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Come for the workout, not the views. The trail is well marked and maintained. there is a portapotty that was maintained when I was there. Scenery is nice but there weren't really any mountain views today. Id you bring kids, be sure they have good shoes and can hold their footing on the way down. I'll do it again though.

2 days ago

Great hike that has trees/forest, waterfalls, and rocks...the trifecta! We chose to turn back at the falls instead of completely the loop because the trail beyond the falls began looking questionable.

4 days ago

Great trail for wildflowers when they are in bloom!

Trail is snowed out about 1.75 miles in. enough to be unable to tell where it is at all, there's a couple feet of snow. The views we DID see were great and the scenery was beautiful, but didn't make it even half way.
Will change my review when I'm able to complete it, this is here as a notice of the trail conditions.

Lots of snow on the trail, no chance to keep on the trail when in the trees. GPS needed. Great hike.

when 5 and six year old children in flip flops can pass me....its not too tough.

18 days ago

Great hike to kill some time. Deer will walk along beside you. Not many view points along the way up.

I very much enjoyed this hike. It is easy and the drive out to it on 410 is amazing. In the valley bugs are a bit of an issue, but as soon as you move up hill at all they are gone. The waterfall is amazing and if you want to fill up your water it is easy to do here. This is kid friendly and easy access for folks that might be newer to hiking. As a reminder to dog owners, please keep those pups on a leash.

28 days ago

This was a decent hike to do with three young kids. As you head away from the Interpretive Center on the West loop, you’ll encounter signs indicating the trail is closed due to hazardous conditions. Not to be deterred, we ignored those. Seems like the warnings were due to some muddy conditions. The bummer was that when we got to the far end at Meadows Gate, we had two choices, turn around and retrace what we came through or walk back along 410. There was no finding the North Trail. It was entirely overgrown. I wish there had been signs about that at the center, we never would have ventured so far. A beautiful area but we’ll stick to the small trails next time.

Beautiful hike. The path can be a bit narrow/steep in places, so I wouldn't bring young children. You do need a Northwest Forest Pass to park. When you reach the falls you have two choices: you can either turn back and go the way you came, or you can proceed across the water and continue on in the loop. Turning back is definitely an easier route (mostly downhill). Continuing on is much rougher terrain, you will be scaling rocks that are sometimes unsteady. However the route is beautiful and there are some awesome views along the way.

Moderately hard lol

We parked at the lot off of mud mountain rd and went up the trail at the south part of the peak. This trail while having an easier elevation gain also had more switchbacks. The views weren’t the best although there was a point about halfway up where you had a good view at the valley. The last 100 feet or so to the top you had to scale over small boulders, but was not that difficult

Cool place! Amazing amount of flowers and a wonderful waterfall! Definitely do the loop trail! We took our 5 and 8 year old girls and they did fine.

from the new parking lot you get a little bit more mileage

Nice trail. Not too steep. Our 3 year old made it up.

Drove all the way there to find the FS gate closed and locked about 5.1 miles from the trailhead. I’m not sure when it opens. Today is May 13th.

Awesome Hike! not a lot of great views and the top is heavily forested with tall trees so not much to see. but the 1000 ft elevation over a mile distance is excellent for a quick hard hit hike. I did it a couple weeks ago with my 2.5 yo som and he made it all the way to the top on his own two legs. did have to be carried most of the way down though...

Loved Snoquera Falls! We logged about 5 miles and had no trouble at all finding it. At the top, the falls were running real heavy, & we had to navigate through some water using rocks to step our way through to continue the loop on the other side (all part of the adventure)
Hiking poles really helped on the water crossings.
Highly recommend this hike for a season opener!

1 month ago

It’s a little confusing to get there. From highway 410 (coming from Enumclaw), take a left on the sign that says Camp Sheppard Trailhead. There you will find the parking lot on your right as well as the bathrooms. There is a sign that marks the starting point to Snoquera falls. At the beginning of the trail you meals it to an amphitheater (wooden house) from there just keep going straight until you reach the next sign. The next sign is torn down so just make a left and your on the trail to Snoquera. Very easy hike, less than 4 miles round trip. No snow on this day and perfect for the entire family of a solo hike. Not trafficked, only like 2 or 3 other people there. I lost signal 30 minutes before getting there so make sure you save directions. Gorgeous views and highly recommended!

1 month ago

It is very steep! Lots of rock and roots. Very cool!

great hike, gorgeous views.

Great horse trail!!!

2 months ago

nice easy hike, alot of the trail signs were broken in half or unreadable so we ended up on two other trails and had to back track, and then we got less into the actual camp. trail was a bit confusing but a good short hike.

well worth the effort.
gorgeous woods and falls

2 months ago

who knew this was here!? I've lived in enumclaw most of my life and had no idea. Beautiful falls, not a strenuous hike, and had time to take a short trip around Moss Lake. there was no one else up there, we had it all to ourselves. weather was good, only a little snow at the base of the falls.

Three generation family hiking trip with the youngest being 5. Some muddy spots and quite a few puddles across the trail and even a couple spots with running water flowing across the trail, had waterproof hiking boots and it was great. Some nice viewpoints and it was nice to hear the running water nearby. Enjoyed my time in nature!

2 months ago

Beautiful, fun hike! Completed this yesterday in the pouring rain with a 4 year old and he loved it - great hike for kids!

2 months ago

had one section washed out and little to no trail markings. took a wrong turn and got a 6 mile hike out of it

All year great hike! Nice bout of exercise with a great reward by nature in an hour

2 months ago

Started at dawn after some rain fell, so I donned my microspikes a short way up the goat trail since it got a little slippery. extremely difficult on the way up, but pretty short, thankfully! I didn't see any distinct trail markers, so I'm not even sure if I "completed" it or not.

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