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Amazing views. Still some snow but melting fast making a few parts of the trail muddy and slippery, so plant your feet well before taking the next step. Saw a deer grazing. A few places with some steep elevation but doable (I have bad knees)

Great hike. Stayed the night by the lake. Beautiful views!

3 days ago

This has been around for a while...I’m 71... decent difficulty... good work out. If you did this daily you would be well tuned for similar hikes with some climb to them. Good exercise...Worth your time.

Really calm and relaxing to watch the sunrise up there

great hike!

so beautiful! brutal uphill but great downhill.

Hiked this trail on Saturday the 14th of July, 2018.
It was just as expected with a few areas of snow on the trail to traverse vs two weeks prior with over 3 feet of snow. “Cancelled that hike as I wasn’t prepared.”
Flowers were just coming into bloom, bugs were happy to see and bite us! The views are always breathtaking for such an easy hike for young to old.

Beautiful hike with amazing views , many narrow trails covered with snow. We went off trail for about 1.5mile well worth it amazing views of Dewey Lake & two other unknown small lakes .

great hike with my parents, husband and stepson!

this is a great trail, rain or shine its fast makes you sweat ..

Fun hike, we hiked up to Summit...Gorgeous day!! Dogs loved the trails and we loved the views. Will be back to explore other routes to the top. Not much snow left.. but enough for pups to cool off. Perfect lunch spot at Henskin lake..and pretty much had the lake to ourselves. we do recommend good hiking shoes, gravel is slippery in some spots and a couple creeks to get thru. View at top is worth it! Bonus was the ice cream treat

Last year we hiked that trail, great loop and we ate lunch on the way back. I would do it again, definitely.

Took this short hike with family, including 2 4-yr olds. Went to the falls and back taking the right path. Easy hike with mostly shade. Very little water from the falls but still worth the trip. I want to go back in early spring when there is a lot of runoff. The falls should be amazing then.

13 days ago

Great trail for families. Took kids and dogs on Saturday, which was busy! Last time I went mid week and only saw 2 people. Still had a good time.

Easy and delightful trail. Good campground.

Great well maintained trail! Beautiful area as well.

Nice forest hike, but falls were a little disappointing for the kids. Recommend taking the right leg of the loop up and down if you have kiddos or aren’t feeling spry, because the left leg has a bunch of rock scrambles that invite injuries with a slip, trip, or misstep.

Nice set of trails with great foliage and trees. Some parts are HARD, but most of it is MODERATE. None of the trails are marked which can be unnerving, but you just keep going up and if you run into someone, they can show you how to make it to the top where the two benches are. There are trails you can use to avoid the gravel road and you are not likely to get lost.

Great view, we stopped for lunch at sheep lake and the experience was AMAZING. You will see squirrels, fish, and if course, a lake

6/30/18 There are still several feet of snow, all the way to the parking lot. Trail is buried and lakes are still frozen. You can't get very far without crampons.

20 days ago

This is an amazing 9 MILE hike with stunning views and some pretty intense elevation at points and enough snow traversing that I wouldn’t recommend anything but boots (and bring extra food for the doggos, it’s a workout for them). It took us about 5 hours with a couple short breaks. Aside from the horses that passed us toward the beginning, it was a pretty solitary hike: only passed a few folks in one other section. We got kind of a late start though, but it was Sunday on 4th of July weekend with beautiful weather, so I imagine on a regular day it’s probably even less trafficked.

For Safety- BRING A MAP AND COMPASS as a back up to your gps (we were thankful for our downloaded maps on our trail apps): there were plenty of confusing junctions and bifurcations, in fact there was a 5-way junction at one point. Also there was a bit of bear scat in a few places, so bring your bear bells and bear spray.

(4 stars instead of 5 because there was a lot of horse poop in the beginning, but everything else was great)

It was a great place to do some laps when you want to be out in nature and chat while walking with a friend. We got some miles in with great scenery.

trail running
20 days ago

Mostly a gravel road with no real view at the top. Didn’t make me feel like I was somewhere unique. Gave it a 2 instead of a 1 because at least it had a bathroom that was well taken care of. I am also not sure why it is rated as a hard hike. It’s only 1.5 miles up and approx 1,200ft elevation gain. The top 200-300 ft is steep but is a very short section in the grand scheme of things. Lots of dog poop and lots of dogs off leashes which there is a sign that specifically says dogs are to be on leash.

Amazing peacefully

LOVE this trail! It's a tough one but so worth it!!

27 days ago

Was trying to get to noble knob, but ended up here due a closed road. Wasn't sure how long the hike was and it was a hot day, so only made it about half way. A lot of long switchbacks up a steady incline. Most of the hike is through a fire torched forest. Kind of cool to see, but a lot of downed trees to cross and loose footing. Not many views, but I'm sure if I would've kept going to the top there may have been some.

Come for the workout, not the views. The trail is well marked and maintained. there is a portapotty that was maintained when I was there. Scenery is nice but there weren't really any mountain views today. If you bring kids, be sure they have good shoes and can hold their footing on the way down. I'll do it again though.

29 days ago

Great hike that has trees/forest, waterfalls, and rocks...the trifecta! We chose to turn back at the falls instead of completely the loop because the trail beyond the falls began looking questionable.

1 month ago

Great trail for wildflowers when they are in bloom!

1 month ago

Decided to check this one out today and found a very well maintained dirt road. We started at the Dalles Ridge trail head.Trail was easy to follow except for one large snowfield about 1.5 miles in. luckily there was great reception and we were able to follow to follow the map to guide to the other side. There were a few trees down over the trail prior to the snow field but the were easily stepped over or walked around. After that the trail was great until you could see your end point. then there was one more snow patch that covered the trail and was very steep. We took it slow and made it past that to a great view. we were so busy looking at the fire damage and views on the first half and all the scenery on the second we didn't even realize how far we had hiked once we reached the end.

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