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12 hours ago

We did this trail on Saturday morning. parking was full around 9 am, so get there early if you want to find a spot. trail itself was well maintained, good gradient. Get a map if you want to continue to the lake, because the trail is not clear to the lake from upper falls. We returned back to do the lake later with a map. Lots of kids. You can either go all the way to the upper falls or return back from the lower falls. Surprisingly, very few birds.

Beautiful morning hike!

2 days ago

view is better in the middle.

Such a great dynamic hike for being on the short side!

Hike to Bridal Veil falls was relatively easy and a great view. Lake Serene was very difficult. Lots of climbing and switchbacks. Definitely a big hike but well worth it.

very well kept trail, very beautiful views. Did this as our first hike of the year and it kicked our butts! Even the short hike to lower falls is mostly uphill. My daughter who is 10 was wiped out a small ways after the lower falls. Her and I turned around, while dad and the pup went up to the top. (he could barely walk the rest of the weekend!) He says, you must do the hike to the middle falls. That is a must see. However, he said the was not much to view at the upper falls. He said it was not at all worth the extra effort to the very top. ( I saw pics, and video, and I strongly agree.) Middle falls is where it's at. I wish I could have seen the middle, but the kiddo just had had enough. lol. Great hike. Also, we stayed in the pet friendly cabin 3 there at the park all weekend. And it was wonderful! Check it out, cheap glamping! lol. Enjoy!

This is my go to trail for a quick nice simple hike with nice views. It starts off super easy and get into a moderate climb. honestly with how many rest areas are are it's great for all Fitness levels. Lots of places to take breaks or you can turn it into a real workout and just Barrel up it full steam.

On a side note for safety. Please stay behind the barriers and on the clearly marked Trails. Far too many people die every year because they strive to get that special selfie. It's not worth your life just stay where you belong.

12 days ago

I do a lot of hiking so after hearing so much about this hike I was a little disappointed. It was kind of hard to see the waterfalls. The trails pretty nice with nice bridges

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14 days ago

I got all the way up to the trailhead with no real issue ... the parking lot ... or what I would assume is the parking lot is still a snow pack ... I DID NOT do the trail itself ... so no idea what the conditions where above parking. I did not even know it was there and was not prepared to actually hike.

Drive was awesome though! A couple real cool places to turn your vehicle vertical if your brave enough.

My guess is that is is freaking awesome to hike it though based on the scenery from the road alone ... now that I know it is there ... I will be back for sure a little later in the year.

16 days ago

Hiking next to the river/falls the whole way made the hike very enjoyable. Lots of viewpoints. Not too difficult of a trail (completed it relatively easily with our almost one year old in tow), but of course has multiple sections of trail that are steeper and rocky or lots of roots. Nice tree cover.

Plenty of photo-worthy spots along the way. There are three main viewpoints near the top so you could aim for the lower falls without having to venture up the steep part at the top and still have a great hike. The trail is well-groomed.

This seems to be the regional favorite so it gets crowded. Best to get there early. No cell service for the top half of the hike.

This was the hardest hike I’ve ever done but was well worth the effort. My kids, 6 and 9 at the time we’re troopers and made the round trip with me. (Late August)

The second half of the hike to the lake is much more challenging than the the bit to the falls. The switchbacks are fast and steep and some of the stones/steps were giant size. A few times it felt more like a scramble up small boulders than actual trail.

We didn’t budget enough time to end before dark so we didn’t get as much time at the lake.

It’s incredibly beautiful and because of the challenge, it’s not as heavily used as other trails.

22 days ago

Great hike with frequent views and points of interest. Trails very well kept. Get there early for close parking. Busy trail with people of all ages and many dogs. Everyone was respectful and very kind. Only a third of hikers pursue past middle falls.

25 days ago

Great trail. Parking is limited, so go during the week or plan to get there very early. Very popular hike with many people, dogs, kids and other obstacles. The last bit up to the upper falls will get your blood going. We plan to hike this one a couple more times this summer.

