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Trail was great and very interesting site! Downfall: random $5 parking fee that is unregulated unless there is an older man there without any sort of identification. The money boxes also do not have any type of group or company name on them. If you want to do the river trail that would be $5 per person as well...trail description needs to say fees required.

2 days ago

Perfect hike to the falls ! Then went back up to my car left it in the same parking spot and walked over the bridge to the Ghost town! You will have to pay $5 @ each parking spot so we paid once and walked across the bridge to the ghost town.

Good workout on this trail today. Muddy in a few spots but overall good. You’ll face your fears on the bridge.

7 days ago

DO NOT try climbing down the trail to the river. I repeat DO NOT attempt to go down the steep hill. Local here, seen more people hurt and killed from that then the bridge itself.
it's legal to hike to the bridge but STILL ilegal and unsafe to be on the bridge. the wood was damaged in a fire and unsafe in spots. razor wire also surrounds the base. Green Diamond WILL charge you if your caught. Its private property so respect it or lose it. it's historical, PACK OUT YOUR TRASH.

10 days ago

This was such a great hike! The water was beautiful and the mining sites were pretty fascinating. However, it was quite muddy in the parking lot and along parts of the trail. We went on a beautiful day too. It was gorgeous.

easy walk to the bridge, great piece of history and too bad it's not easy to walk across with the razor wire around it.

Fun place to explore, great for all ages. Don't leave without going to the river (through the gate that says private), take the trail to the end and you'll see a waterfall across the river. To get there walk or drive across the bridge just past the parking lot and take the trail by the old resort. This is where the cave is under the waterfall.

Easy quick walk. Awesome piece of WA state history to visit! It's a shame that you can't easily get on the bridge any more but I understand the safety reasoning. At the base of the bridge there is a steep trail that appears to go down to the river... would love to make it down there on day!

1 month ago

Beautiful hike, very sketchy beyond the warning sign but worth the views. I got through two tunnels and over what looked like a very large rockslides. Beyond that there was a scramble across a slide field with a small waterfall in the center of it I didn't feel comfortable on, so that was my turn around point. This is where the elevated stone walkway used to be. There was more trail beyond to explore. .. trail is very unstable beyond the warning signs, rocks fell while I was on the trail so be very careful. I got to the trail at about noon and back to the car at two.

Pretty cool trail. Not that hard if you've hiked at all before.
The switchbacks at the beginning may give some older people trouble, but once you get to the bottom it's flat. Follows the river with spots to sit for a bit here and there (trees/ground, not man made).
The further you go the more you'll see how the water eroded the ground and you need to start being more careful.
I saw a tree fall into the water as I was walking along the bank.
Just park right before the sign for the trail and head into the woods, you should see pretty well traveled trail leading into the woods and you'll come across warning signs.

muddy, but quiet and we'll maintained! took under an hour. make sure you do the river trail as well if you're already here...its amazing!

love this hike it is easy going next to the river the whole time.

1 month ago

little late but I wonder if somebody grabbed my go pro that I dropped and was on the I beam about 80 feet out from the start and was unable to recover

1 month ago

JoRayne and I headed out at 9 a.m. encountered snow around 3k ft. Strapped the S-hoes on slogged away for the remainder of the trip which approximately 3-4 miles.

The snow pack was crusted over and would give way frequently so that factor really contributed to labor required to reach the top. We were the only ones to do so on shoea but a CC skier had made the journey sometime previously.

Of course the wind was whippin' on top but it was a clear day to enjoy the views. My GPS confirmed the 15.8 miles and the elevation gain stated above.

We returned to the truck around 5 p.m.; tired and jonezin for a food reward.

1 month ago

What a great, quick hike! Took about an hour round trip with stopping and reading all the tombstones and whatnot at the end of the trail.

Fun easy hike. Several areas to climb onto another trail and explore.

2 months ago

Beautiful day for a hike! Trail was easy and the kids loved it! Cool place to learn about history:)

Excellent hike. moderately steep switchbacks lead down to flat trail continuing for about 2 km until the trail becomes washed out. after this section the trail is no longer maintained by the park service, but there is a useable trail leading to 3 intact rail tunnels, remnants of a couple bridges and more.

A great walk - along the seaside rocks where the orca love to pass bye

Nice to be able to see this historic place before they tear it down.. Its all
Tore apart and wired up now so nobody gets hurt..

Probably my #1 most favorite spot to hike. It's not necessarily a hike but a good walk there. Once you see a big round steel cylinder before the bridge you're there. Going on the bridge had to be my biggest achievement because it's no piece of cake for someone that is afraid of heights. The gaps between the wooden slats can be quite spaced out and the drop is a veryyyyy long way down so I recommend to keep your eyes forward. For dare devil's and adrenaline junkies. Not recommended for children.

3 months ago

it was quite and peaceful. injoyed most of the hike. on the way down i cut over and finished liberty lake loop.

3 months ago

Great trail with beautiful views of the river, dam and beacon rock. Good hike for the dogs. Trails are well maintained.

@mercy Johnson, how was the trail condition? going there tomorrow, hope you see this

3 months ago

Easy hike from the trail head up to the remains of the ghost town. Parking is a little confusing, if you are coming from the south you need to cross the 1-lane bridge over the Green River, then take the first driveway on the left. Even though it is posted as private property, this large lot is the right place to park.

The hike to the ghost town begins at the end of the lot and follows a very easy gravel road up gradual incline. Once you get to the rail car, if you bear right there are a few ruins of buildings and not much else, all of the interesting attractions are via the trail to the left of the car - just like the alltrails map shows. Would be a very interesting hike with kids, especially to the covered mine shaft.

This is a nice short hike to a an old mining ghost town where the mine shaft opening is still exposed but safely covered, you'll also see old mine chutes, and parts of the old mine car rail. The trail to the cemetery is very narrow, but we saw several grave sites from over 100 years ago. There are several off chutes we explored beyond the cemetery, it was a really neat place... glad we explored here! The trails are very dog friendly. We encountered one other person on the trail to the ghost town!

5 months ago

Very cool trail, haven't been in a few years but the tunnels were amazing.

5 months ago

Crazy place

love it!! Amazing place..can't wait to go back again! the trail to the cemetery is over grown, will take something to help clean up next time!

Once you park beside the road, go in the forest & it will lead you to a downhill trail. Keep going along the trail once you hit the bottom & it'll lead you to a abandoned train tracks trail, you'll be walking besides a fast moving river & come to little waterfalls along the way.
Pretty long trail & didnt finish all of it but still great with the river beside you!

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