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10 hours ago

Amazing hike. Tons of variety, beautiful ocean views, wildlife, beaches, and fire pits.

We thru hiked this over 3 nights. Camped on the beach two of the nights and up on the bluffs at mosquito creek one night. We had a fire each night, there is a lot of drift wood to burn. It was a fun experience.

Tips: bring leather gloves to climb ropes, bring good traction shoes that can go in mud and/or ocean, get a tidal chart from the ranger and know when certain beaches are crossable.

This trail has a ton of variety. Lots of obstacles to high step over, a fair number of scrambles most of them have ropes to help, some bouldering, some walking on sand, some wading through mud, some walking on log bridges/stairs. The trail itself is fairly well marked and not many forks. Look up for trail signs in the trees, you will see them.

The ocean views are spectacular. Tidal pools, small islands, nice sandy beaches, some fish to be caught, picturesque scenery. It can get hot directly on the sand, so consider lounging in a place where you can hide under the trees or put up a tarp. The high tide completely covers some beaches, so pick your tent spots carefully.

1 day ago

I’ve only hiked a portion of this trail but this forest needs to be seen to be believed. So much natural beauty. I hope to go back someday to see more.

We’ve done this trip on the Harley in late summer and it was beautiful throughout the whole loop!

I did 20 miles of this trail last summer. It was rugged terrain with elevation and many challenges for a first time hiker. The scenery was breathtaking. We woke up one morning at dawn to a deer grazing 5ft from our tent. One she left, we were visited by a coyote. I'm hoping to go back so that we can hike the glacier.

Backpacked this loop on 7/7 - 7/8. Going clock-wise with a long 1st day (15 miles) and camped at Dear Lake, out 2nd day. The trail still has snow at the peak of High Divide but footprints were simple to follow. The basin was still full of snow and all basin lakes were still frozen, which was kinda disappointing. If you plan to come for basin lakes' photos, maybe 2-3 more weeks will be much better.

Beautiful hike with wonderful views throughout. There are some wet spots, but we got through with just sneakers and stayed dry. Lots of inclines on the way in, so it's sure to get your heart pumping. The views on the bridge are wonderful. Well worth the drive.

Lovely mix of terrain. Mostly flat trail hugging the river. Great views. Mossy trees. Alleged black bear sightings, which we luckily avoided.

14 days ago

Gorgeous, unique, enjoyable hike! Not too much elevation change. Left from the HOH visitor center and hiked three miles to the waterfall and back. Gorgeous views of Olympic and the hoh river with its unique color. Recommended!!!

If you are short on time . . Or ya just wanna park and be done . .this is it . . beautiful flat sandy beach at least 2 miles north and 2 miles south . . Can’t say much more except . . this is it!

22 days ago

You have come this far . . Then ya gotta do a rain forest hike . . You can do a little or a lot . . we went to 5 mile camp for a 10 mile day . .mostly flat . . Perfect “rain forest” trail.

I enjoyed this one! I made it to the bridge with the waterfall and turned back so a total of 5.8 miles round trip. Very scenic and magical.

I did this trail on 6/14 to 6/16. Awesome scenery, full of green and water sources (the hike follows Quinalt River), so you don't have to take any water with you just the bottle with your filtration system. Bear canisters were required but available for free at the Ranger Station. We did 10 miles in the first day and
camped at Pyrite Campsite, by the river. Very pleasant site. It had a rock-fire-pit and some "tree-benches" to sit on. following day we hiked 4 miles to get to the valley. At the valley there are 2 very raw outpost restrooms around the chalet. didn't rain at all despite weather forecast saying it would. I really enjoyed this hike and recommend it

1 month ago

Hiked to 5 mile island a very easy 10 mile out and back. Super populated trail that leads all the way to Mt Olympus.

This is an extremeley beautiful, but treacherous hike during this part of the year (Early June)

Please come prepared with adequate winter equipment and gear. Also, bring appropriate camping materials to stay the night (or several) if you intend to do the full loop. Current conditions are icy and snow ridden. Snow levels are several feet deep starting from Deer Lake and increase progressively as you start to approach the High Divide. Most of the trail is hidden beneath the snow. Elevation gain is steep and high, so be sure to possess a fair amount of fitness before attempting this trail. Bring plenty of food and water.

Have an amazing time!

