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17 hours ago

We parked at the Sol Duc Hot Springs parking was free. The path is very clear and about 90% flat. The parts that are a bit steep go up smoothly so you don't even feel it. You see everything from ferns, blueberries, wildflowers, the most amazing Bridges, all to end up in this beautiful three-way cascading waterfall. It was about an hour and a half hike. I can tell you you don't really feel it you've got a lot to look at. As far as animals go we saw Birds, some squirrels and even a black bear. Would a 100% recommend this hike to anyone.

19 hours ago

Ruby beach is absolutely stunning! The sand is very soft to walk on and there are also many rocks on the beach to climb to get that Instagram photo. The water is the Pacific Ocean so it is a bit cold but not unbearable to go for a dip. I’ve been to this beach twice and loved it each time.

Overcrowded, extremely easy.

Cool beach.

Exceeded expectations

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6 days ago

July 8th, 2018: Absolutely worth the trip to go when the tide is low. Loved exploring the tide pools, looking for starfish (which were everywhere), and having lunch on the beach. We went around + 1 ft so the lower the better.

This was fun. The kids enjoyed it. So did we :)

12 days ago

Beautiful beach to wander around. A few cool rock croppings to explore and climb on. There was also a giant pile of accumulated drift trees between trail end and beach we had to climb over - some areas easier than others.

Great views, fantastic river and amazing location to camp! With unbelievable wildlife. Enjoy and be safe.

Couldn’t get any camping spots. Thought they were supposed to leave 50% of the sites for first come first serve but I guess they actually don’t do that??? Decided I wanted to photograph Heart lake and that I wasn’t to be stopped. So I turned this into a day hike. Definitely wouldn’t recommend. I did the hike counter-clockwise and it turned into a 23 mile, 3,500 ft elevation change, 13 hour beast. Heart lake and surrounding mountaintops made it worth I though. Being on the ridge line most of the time is a real treat!!!

We left from the ranger station and followed the river portion of the trail for about a mile. Then we lost the trail when we rejoined the road, so we simply followed the road back to the car. Long drive up for a short hike. Would have been a bit of a miss were it not for coming within 30 ft of a bear. Drive up was pretty though. Very easy for our five year old.

Hiked the loop clockwise today in 7.5 hours. The middle was scenic and crowded. The first and final thirds were unremarkable. Maybe it’s better as an overnight?

Spent three days backpacking the loop and for the most part, loved it. Most people do this loop counter-clockwise but we decided to do it clockwise to spread out the elevation gain. For the most part, it was great... but I think next time, I'd rather just get the elevation over and done with in the first 8 miles. Doing the loop clockwise spread it out over about 13 miles.

The first day was an easy 3ish miles to the Sol Duc River campsite #2. Didn't have any issues finding the site (all campsites are clearly labelled), we were right next to the river, and we didn't have any issues with mosquitoes or anything.

Day two was about 11 miles, from our campsite to Lunch Lake. There were A LOT of flies and mosquitoes once we were above 3,500 ft. We applied a generous amount of Deet to our skin and clothes and noticed that we weren't actually getting bitten, but the bugs were relentless. The lakes were especially bad, even with ThermaCell mosquito repellent.

On a side note, saw two bears at Heart Lake and another one at Lunch Lake. Plenty of people in the area though, so we didn't have any issues. The one upside to such a well-trafficked trail, you shouldn't have any issues with the wildlife! And when I say well-trafficked, I mean you'll meet ultra runners doing the entire loop in a day, day hikers doing parts of the loop, and plenty of other backpackers (especially if you stop at Heart Lake for lunch).

Another side note, there's pretty much no water on the High Divide between Lunch Lake and Heart Lake, so fill up before then!

Day three clocked in around 9.5 miles from where we were camping at Lunch Lake back to the trailhead. Most of the elevation gain was climbing back out of the Seven Lakes Basin and then it was pretty much all downhill from there! The trail is really rocky though, so watch your footing.

All in all, this was a great backpacking experience. Just wish there hadn't been so many flies and mosquitoes! If I'd known what we were in for, I'd probably have opted to camp somewhere on the Divide instead of next to one of the lakes.

Easy and worth it. Kids can even do it. It is pretty busy though.

16 days ago

Great views, and moderate level of difficulty if you’re not used to hiking. Easy otherwise and beautiful.

great but the mass was dry I think June its best time

17 days ago

the best

It was beautifully green! Easy hike.

17 days ago

Well maintained trail in a beautiful setting. A couple of short climbs, but overall an easy, family friendly walk. It's listed as a one mile loop with 75 feet of elevation gain, but if you're into the amazing trees, it might end up being a little more. I ended up doing 1.85 miles and 138 feet of gain. Lots of people, but definitely worth it.

19 days ago

This is a review geared largely for newer hikers or families (we are both), but regardless of ability, I hope you’ll find this helpful. THIS IS NOT AN EASY HIKE once you’re past Hole in the Wall! My husband, two kids (ages 10 and 12) and I hiked this in mid July 2018. We have visited the area a few times now and absolutely love it, so we decided to make it our first backpacking trip. Reading some of the reviews on AllTrails convinced us it would be a simple beach hike. We got our permits and equipment and spoke to the rangers, and headed out. (We told the ranger we are beginners and are very surprised they didn’t warn us).

