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13 days ago

Completed this from the top down with our two Danes. A little narrow in places for two way traffic but overall a great trail. Not a huge amount of traffic for a late summer Saturday. Got about half way down before a thunderstorm rolled in and started dumping on us. Lightning, thunder, hail, and rain made this “fun” with the dogs. Will be back to do this bottom to top and allow some time to enjoy the lakes on the trail.

We took the Gondola up to the summit. Once you are at the top, the view of Mt. Rainier is absolutely breathtaking. We hiked down the Crystal Mountain trail. Stunning views all the way down. We turned onto the Silver Creek trail and continued down to the base. It was exhausting to us novices, but worth it.
Tips: Bring bug spray!!!!
Wear good hiking boots (lots of loose rocks)

19 days ago

A sunset hike, started from the car park about 5pm.
Skies were hazy from the recent fires near Greenwater, which made for a red sunset.
Easy to get to the peak.
Still dozens of burned trees across the trail.
Back to the car via headlamps. About 11 miles.

26 days ago

This is a fun family hiking trail with just a couple of short hills. There are a couple of view points on an otherwise wooded trail. Great for just a walk in the woods. The trail was in great shape with just a bit of brush encroaching in a few places. Bugs weren’t bad hiking mid morning.

so beautiful! brutal uphill but great downhill.

Fun hike, we hiked up to Summit...Gorgeous day!! Dogs loved the trails and we loved the views. Will be back to explore other routes to the top. Not much snow left.. but enough for pups to cool off. Perfect lunch spot at Henskin lake..and pretty much had the lake to ourselves. we do recommend good hiking shoes, gravel is slippery in some spots and a couple creeks to get thru. View at top is worth it! Bonus was the ice cream treat

1 month ago

I wanted to hike this trail last year but it caught fire so this year i had the opportunity to hike through the burn. Sad is may seem that all of the pristine forest has been reduced to black burnt-out standing timber, there is an eerie beauty tone seen up. And it’s amazing even after only a few months the forest is starting to regenerate! So glad I took the time to hike this trail!

went on this trail today (6/24/18). It is a brutal climb to the top but definitely worth it. Gorgeous views of Mt Rainier. No snow at all. it was a warm day and a lot of hikers but not crowded. A few hikers with dogs.

1 month ago

Was trying to get to noble knob, but ended up here due a closed road. Wasn't sure how long the hike was and it was a hot day, so only made it about half way. A lot of long switchbacks up a steady incline. Most of the hike is through a fire torched forest. Kind of cool to see, but a lot of downed trees to cross and loose footing. Not many views, but I'm sure if I would've kept going to the top there may have been some.

Loved it! Went on a hot Sunday and got roasted, but it was very quiet and peaceful. The contrast between the burnt forest and new life is wonderful, and the summit is well worth the trek

2 months ago

Hiked to the third viewpoint today. Trail was in great shape and the views were phenomenal. loved the diversity of terrain and the Indian Paintbrush at the viewpoints.

Trail is snowed out about 1.75 miles in. enough to be unable to tell where it is at all, there's a couple feet of snow. The views we DID see were great and the scenery was beautiful, but didn't make it even half way.
Will change my review when I'm able to complete it, this is here as a notice of the trail conditions.

2 months ago

Only a little bit of snow on the trail, lots of fallen/burned trees to cross.
Getting to the peak is a little tricky on the snow and mud. Use a pole.
Snow storm near the top. Enjoyed it.

2 months ago

Awesome hike! Ended up at 9.2 miles round trip. You can definitely see life teeming through the burned wreckage! Great views at the top make it so amazing! Partly cloudy for us and did get socked in at the top at the end of our lunch and it dropped in temperature sooooo fast! We were prepared with layers but wow, it got so cold! Our hands were ice! We quickly headed down and it warmed up quickly in lower elevation. I’d love to see it on a full sun day! No water on the trail. Passed three hikers total. Nothing experty or necessarily difficult. Brought spikes and poles and used them for one really good snow patch at the top that was super steep. Other than that, snow isn’t a big deal but not sure if you could make it without the spikes - it would definitely make it challenging and slippery! We relied heavily on our GPS on this app, as the trail can be hard to follow. Got chatting at one point and went out of the way and off the trail so watch the GPS!

5/27/18--Upper parts are fire damaged with potential for trees falling during wind. Warnings posted at trailheads. Burnt fallen trees are difficult to climb around if you're not fairly nimble.

