking alone, and I felt safe here.

5/2/2018 (Wednesday) -- beautiful weather, lots of dogs, hikers, runners, and paragliders. The trail is basically dry, not muddy, getting broader. Very pleasant.

Great hike for training. earlier the better... but overall Ill be back soon parking lot is small..

25 days ago

Hiked this morning with Hubby and 2 year old son. We took the Nook trail up and did a loop. Steep, moderate grade, but the rocks were amazing! I got some great pics, would definitely do again!

Great views at the top. Did this with my 13 month old in a carrier. There happened to be a running event the day we went so the parking lot was full and you aren’t allowed to park on the road near the trail. Fox Hollow farms (about a half mile south of the parking lot) has parking for hikers, and had lots of animals for kids to pet as well as snacks, hot dogs, and ice cream for sale....great stop, especially if you’re with kids. Despite the added distance due to parking, I loved this trail. There were lots of people, but it made me feel safe since it was my first time on the trail and I was hiking alone/just with my baby. 2 stunning views at the top, saw 2 bald eagles, and got to watch the hang gliders.

28 days ago

Went last week. Good exercise, nice view at Poo Poo Point. I do HITT workouts 4-5 a week and found this hike to be challenging. I don’t hike much (just a few times a year). Great workout for legs and cardio. Also Coming down the trail my feet hurt, I should have cut my toe nails-rookie mistake I guess. My feet were throbbing from the jabbing pain. I can not stress enough cut your toenails..seriously. During workouts I don’t feel any discomfort so I would not have expected any pain...

28 days ago

Decent trail. Start from the right side of the trail, along bus trail to get a harder hike then go up.

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