We were prepared that there would be some areas where you need to use a rope-assisted incline trail to get around impassible areas, so that wasn’t a surprise, but be aware that you’ll have to navigate these. Some were simple, some were steep and muddy, and some were over 100 feet up (we waited for the tide to change so we didn’t have to do that one.) We didn’t have any problems, but I haven’t seen too many mentions of this and thought it might be helpful.

The biggest issue was the boulders. Once past Hole in the Wall, a very significant amount of time is spent climbing over boulders, solid and endless, many of them extremely slippery with seaweed, which took very careful and deliberate steps, especially when ascending or descending large boulders onto smaller ones or vice versa. Trekking poles saved our backsides multiple times. It was very slow going for me, though my husband and kids found it a bit easier. Some boulders are huge, and sometimes you have to get into very precarious situations where you could easily slip and get hurt badly. It’s like this for cove after cove, probably a few miles worth. We weren’t able to get farther than the Chilean Memorial “camp” before I was wiped out for the first day.

Keep in mind that all of the camps are 100% primitive. No cell service, no way out other than the way you came in, and plan accordingly. There are supposedly pit toilets but nobody there had been able to find them. Make sure you have a good water filtration system!

We hiked to Cedar Creek camp the next day (which was supposed to be our first destination), and after mostly the same difficulties, thankfully there was a few mile stretch of wonderful beach hiking, and a great freshwater pool you can swim in. It was gorgeous.

All in all it was a beautiful hike, but definitely better for more advanced hikers. Several other hikers we met also expressed their surprise at how difficult it was. Be prepared to be REMOTE! Also, it was hard to take in the beauty when you have to focus on every single step. According to hikers coming the other direction, it gets worse farther north.

Hope this helps!

Beautiful hike. Parking area is very small for the amount of cars that go back there. Lots of backpackers. Get there early!

22 days ago

Wouldn’t call this a “hike” but a beautiful beach stroll. Rather busy area but still a good spot for low tide to check out the tide pools

Me and my wife backpacked this in mid July, first to Deer Lake, then Lunch Lake, then Heart Lake, then out. This trail lived up to it's reputation. It was amazing! Almost all up hill until we left Heart Lake and hiked out about 8 miles. Except for the mosquitoes, it was perfect. The view of Mt. Olympus, between Lunch Lake and Heart Lake was awesome. This is truly a classic hike that should be on everyone's bucket list.

Great short distance yet moderately challenging hike. :)

While you’re visiting the area, this is a nice easy trail to add on. It goes past the Hoh River which was a pleasant spot to stop and watch the water and let the kid splash in the water and throw some rocks. If you’ve seen the Hoh Trail, this doesn’t add a ton to the experience. But it was a nice additional trail.

Beautiful, well maintained trail. There is a steep incline and some roots to step over but overall a very even, easy trail. While well trafficked we didn’t have any trouble finding spots for pictures or being able to stop and be alone and have total silence. We went in late July and arrived around 10am. Temperature was very pleasant. We were glad we arrived when we did. Leaving the area around noon, there was no parking and the trails were getting very crowded, there was a line to enter the park.

25 days ago

Loved this hike although the tide was higher than I liked when we went through the Hole. We made it though and if you go early enough in the morning you can avoid a lot of the crowd.

25 days ago

Went in July and the river thigh deep in a couple places but very doable. Nice to have a hiking pole or walking stick when crossing. Had a difficult time finding the trail it was 50 yards down the river, but some nice people left some stacked rocks to assure us. The trail sign is just a couple yards into the trees. Also could not find the big tree mentioned in our hiking book. Beautiful easy hike with lots of foliage. Saw about four people who had all camped overnight. My husband and I just went for a day hike.

This was just about 14 miles from the trail head (itself a 45 drive from the Quinault Ranger Station) to the chalet in the Enchanted Valley. It’s up and down and in the woods or on the river bank the entire way until you finally break into the valley and can glimpse just a bit of a snow-capped peak beyond the fairytale chalet. We were hiking at a steady clip with one nights worth of gear and made it in just 5 hours one way (pretty damn fast). The valley was beautiful to camp in, plenty of trees for my hammock, and cold glacial river right there. Overall the trail wasn’t as exciting as I’d have hoped for all the distance covered. Next time I’ll try northern part of the park for more Ridge lines and views.

This was an incredible adventure. We could have finished in two days, but we were uncertain about tide issues and frankly just wanted one more day! We started at Oil City and had Lori from Roadrunner Shuttle pick up our car. She stashed it at her house and delivered it to third beach TH Sunday morning. Call them! Reasonable and fantastic to work with!! We had never tried anything like this before and were a little nervous. A couple of the trail head markers were hard to find( Jefferson cove, and Taylors Point) there are really two important places where the tides determine if you stay or go and that’s at Oil city and Taylors pt. We were able to rent a bear van at Forks Outfitters ($65deposit and $2 daily) and register and pay for our permit at the trail head($8 per night per person) this was a fantastic hike. Good water at Mosquito creek, Toleak, Scott’s bluff, Third beach and the up and over between mosquito and toleak. Bring a filter, iodine doesn’t help this water. We actually saw zero people from thursdsy until Saturday!! Camping totally alone on mosquito beach! Saw baldies, deer, dead whale, various critters and a lone llama!! Do this hike! It’s so perfect. We also really enjoyed Mary Jane Organic trail pouches. Pasta and bare burrito were faves. Get out there!!

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