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Definitely a good amount of snow still on the trail (7/14), makes going down pretty slippery. Hard but great! For me, 1:40 up, 1:40 down. Go early because it got busy quick. And bring bug spray.

This hike was gorgeous! Multiple types of terrain the whole way up. You hit snow around the mile marker- it is slightly slushy, so if you aren’t stable on your feet, I recommend trekking poles. I did without and was careful, all went well. There is quite a bit of bouldering, mainly towards the top of the hike. But boy are the views worth it! Loved that the fire look out had maps of what you could see from the distance. Note to all wanting to do this hike- bring bug spray! I reapplied 2 times because bugs were so bad.

Couldn’t ask for a better day. Gorgeous views and a moderate challenge. Not too crowded. Move fast to avoid the flies. Road up could use some tlc but nothing a little tactical swerving can’t get around. Dog loved the snow

Hard work but amazing views! Still a lot of snow for the last mile or so, and bugs bugs bugs bugs! I wouldn't
hike this trail with small dogs unless you're prepared to carry them across the boulder fields near the top. But bigger experienced hiking dogs will be fine!

This trail was great. It was very rocky all the way to the lake, but the view was worth it. For newcomers, it’s a hike uphill almost the entire way to the lake. If you’re not going over rock which is most of the trail, you are going over roots. The lake is worth the uphill trek. You might think about bringing sandwiches and having a picnic at the top.

love it! beautiful and peaceful place

hard but amazing 360°views!

Best view!

7 days ago

Amazing trail, my best so far in the PNW. Be careful of sketchy snow bridges. Bring a GPS with you or near the top you will follow false bootpack and miss the trail. This resulted in required Class IV maneuvers to get to the top.
Incredible waterfalls!

Did this trail in the rain and it was still amazing! There is a lot of climbing over tree stumps and rocks though, a little hard on the knees coming down. But the lake is a view you can't miss!

8 days ago

We did this hike with a 6 year old, 4 year old, and a 2 year old (in a backpack). And we didn't get all the way to the end. Our kiddos got tired, But it was a beautiful hike. Lots of trees and small streams. We really enjoyed this one. We would definitely do it again. The parking lot is also a good size. There were a lot of people on the trail. But it wasn't insane. Bug spray is definitely a good idea.

8 days ago

It’s a great trail but long. Views are amazing and well worth the long hike. Don’t recommend having small children though. Once you get to the town it makes it all worth it. Definitely not the easiest hike but very fun. Started at 12 an got back around 6:30. We stopped a couple times and spent an hour or so at the town.

Lots of snow! And lots of bugs!! Great push to the top!

10 days ago

As of July 2018, there is still lots of snow on the trail, starting about halfway into the hike. The more open/snowfield section before the final ascent to the peak is the most difficult part of the hike, with lots of slushy-slick snow and a hard-to-follow trail. Hikers were approaching the peak from multiple points; some were losing the trail completely and giving up. Just follow the orange posts and other footprints and you should be able to find a manageable way to the top. The views from the top are well worth it! Hiking back down in the snow was harder than the climb up due to slick footing. There are a few areas where your best bet is to just let yourself slide, because you will likely fall down anyway. The mosquitoes are also really bad right now -- they'll swarm you every time you stop moving, so be prepared with bug spray or protective clothing. Trek poles and good, sturdy, closed-toe shoes also highly recommended. Crampons would be ideal -- if you have them, bring them!

11 days ago

Great trail well maintained. Although I would not recommend for kids 8 years and below. It’s not a difficult trail but it has too many rocks and very slippery. Once you get to the top it is worth the hike. Beautiful lake and waterfalls. Make sure you bring bug spray

The first 5 miles of the road you could lose a smart car in some of the potholes and the last 2 miles are paved. Parts of the trail looked like a creek and decided to run down it. At 1.5 miles we ran into snow and once you are in the snow you are surrounded by snow (not patches). We were reliant of others footsteps to know where to go. Once at the top there is lots and lots of snow. We decided to take the fun way down by sliding on our butts 'til we got our of the snow.

