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Awesome hike! Steep climb, but only a mile one way so totally doable. Took 40 minutes to get to the top. There were a few muddy patches, but no snow, so it’s still good conditions for January. It was super sunny today so the views were incredible. Highly recommend for an afternoon hike.

Felt bad for parents with young kids lugging them over slippery rocks and muddy roots. Parents check conditions. You might be biting off more than you anticipated.

3 days ago

Definitely not an EASY hike. And I've been on some butt-kickers. Moderate to high level skills. Families beware; you will be lugging your little ones over rock and root through cutting switchbacks carving up often slippery and muddy subalpine escarpment. Coming down isn't any easier. Great hike for calorie burning. Not so good for daycare.

9 days ago

Very easy. arrived to an empty trail head parking lot around 9am on 12/30/18. Trail conditions were wet and muddy, but an easy hike up. Very well maintained trail. encountered no snow. very foggy at the summit, got some views for a split second.

little bit of snow spitting at the bottom but definitely sticking at the top. muddy in places but totally avoidable!

My dog and I arrived around 1pm on a Wednesday (January 2nd) and got back to the car at about 2:45pm. We're meandered and stopped a lot. Some switchbacks but nothing too strenuous. It's been dry for a couple days so there were hardly any wet parts of the path. In some places there was mud but still very doable (I was just in running shoes). A little snow just before the tower. The tower gave me sweaty palms, but what an incredible view from the top! We only ran into 3 pairs of hikers during our trip. I may not go again but really enjoyed it while we were there.

Short hike with a beautiful view at the end. The switchbacks suck and conditions are pretty muddy but the payoff at the end is great. A little snowy towards the top and the stairs to the lookout can be icy. Highly suggest going on a clear day to fully experience the mountains around you.

This hike was perfect for late afternoon. The views are stunning even through the clouds. The sunset peaking put as it went down was majestic. Pretty snow at the top .5 miles as well. Some muddy spots were slippery. The steady incline and short switchbacks were not bad at all to navigate. Great hike.

20 days ago

This hike was inviting from the start. The terrain was well groomed, and the trail had a soft bark and dirt mix under foot. The mossy trees were incredibly beautiful, and once again, ferns growing out of the sides. Is this some sort of mutation? So neat! The elevation started fairly quickly and was pretty consistent throughout, with some breaks. It wasn’t super steep, just steady. It reminded me of Heather Lake, but less elevation and length. It started snowing on our way up and by the time we reached the top, the snow was compacted with a few inches of accumulation. To be honest, there wasn’t much to see at the top except for trees with snow and clouds/fog covering the mountains. I suppose the sights would have been better on a clear day, but the view is not very expansive and there is only a small area to hang out at the top. We finished our experience at the top by making a snowman. Coming down the mountain is a bit tricky to navigate with the slippery snow and wet terrain. Luckily, we made it down without falling! I would recommend this hike for a short excursion up a mountain and back in less than a couple of hours. It was good exercise, nice terrain, and decent scenery.

This little hike was especially nice during a winter morning. The parking lot is conventionally right off of Hwy 2. It wasn’t snowing when we got there, but halfway up it really started dumping. I’d suggest bringing micro-spikes and checking the weather beforehand.

Christmas Day hike with the pups. Saw one other person on trail. Like other commenters, stay close to track at beginning, especially with dogs. Fun boulders to traverse but tough with dogs.

Trail is rugged and not very well maintained. Also quite steep, straight up and great workout. Follow to upper wall at junction and stay on the blue diamond markers. No snow until very top. We could not find look out at top but were right around it. The snow made it easy to lose the trail. We bushwhacked to a couple pop out views, but the excitement is in the journey, not destination. Poles would have been nice on way down. We both slipped a couple of times.

I would like to retry this in summer when trail could be easier to see without snow.

Index Wall is pretty cool and this is well worth the hike.

24 days ago

Pretty good hike with a killer view at the top. Wasn’t muddy at all no snow yet.

the trail itself is very good. wouldn't consider easy but moderate. views were amazing.

my vehicle was broken into though. they shattered my window and stole my diaper bag. be careful!

1 month ago

Great trail for a short but intense hike just an hour outside of Seattle. No passes needed and easy parking right off the highway. I would definitely bring visitors or new hikers here since it's doable for most fitness levels but the view is A+. I would expect it to get taken over by Instagram influencers very soon. Hiked in December - some frost on the ground but footing was solid and didn't have any issues.

It was a moderate trail. The switchbacks were a bit challenging in damp conditions.

This is one of the first "hard" hikes that I actually agree is "hard". It's short, so just about anyone young or in moderate shape can do it, but the trail is steep, not well maintained, and uneven, with places where you need to scramble up boulders and tree roots... it's not one of those "hard" hikes of maintained, steep switchbacks.
As others have said, the trail is not well marked. In places there are blue paper diamonds to follow, but I found the placement to be completely useless. Follow signs to "upper wall", because the name of this trail on Alltrails has nothing to do with the name of the trail on the signs. I don't know how we would have found our way without the Alltrails map, which at times still had us unsure of which way to go when the trail forked.
I loved that this hike was short but challenging, with a fabulous view at the top! We went on a partially cloudy day, so many of the mountains were obscured, but it was still well worth the drive from Seattle and hike up!

Hard, but worth it!
Took over an hour to go up, maybe 45 minutes to come down. When you pass the railroad tracked turn right and walk until there’s a trail on your left.
The trail is hard to follow at parts but there are markers to follow on the trees.
View from the top is worth it!

3 months ago

great hike to do with kids. well maintained trail with plenty of parking and beautiful views at the top. also a nice workout for those who dont hike a whole lot.

Perfect hike for a short day trip. I was out and done in less that two hours. That was with enjoying the views and taking pictures along the way. I want to come back and do this in the snow! Also I had two small dogs with me and they did just fine :)

Relatively short easy hike. I went while it was raining so going up in the beginning can be muddy and slippery so be careful. Views were incredible from the lookout even on a semi foggy day.

Sheltered forest hike on a well maintained trail. Beautiful view on the lookout.

Nice short hike. I was concerned it might be steep and hard work for my ten year old daughter who has not hiked much, but she handled without any difficulties. We ate lunch at a little picnic table below the tower and enjoyed taking in the views. The trail was well maintained and definitely seemed to be a nice place for people with dogs.

4 months ago

9/4/2018 (Tuesday) - Everything is good on this trail from trailhead with sufficient parking places to trail top with good view, facing Bridal Veil Falls.

4 months ago

This trail is nicely shaded, very well marked, and finishes with a spectacular view. My partner, dogs and I hiked it a couple of weeks back. As a total coincidence, we met a geologist at the end who drew a mini-crowd in discussing all the surrounding mountain peaks!

Well maintained, light traffic, beautiful and not a huge commitment. I had trekking poles but didn’t hugely need them. No sign of bears, just an odd amount of slugs drying in the sun. Easy parking, free and no way to get lost.

4 months ago

not a hard hike for kids

on Heybrook Lookout Trail

5 months ago

Up, up, and up. It seemed to never end. I have done longer hikes with more of an elevation gain, but this one hits you very fast and strong. Someone else suggested poles, I agree and wished I had brought mine.

Consider it hard! For such a short hike, lacking directions at some places we can see more than 1 way, good thing is mobile reception!

Nice short hike, great view! Would do again!

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