Short little walk in a pretty forest. Easy to do. Everyone should walk it

1 month ago

We hiked only to the first stop, Tim Creek. Which is actually a gorgeous waterfall! Not too bad, a few up hill sections, but has ‘stairs’ built in to help. Would love to go farther some time, but had a two year old in tow. Definitely a beautiful scene!

The area is beautiful but we didn't actually go on this hike. This app didn't take us to the correct trailhead. The end near the 101 isn't the start as the All Trails app suggests. We would have had to cross all those signs saying "Private Property" and "No Trespassing" to get to the trail. You actually need to drive to the other end of Upper Hoh Road and go into the national park to reach the trailhead. By the time we found it, we didn't have time for the long hike. Instead we did the Hall of Moss hike that was right there as well, but much shorter. It was beautiful.

I've done this hike twice. It's an amazing backpacking trip, especially if you just sit at the Chalet and either enjoy a meal there or stay overnight. Beautiful views!

Stunning views of Mt Olympus
Not to be missed!!

Beautiful trail! The views are amazing the whole time. stop off and have a snack at Pony Bridge and sit in awe of the river and majesty of the forest!!

this trail is washed out .have to find the trail just to countinue farther.

2 months ago

Just amazing.

Don't let the first half of the trail fool you. Once you get to the river it really opens up and gets beautiful. The tree setting on the Hall of Moss Trail is better but the river area is beautiful and open.

This hike is absolutely STUNNING. There is so much to take in along the way. Road there has a lot of potholes. Highly recommend.

2 months ago

Relaxing walk. Well maintained trails. Unfortunately, I did the Hoh rain forest walk first, the view wasn’t that impressive after doing the Hoh.

Hiked the East Fork Quinault River Trail from the Graves Creek Trailhead to Pyrites on day one (4-23-18). Then back to O'Neil Creek Camp for day two and out on day three. I wanted to go on to the Enchanted Valley on day one, but I could not make it with my 60 year old legs along with the challenging rocky trails, that test your ankles, and the many blow-downs on the trail. It is a beautiful forest trail with an amazing amount of coverage and shade. Many sounds, tracks and signs of wildlife. Although I saw many Elk on the way to the trail head driving in, I never saw any hiking, nor did I see any bear. Camping along the creek is fantastic with a deep sleep provided by the sound of the water. I will return with a lighter pack, stronger legs and a greater determination to make the Enchanted Valley.

2 months ago

Great short hike. Saw three elk and enjoyed the surroundings.

2 months ago

We saw an elk! Nice, easy stroll to the river. The interpretive signs were informative and interesting to read. The drive to the trail is glorious.

2 months ago

Absolutely gorgeous backpacking trip. My son and I hiked from la push road/3rd beach south and back, spending 3 nights camping on the beach. Left our rental car there along La Push roadside with no problems. Its just an amazing coastline. Very humid so a campfire feels great to dry out by every evening. One of the most relaxing hikes we have undertaken. The overland passes with ropes/ladders were fun, and the variety of beach plus maritime forest made for interesting days. We opted for hammock camping on this one instead of our tent and that was a great choice. Saw very little if any wildlife but the tidal pools and scenery made up for it.

Hiked mid-April 2018, camping at the Chalet. It's clearly early season as much trail maintenance is required at this point in time. Many blow downs and water running down and along the trail. Had to bushwack several sections or walk through a 3-inch deep stream that could be considered a trail on a dry day. The last two miles or so to the chalet is under snow, and luckily there were some footprints from previous hikers, from maybe a week ago, that indicated some kind of trail. We were completely alone up here. The last hiker we saw was still before Pony Creek, and we didn't see anyone else until the next day when we approached Fire Creek. The trail is washed out when you enter the valley, so be prepared to do some climbing until maintenance arrives. By this point we had given up on trying to stay dry because it seemed impossible no matter how hard we tried. Found some snow-free tent spots behind the chalet and promptly froze my ass off through the night. Thankfully it was so cold the bears didn't bother us up there, though we did see some around mile 10, along with lots of elk. In the morning the fog had cleared and we saw the mountain peaks that were obscured the previous evening. Hiked back down in the sunshine, enjoying the wild and gnarly landscape. Water is in abundance so you can keep a light pack, I never carried more than a Liter at a time. If I needed more I could stop anywhere to fill up and filter. Overall it was a very good and challenging hike and would definitely recommend to others, but prepare for wintery conditions higher up for the next few weeks.

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