This was a beautiful hike. We took the Woody Trail to view Wallace Falls and stopped at the Middle Falls viewpoint. The falls were very beautiful and the trail was very well maintained. The trail was fairly crowded, especially considering it was a Thursday; on a weekend, I suspect this trail may be too crowded to be enjoyable.

29 days ago

Beautiful and well maintained trail, not too difficult, my 7lb dog completed round trip without any help, the view is spectacular at the middle fall view point. We went up to the upper fall but I'd say you can skip if you don't feel like going the extra half mile. The parking lot is rather small so go early!

Go on a weekday much better and very nice hike. the view of the falls are real good.

Well maintained trail, easy to find. If you are doing this hike on the weekend I suggest you get there early because the parking lot gets super packed fast.

1 month ago

Pretty long hike and there is was so many people we had to park two miles away to add on to the hike. The trail is clearly marked but it has minimal signs and should have some rails for safety. Coming from Michigan, the elevation killed me but I completed it. When we went it was very busy .

It's easy to see why this is such a popular trail, the falls are spectacular. Would definitely recommend getting there early though, parking can be somewhat limited.

1 month ago

So amazing!! Loved this and will do it again went after 4:30 PM still enough daylight left and the trail wasn’t packed with people! Not too moderate

Amazing! This trail is the same as the bridal veil falls trail. You have to hike up to the falls, then back down to the main path but it is completely worth it. The falls were gorgeous. Up to the falls was easy. The hike up to lake serene was a little more difficult. The elevation gain was tough, it took place among a ton of switchbacks. The change in climate as you get to the top of the mountain was amazing. We saw a Pika at the top of the mountain which was incredible!

I did this again two days ago, it is a nice and easy trail, worth, this time the pebble beach was under water, I would advice you to do this around late August, wait for the water level to come down a bit more so you can have access to the pebble beach.

I'll definitely come back later this year.

Still you have access to the water either by going to the camp site direction , or the opposite direction, all around the lake, right after the "Jay Lake" mark, passing a non-handrail metal bridge

Excellent hike! Our 8 & 10 year old inexperienced boys managed well! The falls are will worth the hike!

Tough hike-- bring water and sustenance and some form of snow traction for the top. A beautiful midpoint helps encourage you through the grueling back half of the trail. well worth the effort. you'll need to hop across some slow moving water.

1 month ago

There is a reason why this hike is probably one of the most hiked trails in Washington. The trail is clearly marked the entire time which makes it easy to navigate. I think it’s pretty cool that for the majority of the hike up to the middle view point for the falls, you’re hiking along the river. Nothing beats the sound of a river throughout your hike accompanied by bird song. I didn’t make it all the way to upper falls but the middle falls lookout point has an incredible view of the entire length of the falls. As always, please pick up your stuff when you go. If you pack it in, please pack it out. I do recommend getting to this one early though so you can enjoy the trail to yourself like I did.

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1 month ago

Tried to get to the trail head, still covered in snow. Multiple cars were stuck including trucks. Was excited but going to wait a few more weeks.

1 month ago

Loved this trail! Got there around noon and luckily 2 parking spaces were open. Otherwise, parking is minimal and you have to park about a 10-15 min walk from the trailhead along the road. WA state parks pass required, which you can buy at the store they have there. The trail runs along the river, so you get to hear the sounds of rushing water and see waterfalls along the way as you walk through a shaded forest. The elevation gain at some points was a little steep, but still worth it for those views! There are plenty of spots to pull to the side and take a breather or have a picnic. The trail was fairly busy yet it didn’t feel that way along the way.

Did this yesterday as a loop to the Wallace falls trail. The lake is absolutely beautiful
and if you want to get away from the Wallace falls crowd then definitely recommend doing. Even on a Saturday afternoon there was hardly anyone.

1 month ago

Absolutely gorgeous! Hike to the falls iOS great but take the loop to Wallace lake and the extra couple of miles will make this more than worth it!

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