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Really gorgeous and such an easy hike. The main path splits; left is “difficult” and goes through the rock structures, right is “easy” and goes around the rock formations with views of the river. We did both. Watch out for rattlesnakes! The wind was pretty strong but it was welcomed with how hot it was and it kept the mosquitos away. Apparently there is a lot of vandalism though, there is no longer a self pay box but you have to have a discovery pass. Keep that in mind when you come out, I happened to have one, thank goodness! We went on a Thursday evening and we were the only ones there to watch sunset. I advise going during *off* times to avoid crowds.

Easy with beautiful views!

One of my favorites to hike, hoping to eventually explore the caves.

enjoyed this hike

Great views, fantastic river and amazing location to camp! With unbelievable wildlife. Enjoy and be safe.

11 days ago

Drive across the bridge and park in the small lot on the left. Walk back over the bridge and on the right hand side (on the other side of the guard rail) you will find a steep hill. There is a cable attached with "handles" to help you get down and back up. Head left at the bottom of the hill.
It's fairly flat unless you decide to take one of the side trails (there's what's left of an abandoned 57 or 58 Fury at the bottom of one of the side trails). Even with the dry summer we've had there was mucky mud in a few places but nothing horrible. At a certain point you will come to a Y in the trail and apparently you head left (or up) to see the old school. We accidently went the other way...oops.
Supposedly it's kid and dog friendly but you would probably have to carry them down the steep hill from the main road. Also, there are nettles if you wander off the trail (and some along side of it) so be careful.
Bring water and comfy shoes with good traction and enjoy the outdoors!

Very much enjoyed the hike by far the best is the second mile and 1/2 past the warning signs there's some nice spots in the river to be able to swim and the tunnels were pretty amazing!

The beginning of the trail is really hard to get to and very steep. Once you get on the trail it's very nice.

20 days ago

Easy little hike since we took our dog for his first hike!

it was a light easy trail with some interesting points. when we finished it we went straight to the Green River Gorge which was amazing

Make sure you know where the trailhead is! The other spots are dangerous! If you park in the small gravel lot, walk back across the bridge on the same side of the street and you'll see a yellow street sign, climb over the guardrail, and there's a cable to grab onto with pegs to grab! if that's not there, you're at the wrong spot! Other than that, the hike is fairly easy. at the bottom of the cable, go LEFT if you want to see the old town. When you get down you'll 1st pass an old wall on the right. The next thing you'll see is the dynamite Shack on the left, then up ahead on the right, off trail, look down & you'll see an old car. Go up a little further, at the fork, go left up the hill to see the old school Foundation. After that, you're on your own. We went back down the hill and went left and went for several more miles of nothing but Trail. Apparently up ahead there's a fork where we went left but if were have gone right we would have hit the river. Great family hike! Dog friendly! Looking forward to going out again! (Also, i do not believe this is a loop.)

Was fun to check out all the tide pools.

This was just about 14 miles from the trail head (itself a 45 drive from the Quinault Ranger Station) to the chalet in the Enchanted Valley. It’s up and down and in the woods or on the river bank the entire way until you finally break into the valley and can glimpse just a bit of a snow-capped peak beyond the fairytale chalet. We were hiking at a steady clip with one nights worth of gear and made it in just 5 hours one way (pretty damn fast). The valley was beautiful to camp in, plenty of trees for my hammock, and cold glacial river right there. Overall the trail wasn’t as exciting as I’d have hoped for all the distance covered. Next time I’ll try northern part of the park for more Ridge lines and views.

25 days ago

Great trail with the dog. The best access is 2.4 miles before the bridge. There is a large sign on the right side of the road and a small area on the shoulder for parking. I would have had a hard time getting my dog down the steep and rock path if we had stopped at the bridge.. Perfect for a hike on a warm, sunny day.

Such a beautiful place. Sad the property owners surrounding the hiking trails are charging to park and then charging to enter the falls area. Not really necessary to double charge.

on Iron Goat Trail

27 days ago

I would consider easy not moderate trail, take repellent the mosquitos on the trail are relentless. Great history, not crowded and perfect for a fun easy hike.

loved the view and historic feel of a piece of Washington's past of the railroad

the parking area is private property and you get charged to park by a sketch dude. just passed the gate, it's state park land so it's a little frustrating that there is no free access. we only paid for the ghost town parking buy where able to walk to the river from one of the side trails after the gate for the ghost town. the ghost town trail was unbearably sunny the day we went with no shade until you went toward the cemetery. there are some structures to the right of the fork when you get to the coal cart. there is a subtle sign that says private property but we went about 1/4 mile passed and stayed on the trail. no shade on that fork nearly killed me but I get it's been unseasonably warm this time of year.

1 month ago

wasn't to sure where to go, as nothing is marked. after a decent incline we came to a sign pointing to the cemetery which consisted of a few tombstones. we then proceeded to an area of dilapidated buildings which was very interesting, just wish they were labeled or had info boards. we kept going to the "Y" and decided to go with the fairly steep switchback that took us to a summit like view point. on our way out we took a side trail that ended up on the river which was refreshing and beautiful.

Hike #4 ✓

1 month ago

We took our kids to the mine and gold safe a couple days ago, 2.5hrs round trip to take seven kids ages 4.5yrs-17yrs. It was a lot of fun to read the history on this mine as it never was a gold mine, but actually salted to fool investors. Quite the story, look it up! Great hike! Our 4.5yr daughter made it all the way, but needed a bit of help and protection, but she did it all on her own.

1 month ago

Nice walk, but can’t reconcile what it is with the price and admission. We met a couple on the path asking the same thing we’d been saying: “Is this it?” I’ll stick to my free hikes.

Pretty drive with a couple pull off areas for viewpoints. Great for all seasons when the roads aren't closed. Watch out for critters when driving at night.

Beautiful mountain scenery. Old train tunnels are fun and interpretive signage is nice.

1 month ago

Nice easy walk, loved all the wild flower on the way to the bridge.

Nice bridge

Fun hike, lots of fun caves to explore, also several waterfalls through the hike. Family Friendly, good for all skill types. Upper trail a bit harder then lower trail

Cool piece of history.

1 month ago

14.3 miles parking lot to parking lot. views at the top are obstructed, but still pretty good. once you get on the edith Hansen trail it goes up pretty consistently. took 5 hours and spent another 20 at the top. nice day.

1 month ago

Great family hike! The not so haunted trail was a little disappointing. We could only get to two of the buildings because that part of the trail is very overgrown and not maintained. Depending on where you come into the trail it is easy to miss. We followed the GPS directions coming from the south. We walked right passed the trail leading to the buildings. You have to take one of the offshoots to get to the buildings but there are many offshoots. Luckily other hikers pointed us in the right direction only to climb a rocky and steep trail to find a lot of overgrowth making it very difficult to go any further.
Overall, the hike itself was great! The trail is well maintained and the scenery is beautiful!! The entrance/exit were not as bad as I thought they would be from other posts. The cable is very easy to use.
Would recommend as a leisurely hike!

1 month ago

Really enjoyed this hike. Started our mileage tracking in the parking lot and logged 14.7-miles. Trail is reasonably well maintained to the top with a variety of surface conditions —- ranging from packed dirt to loose rock (closer to the peak). First 2 miles is basically level but expect steady uphill grade with some steep areas thereafter. Great views closer to the top and saw a moose cow on way back down. Leave early (7-ish) and you’ll enjoy shade most of the way to the top.

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