2 months ago

Nice trail. Due to snow drifts and the fire it can be easy to lose the trail at times especially towards the top. The view is definitely worth the effort.

Good trail, waterfalls, flowers, three view outlooks.

Very beautiful hike!

Set out early to beat today’s heat: 80-83 degrees and had the whole forest to myself! What a beautiful PNW spring day!! Perfect for a wooded hike - much of it is through beautiful shaded forest! Creek, waterfalls, beautiful greenery, and oh, the views of Rainier and the valley below!! I set out with a mindset of seeing how I would do, and ended up pushing myself for the full 12 miles (6 miles in to Little Ranger peak lookout and 6 out). Tighter switchbacks in the beginning lead to the waterfall...then meander through the forest for awhile...pretty soon opens to great look outs off and on (you THINK are great until they just get better and better the higher up you get!). Toward the end, there were a couple small snow patches on the trail, but super easy to go around. I would call this trail easy to follow, even though the rangers warned there might be debris to clear since they hadn’t been through there yet this year and because of the wild fires. I really saw no trace of fires hitting this area though, until the very end, you could look way across and see a peak in the distance with some burned trees. At the very end, the trail doesn’t QUITE get you up to the peak (thanks to Per, who stated this below so I had the heads up), so I had to off-road a bit, but it was a quick 5 minute jont up. I picniced up there, basking in the sun amidst breathtaking views of our mountain and surroundings. On the way back down, finally passed about 5 other hikers/groups of people but the first few hours was solitude! Took about 5 1/2 hours which included stopping for pictures along the way and lunch. What a great spring hike!!

3 months ago

My original goal was to hike Crystal Peak, but confirmed that the Mt Rainier National Park is still closed and the trailhead to Crystal Peak is a few miles into the park. So, I found the Norse Peak trail using the mobile app and decided to give it a try. It's rated as "Difficult", but there's nothing technical about it. You will hit snow at one point, but if you have microspikes and sticks you'll be fine. You'll hike right through the area devastated by last September's fire, but the good news is that it opens the trail up to the views and makes navigation much easier. The scene from the top is pretty amazing. I actually met Tyler (see his review below) at the summit and we talked for a bit. You can definitely see six peaks from the summit (Rainier, Adams, St Helens, Glacier, Baker, Hood), but Adams and Rainier are the only obvious ones. You'll have trouble recognizing any others. I posted some photos with markers so you can know where to look.

3 months ago

I started the day wanting to do a loop to goat lake, basin lake, crown point and norse peak. Well due to the forest fire last year most of the trail above the switchbacks is washed out. After spending an hour trying to turn left at the top to go to goat lake I gave up and tried to follow the "trail" on my gps to get to basin lake. That was impassable as well. I eventually settled for a mostly off-trail walk up to norse peak. Traction devices needed above 5700ft, but I suspect by the end of the weekend you could get a few hundred feet higher without them. There were still areas with 3 feet of snow on the way to the top but snowshoes werent needed. The views at the top were stunning though.

Love this trail!

Great horse trail!!!

Three generation family hiking trip with the youngest being 5. Some muddy spots and quite a few puddles across the trail and even a couple spots with running water flowing across the trail, had waterproof hiking boots and it was great. Some nice viewpoints and it was nice to hear the running water nearby. Enjoyed my time in nature!

It was ok there were some good view points

5 months ago

Did this trail again for the second weekend in a row. While it was once again great, we were wondering why we were the only ones on it two weekends in a row. As we were leaving, we noticed a small sign off to the side of the trail saying the trail was closed until December 31, 2018!

6 months ago

Didn’t realize we were on this particular trail until we came up to the sign on the trail saying Norse Peak. We only went part way and turned around. We were in snowshoes and brought the dog with us. Great scenery and great workout! Tons of snow when we were on it over the weekend, however there was a warming trend so not sure what the conditions are now.

7 months ago

Beautiful trail not hard. Lots of great vistas.

I hiked both the Mud Mountain rim trail and also the river trail down to the river. The river trail is really just a road near the end of the rim trail that leads down to the mud flats along the banks of the White River. The views of the White River from the rim trail are limited, if you are going to hike this it's much more interesting to hike down the road to the river itself. There you will find some massive collections of jetsam captured by massive floating steel tubes chained together. This must be fascinating to see when the White River is in flood stage.

9 months ago

A nice little walk. And of course great views

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