Beautiful hike through the woods, even on a rainy day.

Loved this trail. First time in Disappointment and I’m glad we chose this trail as our inaugural outing. Started at the bottom (non-lighthouse side) and worked our way up. We brought our 9-month old with us in a hiking pack and were able to navigate the trail just fine. A little buggy at times (mosquitoes) and saw lots of little snakes sunning themselves. Lots of long, yellow slugs as well. Nature! To top it off, there were indeed bald eagles and some majestic views. Make sure to find the WWII bunker on Mackenzie trail too. Creeeeeeeepy and amazing.

It was a great pretty easy fun trail through “Lewis and clarks” expedition.

One of the best NW Coastal trails. Some muddy spots, but easily traversable with treking poles and over the ankle hiking boots. Beautiful old growth, coast views, bald eagles.

The mud makes for a difficult trek but it is absolutely stunning. Forest hike with ocean views that ends at a small lake. Frogs, newts and eagles appeared on our adventure today.

Nice easy walking trail with slight incline to lighthouse. Beautiful lookout. Nice trail for beginners or for jumpstarting your hiking season.

Somewhat wet today, but beautiful views with the sun out!

Super fun walk for Valentines Day with my hunny and the pups. Great scenery and epic views made for some wonderful photographs.

3 months ago

3 months ago

great trail. ocean views in a few places. very muddy right now which can slow you down.

Loved this trail through the forest. You have to cross the road and walk up to McKenzie head though, the view there made the hike worth it. It’s a great place to pause for a snack or picnic. There’s also some old bunkers to explore while you take a little break.

We went on a very wet weekend in late January and it was beautiful. Definitely worth the walk to see the lighthouse and the views of the Columbia river Bar. Make sure to go see the waves smashing against the rocks from Waikiki beach as well.

Nice view. Somewhat muddy in some sections

Quick and easy trail for a great view.

I think of easy trails as being appropriate for grandparents. This trail isn’t appropriate for my grandparents, but it may be for yours if they are coordinated and in great shape. First part of trail is dirt, steep and slippery if the ground is wet, and there are tree roots to catch your toes if you aren’t paying attention. Once you get to the paved part that leads you right up to the lighthouse is gets even steeper, but it is paved. Still not easy enough for my grandparents but way ok for your average person in moderate shape, and probably fine for kids also. Husband and I are passing through and were looking for a short trail to run, and we were able to run parts of this but got gassed quickly on the steeper bits. Wouldn’t recommend to most who you are looking for a run, but it is a worthwhile quick hike/walk. Beautiful views when you get to the top, and you can veer off course to check out the fort on your way back to the parking lot. As others have mentioned, you will need a discovery pass to park in the lot. There is also a machine to pay for parking there. We were there before 8am and no cars in the parking lot or anyone on the trail. Overall it was fun and worth the hour we spent there!

Lived up to its name. The best part of the trail dead mans cove is closed. It’s a short easy walk and not really worth a drive to it. Pretty views but the lighthouse is nothing special.

Lived up to its name. The best part of the trail dead mans cove is closed. It’s a short easy walk and not really worth a drive to it. Pretty views but the lighthouse is nothing special.

Nice little hike with killer views! Beach is closed for what is probably forever. you can still see the cover pretty well.

6 months ago

Lovely little leg-burner. A little mud in the beginning, but the rest of the trail is paved & bicycle/ADA friendly.

The trail is pretty quick & easy. We had zero issues getting to Deadman’s Cove - there were NO signs anywhere saying you couldn’t be there so I’m not quite sure why some of the reviews say you’ll be fined for being down there. Either way, gorgeous views.

Awesome trail! Saw bald eagle and deer! Trail reminded me of fern gully. So freekin cool!!!

It’s a nice trail, but it’s a lot of ups and downs, it’s best to start from the history center there is an old fort and it still offers beautiful views. But the lighthouse was amazing! Just wear shoes with good traction because it’s muddy and with the inclines and declines it can get slippery. Honestly though it’s a must do!

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