14 days ago

Love this trail. It is great for a summer day trip. You can do his trail in just a couple of hours and the wildflowers are abundant if you go at the right time. It gets really muddy so waterproof boots are recommended but not a total must. A couple of nice big camping spots are on the west side of the lake and would be great for tent and hammock camping. Highly trafficked trail so if you are looking to meet people instead of get away from them, go here.

14 days ago

One of my favorite backpacking destinations in the Northwest. We went up mid August 2017. The 17 or so switchbacks about 1/2-2/3 of the way up were quite grueling. Especially after accidentally hiking Barlow pass before Gothic basin, due to trailhead confusion. We woke up to incoming rain and high winds after a sunny previous day — be prepared for quick weather changes. The sight at and around Gothic basin was absolutely stunning. There is a certain dark beauty about the whole place, especially as the clouds roll in quickly. Highly, highly recommend this spot in late summer!

fantastic and easy trail. Did this hike twice last summer. very good for beginners. Beautiful lake at the loop but did not see any swimmers.

15 days ago

Make sure you wear waterproof shoes. you have to cross shallow creeks and lots of mud. I was going to run for some of the hike but it was nearly impossible due to the rocks and roots. The rocks and roots were slick and precarious at times. I liked going up rather than coming down. Not my favorite hike, but the lake was pretty.

16 days ago

Did this hike today with two teens and our dog. It was great! Since it was mildly rainy there are quite a few spots that can pose a slippery spot or two on rocks and roots. A bit muddy in places especially up towards the top. No snow on the trail. View was fantastic and would of been even better if it were completely clear. The road up was negotiable with the pot holes in my Kia Forte. The 1.5 miles to trailhead took maybe 10 minutes. Took about 1.5 hours to hike up, and an hour back down. Saw a bunch more dogs. Wish more of them were on a leash though :)

Good hike, lots of mud, stones, water and in the end, some snow, did with my dad to celebrate Father's day, he enjoyed the hike, the view from the lake was majestic, the snow, mountains and waterfalls, wish there were few more places to sit at the lake and enjoy my PBJ

Make sure you have a snow Gear. There is still Plenty of snow out there. Took us 4 hrs to get to top and 3 hrs to get down. It’s was a extremely difficult hike but the view is worth it.

21 days ago

Great hike! We had a lot of fun despite losing the trail a few times due to the snow, had to use a GPS to find our way back to the actual trail. It was pretty slippery- we saw people in tennis shoes (not recommended) . Also I do not recommend this hike for dogs maybe when there’s less snow fall. The view was amazing from the top!

very rocky and rooted trail but beautiful lake at the end. short hike and moderate incline gain. we were at trailhead by 8am and lot full. VERY crowded when we were coming back down at noon. great hike for kids.

Amazing! And hard. Make sure to go in summer when huckleberries are out - out won’t have to bring lunch! And you can sleep in lookout tower at top if you want. Requires a little bouldering at end - I wouldn’t plan on summiting with a pup

Such an amazing reward for such an easy hike! My family and I went later in the day towards sunset and there were lots and lots of bugs/flys so come prepared with bug spray!! Or hike Heather Lake earlier in the day. Enjoy!

27 days ago

Pretty decent trail with some variety. Some parts are wide and well graveled, and others are much more natural. There's a huge downed tree you walk across to get to the other side of the river at one point which is neat. There are some truly spectacular views, especially if you push past Monte Cristo and go farther up the mountain. I would call this a beginner to intermediate trail. I started at 1:30pm and got back to my car around 7:30pm. Make sure to leave anything that's not a necessity at home and lock your car.

28 days ago

Low effort for big lake reward. Make sure you jump into the lake, it’s so refreshing.

Access road is closed at the Heather Lake trailhead. This adds an additional 4-5 miles to get to the trailhead.

Giving 4 stars because we didn't even attempt it so why screw with the ratings. Heather Lake was a nice detour.

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