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Sign states trail is closed due to extreme fire danger.

Did this hike on 8-17-18 and it. Was. Amazing. So so so steep. Yes, completely agree with the rest of reviews that going down was very hard but the climb back up...harder. So, so, worth the work, though. Those falls are incredible. Should be rated hard- no doubt.

Amazing Falls. Trail hard to find/follow.

Very steep decent on loose gravel/dirt track. Physically demanding. A slow steady decent with sure footing is recommended to avoid injuries.

The falls are very impressive. There are small pools out of the flowing steam above the main falls to swim in.

Not ideal for dogs.

Agree with prior posts - this is hard, based on steep grade and loose terrain and not good for kids. Solid footwear is a must and walking stick or hiking a poles are highly recommended! We had neither, but were saved by the grace of those who left walking sticks behind. We replaced and added one. Please keep the “use and replace” concept going for those in need. Also - about 200 yards down the trail, you can go straight, towards a high exposed ridge line... do not go this way... the trail turns hard left into the trees right before the entry to ridge line.

Including a picture of parking area and trail entrance for first timers.

Well worth the trip in - spectacular waterfalls!

WOW!!! Absolutely amazing and I’m so glad we went!! We took ski poles just in case it was really steep as previously stated by other hikers and they were right! Wholly moley! This is NOT a moderate trail! I would NOT recommend this for young kids, dogs or those with any limited physical abilities. In our group, our ages range from just shy of 50 up to 62 - we’re all active, but not in any great shape. Just take your time going down, as dirt and rocks are loose! It took us 53 mins to get down to the falls, as one of us was not sure stepped .. coming back up only took 20-25 mins, but a seriously quad killer!

Park before the “not access to spirit falls” sign. This is not a moderate trail, it can be hard! Trail is not easy to follow, pay attention.
Worth it every single second I thought I would not make it unless falling down lol.
Hold on the roots and trees, bring hiking poles or use a piece of wood like me.
Most important, don’t stop and keep moving.
The feeling when you arrive will leave you speechless, silence will get you, heartbeat will go higher, the name fits the place. I would never recommend this one on bad weather.
July 2018 - Summer at 3:20pm, sun lighted up the water for me and my husband.

Steep, steep steep...thankful for poles...absolutely beautiful Falls with clear aquamarine water...not a good hike for small kiddos. Quite dangerous in a few places next to the falls.

Trail kept me on my toes, one time on my butt! The trail is a little rugged, but worth it. The waterfall is amazing.

Really short. It’s an amazing waterfall though, one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Extremely steep is exactly what the trail is, should be marked as a hard trail, not moderate....BUT the reward is completely with it!!!! Such a pure beautiful waterfall! If you get there at the right time, you might catch kayakers going over the falls!

Extremely steep, but extremely rewarding.

Everyone says it's steep but I was not prepared for just how steep. I wish I had hiking poles! So beautiful and worth it but not sure I would go again. I fell three times on the way down and have great shoes and am an avid hiker!

Amazing little trail. Very steep but worth it, as many others say. We didn't have problem with private property as it seems like the trail we took skirted the private land the entire way without intrusion. Saw a few other hikers and kayakers traversing this path as well.

Here are my suggestions for parking: once you turn off the riverside highway and head north into the hills, watch out for the bend with the Mile 2 Marker. You will also see some rocks lined up blocking off a pristine mini meadow. About 100 yards before this marker is a pull-off where you can park. Then just proceed up into the gravel area that runs along the private land to the overlook where you can see the Columbia. There is a trail that leads down and to the left. It's pretty clearly marked all the way down and as I mentioned it never seemed to actually cross into private land if you go this way.

The Spirit Falls are so gorgeous, it's a great hike if you don't have enough time to do a longer one.

Very steep hike, so worth it at the end!
Lots of poison oak along most of the trail.
Maybe the person who said they couldn’t see most of it didn’t go through the bit of stream there is to get to the full view. Stunning place. And the private property side is even divided off with rocks at lots of points so I don’t agree with it being private property but i am new around here and may be wrong

Steep trail but definitely well worth it!! Spirit Falls is absolutely beautiful. The only downfall is there is quite a bit of poison oak you have to watch out for but I only noticed it at the first part of the trail.

The hike down to the trail was so darn steep and I could not even get a view of the waterfall. Only to come back to my car having a flat tire. Dog mountain was better...

Hiked 03/30/18. This is a short but steep hike to a kickass waterfall. I have no details to add to previous reviews - they are concise, accurate and helpful.

It’s a little hard to find the start and the way down is steep but the falls are SO worth it. The start is now about 100 yards before mile marker 2 and is not well marked. Once you get going however the trail is easy to follow just really steep. The falls though are absolutely beautiful - got to see 3 kayakers go over the 3o foot drop - very cool! Worth the effort.

5 months ago

Fun, steep trail. Amazing waterfall!

Very rugged! Be prepared to get muddy. Definitely worth the hike. The waterfall is amazing !

This hike was short and sweet, very steep on the way back up but totally worth it. The water is so incredibly blue, and the force of the waterfall is captivating.

The hike is short but steep and could be dangerous depending on weather and hiking skills. But, when you are down there you get a spectaculair view on Spirit falls. We did the trail today. My hike buddies, Wim and Marc, are as enthousiast as I am. Beautiful scenery!
Trail begins at: 10T FR 0596364470

A steep decent leads to beautiful waterfall! Trail is very rugged. A section by the waterfall includes a water crossing. Be careful! Easy to slip and fall into the falls! Do not recommend for anyone with kids!

This trail is little work for big profit. The trailhead is not marked so know where you are going before heading out. The trail is steep but short. The views on the way down made it to my FB profile pic. The waterfall is enchanting. I highly recommend this trail.

Parking is at a pull off on Cook Underwood road 100 yards down from mike marker 15. I’m not 100% on the mile marker number. Walk to the small grassy overlook area and you will see a trail.

This trail crosses over private land so please be sure to follow the trail map and stay on the path.

Park at the pull off before the bend in the road. Anything after the bend is private property.

This trail is very steep. Try and avoid doing it in the rain, if possible. Stretch those quads! You’ll be doing lots of balancing downhill.

Beautiful is an understatement!

The hike is pretty steep going down, making it difficult coming on the way back up, but it is definitely worth it! The waterfall is amazing, especially after a rain, and theres even a creek that you cross that cascades down into the river as well. Prepare for mud!

Falls were very very full. Quick hike, pretty much straight down the mountain then back up when leaving. Did with a 4 year old. Carried him down. He walked back up.

I have dozens of favorite hikes along the Gorge but this is the only one would not do again. It starts and ends with hiking along Interstate 84 a few feet from the roar of traffic. There are several nice steep sections for good exercise and some nice forested sections with one beautiful tiny creek. The two more spectacular waterfalls are at the end of the hike if you are going clockwise around the loop. So if waterfalls are your goal just walk along 84 a short ways to see the falls.

The biggest issue is that large portions of the hike are in clear cut areas below power lines and large sections of the trail are overgrown with poison oak. There is one short side trail with an amazing view of the Gorge but other than that there are few view points. Be aware that the parking lot is jammed on summer weekends so go on a weekday. Better yet head to one of the many more attractive hikes along the Gorge.

I did this hike last week - Thought this was a great hike! Initial climb gets you up to the views fast and there are 2 opportunities for creative river crossing (due to no bridges present). Be careful to keep track of where you are on this trail, small exposure and tons of waterfalls!!!

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