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Granite Falls, Washington Map

Interesting hike with the snow and all. Didn't risk the rocks going to the tower though. Didn't want to risk slipping. Beautiful hike, nonetheless. Will have to do it again on a clear day.

Beautiful but very crowded. Trail is a mix of mud, water, snow and ice. I would suggest micro spikes.

Nice trail. Road up to trailhead, 6 miles of muddy, potholes, bumpy. Used 4x4 truck. It says 4.4 miles but Fitbit says 6 miles round trip. Lots of root climbing & mud. Snow & muddy waters 1 mile from top. Bring poles, waterproof shoes. Lake was beautiful. Took 3.5 hours round trip, average hiker.

Easy, Beautiful, and great for a quick trip if need be!

6-8" Snow at the lakes - trail is packed snow - slicker than snot in some spots.

5 days ago

Fantastic hike.
Would recommend going during a weekday in the early morning. Discovered the weekends are packed for parking and unfortunately a lot of loud teenagers (I'm only 25 and it was a little ridiculous when we arrived at the lake) were hiking as well.

I understand it's great that the younger generation is outside, but I can't think of a single reason why someone needs EDM club music blaring from their iPhone while hiking up this trail. It has beautiful sights, sounds, and vistas that the hike alone is music to your ears. Please, unplug yourself from the rituals of daily life. Go to Lake 22 to cleanse your soul.

The hike itself is absolutely gorgeous. It has everything Washington can offer you. Old growth, a variety of ferns and mosses, creeks, waterfalls, and wonderful views of some mountains about 2.1 miles in. Absolutely breathtaking and puts in perspective how small you really are.

Reaching the lake you are greeting with its crystal clear waters, dancing dragonflies, and a rock face that towers over you. All of these views are worth the steady incline you will travel. 10/10 hike. Great cardio workout.

5 days ago

Very peaceful morning hike, beautiful time to go all of the trees are changing colors!!

5 days ago

5 days ago

Went in August, arrived before 9am and parking lot was already full. We parked in other parking lot across the street. Other than crowds, the trail was fun. It started off easy until near top, trail becomes very rocky. If you have knee problems, take it easy at that section of the trail. We were able to find a spot by lake to have our lunches and chill before going down.

5 days ago

Looking for easy hike but not too short? This is the one. Relatively flat trail compared to others in mountains, with ups and dips here and there. Nice spot down the river to chill at the end of trail, and it was interesting to see the kiln and some bit of area’s history.

5 days ago

Loved it and well worth it. Not a difficult hike. Proper footwear is needed and arrive early because you are going to want to hang around all the spots on the lake!)

took all 5 of my kids ranging in ages 9, 7,5,3yrs and 2 months old. It was there first more difficult hike. ( before this they had only done big 4 ice caves, lime kiln, northern state, and lords hill trail). They all made it with minimal complaints. the 3 yr old did want carried for some. A bit rocky and big elevation gain for them but they had fun. The lake is beautiful, the hike up was as well.

The lake is so peaceful and placid! The hike up is more than a nature walk, and still easy enough to carry on conversation (if you're into that) we had pretty dry day but it was obvious it gets pretty muddy.

Great easy hike the lake was beautiful and fall colors were out.

short sweet and not too difficult, not too much to look at though

Hike on 10/14/17. There were more snow than I expected. My initial plan was to go up to bathtubs lakes but with 2 feet with snow I decided to head back. Started at 6:40am and was back 9:40am. I had the trail just to myself until 9am. If you want to avoid crowds this is the right trail. Easy to get out of trail, but not a big deal, just have to pay attention. GPS helps. Will definitely go back again to go all the way up.

beautiful hike and not too many people but the lake was dried up at that point