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Garcia, Washington Map
2 months ago

I enjoyed the elevation and length although it can become difficult towards the end.

Great views of baker, hiked to Mason lake and the ridge trail. Hike was closer to 7 or 8 miles total, also pretty steep. Some wildflowers and great views. Lots of people at the lake.

4 months ago

Great views on the way up and Mason Lake is awesome. Watch out for bugs at the lake itself

3 lakes! little elevation, very shaded and gradual incline.

No snow and went on sunny day when Mt. Rainier was out. The lake was gorgeous and there’s not a lot of bugs.

5 months ago

Hiked this 2 weeks ago and the bear grass was out in full force! So beautiful. It's a good first of the season hike.

Absolutely stunning views!!! Hiked to Mason Lake, and there were pretty cool wildflowers and great views even on a cloudy day!! Lots of mosquitoes at the lake, so bring your bug spray!!!

Today, I brought my buddy Dean back so we could make another stab at Pratt Lake. Not only did we make it but we barely found any snow leftover on the trail. There is one large tree to cross when you hit the flats down by Pratt Lake but you can climb over it without too much issue. Other than that the trail is in great shape with the exception of a few muddy spots here and there, typical for this time of year. Distance-wise, my phone recorded it to be 13.4 miles round trip from the trail head to the split on the far side of the lake. Very beautiful today with all the new spring growth. The green was as green as it gets!

I wanted to see if I could at least make it to the saddle to look over to see how cleared out Pratt Lake looks but due to time constraints I had to turn back about a quarter mile shy of the saddle. I will be back though. I started hitting pretty solid snow as I was rounding the ridge on the east side of Olallie Lake. But that will clear out soon!

Beautiful hike. Still a lot of snow at the very top. Did it without poles. You can too! :)

Really beautiful hike with waterfalls and endless mountain views. You have to drive a few miles up a unpaved mountain road which I was not expecting. Also we hiked about 9 miles total and still didn’t make it to the top. The snow was too heavy to trek through. Might try this again in the summer.

Great hike with amazing views and a great waterfall. But still too much snow, lost the trail at the top. Couldn’t finish last 10% of the trail, very disappointing. But will be back for sure once the snow is gone!

Good hike! Didn’t quite make it to the top because of the snow over the bolder field. Lots of people we passed stopped where we did as well although one couple in their 50’s somehow got to the top, they said. We parked it and had our lunch in the bolder fields with a great view of Rainier. I was happy to have my micro spikes although many we passed had tennis shoes (crazy!). I had really wet feet coming down even though my boots are waterproof. But didn’t prevent the snow coming into my boots from the top when I slipped waist deep in the bolder fields. I really would love to return when the snow is gone and enjoy the ridge and maybe the trek down to the lake! Altogether a fun hike with friends on a beautiful sunny day! Afternote/epiphany: at the bolder field, you are supposed to kind of turn back sharp and wind up and back -not straight across it. Stupid that I didn’t even peek at the map to see the direction. I just kind of listened to everyone and how they didn’t go over the bolders with the melting snow. The trail doesn’t even go straight across that area. I think we would have made it, had I been paying closer attention to the map. Trail is covered in snow at that part though so you have to make your own.

Incredible hike with amazing views pack spikes if you are going anytime in the winter or early spring

We didn't actually get to the hike because of the roadway leading up to the trailhead- NFR 9030 is basically one long stretch of snow and potholes. Don't think chains are necessary but AWD or 4WD would certainly help. I'm sure you can still make it all the way up, but it's a very bumpy, uncomfortable, and teetering ride!

10 months ago

We hiked this trail to the Ira Springs Memorial with our lab mix dog. The trail started to get snowy about half way up and then the last 3rd of the trail was completely in snow. We used micro-spikes and were fine although the trail over the rockfields was very narrow in the snow and there were some deep holes where people had stepped of the narrow path. There were also people trying to do it with tennis shoes and they were slipping and sliding dangerously on the trail. I would say carry microspikes in your daypack for this one through the winter. This hike has a nice gain in elevation that gives great views once above the trees. Well Worth it on a clear day.

BE VERY CAREFUL OF ICE. The ice is super slippery my friend fell on her face and got a concussion. Bring spikes and trekking poles. Make sure your dog is good on a leash so they don't pull you off the trail.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Started this hike later in the day and encountered rain and even snow at the top. Easy climb up for about half of the way and then it is pretty steep j til the endpoint of the this trail. Attempted to continue on and reach the summit of Bandera Mt but the trail was pretty snow covered and required scrambling to get up, which we did not have proper equipment for (crampons would have been useful here). Overall pretty great hike with beautiful views of the mountain ranges, with the peaks covered in snow.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

I did this trail today with a good friend. The climb to Mason Lake is steady and a good leg workout. It took about an hour and a half to make it to the lake but we didn't feel challenged enough so we kept going to the summit. The climb up from the lake and especially the final scramble to the top is a more strenuous workout but very worth it. The route we took nearly doubled the hike (just under 12 miles total) with about 3500ft total gain. It was really foggy today so we didn't get to appreciate much of a view but overall this is an excellent, rigorous hike for people in decent shape. I would note the trail is very uneven throughout, with large rocks, some holes and tree roots to watch out for...I nearly turned ankles a few times more on this trail than most others I've done.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Nice steady climb to a great view of surrounding mountains and Mt. Ranier. Some bugs at the very top, but that's it. Trekking poles would have been helpful.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Not a ton to see, just wooded trails mile after mile. We did all three lakes, which were nice and offered a couple alpine views, but we've seen nicer lakes in BC. Also, very crowded!! Passing group after group of people with zero hiking etiquette. I wouldn't hike it again; there are nicer views for the time and effort required.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Excellent way to start a day! Beautiful trail, tons of views. Gorgeous lake & option to continue on if so desired. I got there around 8am & there were only a few people on the trail, though it did get busier later in the day. The dog & I waded in the lake & stayed for a nice picnic & meditation. We left before it got too hot so it was perfect. The bugs really aren't so bad earlier in the day. Will def go back & maybe stay a night @ Mason Lake!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Fantastic trail! Highly recommend getting there early though, as it fills up fast. We got there at 7:30 am and the parking lot was almost full. The trail is steep nearly the whole way so you'll get a sweat on. But it's totally worth it for the views and wild flowers. Mason Lake is nice, but again, busy with campers.

Couple of tips: again go early, sunscreen, it's exposed at the top and if you go in the afternoon you'll get strong sun. Also 30 min away is no boat brewing company (at 90 and 18 west), worth going to after this hike, plus its dog friendly..

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Awesome hike! 3 beautiful lakes and great mountain views. Nice view of Rainier also. Gentle climb 11 miles roundtrip hitting all 3 lakes. Trail maintenance currently in progress. Beautiful wildflowers

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Great first hike of the season (bit of a late start). Views of Mt. Rainier throughout, and mountain lake swimming at the top!

Monday, July 03, 2017

Amazing hike! In my top 3 favorite hikes I've done in the area. Beautiful time of year to go, great wildflowers. I love that this feels like two hikes in one: you get an awesome viewpoint at the top and then you head down to the lake. Parking can be an issue and there are lots of bugs, but the views are worth it. As you ascend, you get more and more peaks of Mt Rainier. Beautiful!

Sunday, July 02, 2017

the trail itself is great, flowers, view erverything is great!

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